Emily Ryder

Emily Ryder
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June 29, 2357

Physical Description

5ft 4in







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USS Tokyo


Executive Officer



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Character Information

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 33
  • Date of Birth: June 29th, 2357
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 125 LBS
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Physical Description: Emily is of average height and curvaceous. She exercises regularly but not to excess as she tries to maintain a balance in her life. It also helps as she enjoys a good meal every now and then.

She looks soft, but she is tougher than she looks, which occasionally works to her advantage.


  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Father: Daniel Ryder
  • Mother: Abigail Ryder
  • Brother(s): Lieutenant Charles Wolf
  • Sister(s): None
  • Other Family: None

Personality & Traits

Emily is a very athletic girl. She can be seen surfing on the ocean or in the boxing ring taking out her next opponent. She is a fighter, both literally and figuratively.

She is laid back as well, making sure she’s having fun no matter what she’s doing. Her sense of humor comes out at sometimes the most inopportune times, often when she’s feeling very sad or nervous. She uses it as a way to keep up her strong appearance and personality.

Emily is a strong, outgoing, and energetic. She loves being around people and takes the time to get to know everyone on a personal level.

She uses humor to calm herself and others around her during times of stress and danger. She is adventurous and always up for a good time. She has a sense of fun and energy about her that she uses to her advantage. She is always willing to try something new, whether it’s a new activity or a new food.

Emily is also a very flirtatious person. She is very charming and charismatic and knows how to talk to people. She uses her looks to her advantage but also likes the attention she gets from it.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Loyal
+ Friendly
+ Approaches all angles of a situation
+ Intelligent
+ Skilled Marksman
+ Trained in various fighting techniques

- Stubborn
- Untrusting
- Outgoing (Loves to chat, sometimes too much)
- Always looks at the worst case scenario (But prepares for it)
- Around ranking officers she likes to be casual, even at times on Duty.

Hobbies & Interests

-Tree climbing
-Working out at the gym

-Starship design


Federation Standard


Emily Ryder was born in Los Angeles on June 29th, 2357. She was the second child of Daniel and Abigail Ryder. Her older brother was Charlie Ryder; he was only 2 years older than her. Her mom was a Weapons Developer working on Starfleet's newest phaser array and hand weapons. She held the Starfleet rank of Commander and high-level security clearance, she worked in a site in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Her father was a Marine. He was stationed as an escort detail for allies when they visit Earth. Emily showed she wanted to follow her parent’s footsteps but her brother, Charlie, wanted to become a pilot. Emily would train with her father on weekends and during some tactical drills. She also helped her mother in weapons development, by the time she was 15 she knew the components of a phaser inside out.

When the time came to choose to join Starfleet or the Marines she talked to both of her parents and they all decided it would be better for her to join Starfleet. She took the entry exams for Security and Tactical. A few weeks later she was accepted into the academy. There was a good deal of people who knew her mother, mostly teachers. She had big shoes to fill, she definitely defeated her mother in the physical sense, but maybe not in the mental sense. She excelled in her physical classes target practice, Hand to hand combat, etc... She graduated top of her class in hand-to-hand combat, she was undefeated as a matter of fact. She was given the rank of ensign on board the USS Odyssey.

She served as a security officer and was stationed on the beta shift. She was put on a security patrol with another more experienced ensign. The senior staff found out that someone on board was a traitor who had relayed information to the Dominion. Emily along with a few other security teams were sent to comb the ship to find the traitor. Emily and her partner found the traitor and attempted to take him into custody. Her partner was killed and Emily was wounded in the left shoulder. Lucky she was able to get a shot off before she was injured. Security teams arrived along with Marines and they detained the traitor. The captain came to personally visit Emily in sickbay, he said how well of a job she did and how a position opened up that she may like. She was transferred to the Escort and Marshals department of Starfleet Security.

Emily was sent to Starbase 141 to be trained by the Marshals on board. The training was not on the holodeck but on a whole deck devoted to Marshal training. The course included prisoner handling, target practice, physical endurance, survival in hostile environments, torture, and many other needed skills. Once she passed the course she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned a mission.

Her first mission was to escort a dangerous Romulan prisoner to a Starfleet Intelligence facility about 24 hours away by runabout. The mission was classified and high priority so only the marshals were on board. She had a partner, Lieutenant Commander John Mcgarrett, ex Marine and Intel Black ops. They took the shuttle into high warp and en route to the base. The prisoner was locked in the back of the runabout inside force fields with an external power source. The runabout was armed to the teeth so living space was limited.

About halfway through the journey the ship was knocked out of warp and 3 Romulan war birds were waiting for them. They managed to evade them, but not without taking heavy damage to their power and engines, they wouldn't be able to make warp without a few hours of repair. John ordered Emily to take the helm and he went back to check on the prisoner. The shields were at 24% but Emily managed to find a nebula that could hide them. They entered the Nebula using maneuvering thrusters only. The war birds followed.

In the back of the runabout John found the force fields offline and the lights out. He pulled out his pistol and looked around the room. The prisoner jumped John and managed to take his weapon and shoot him. The prisoner was still in his restraints. The prisoner made it to the cockpit, but by then Emily heard the shooting and disarmed the prisoner. She made him sit down in the next to her. The romulans began to fire randomly at the nebula. Emily managed to switch the power of the ship to the external one that was in the back. That gave them Warp 1 and subspace communications. She sent out a distress call to all Starfleet vessels. The last shot form the romulans was a direct hit to the runabout and the warp drive was knocked offline again. They escaped from the nebula at impulse power with the romulans in close pursuit. Defiant, Sabre, and Sovereign class starships dropped out of warp and began firing on the Romulan vessels. The runabout landed in the bay of Sovereign class.

They were brought back to the Intelligence base, Emily was deep briefed and John was in critical care on the base. Emily decided that she didn't want to serve in the Marshals service anymore so she looked to see if she could find any Starfleet vessels willing to take her. She found the USS Ptolemy who was in need of a chief security officer. She made a request to join the vessel and waited for a response.

Her ship was apart of a Task force was assigned to the Betized sector. They thought that they would not get any action so they were not prepared for the attack. The Ptolemy was attacked and most of the crew killed or injured. She took command of the Security and tactical department after the chief was killed. Emily had a broken arm and a few broken ribs. Their sickbay was too crowded so she had to suffer from the injuries until they got back to the starbase. After most of the task force was destroyed they had no choice but to fall back.

After they docked and most of her injuries were healed she was given the position as Chief Security And Tactical Officer. With a skeleton crew they rejoined their task force. They were sent to rendezvous with Deep Space Nine to assist them in capturing Cardassia. They went in under the command of the Defiant. They took heavy casualties; most of the crew was killed. There were hull breaches all over the ship so the captain ordered us to abandon it. The USS Potemkin rescued her escape pod, they lost their Chief Tactical Officer so Emily stepped in. Once Cardassia was captured Emily was reassigned to the Ak'ula colony.

When she was on the Aka'ula colony she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of their Rhode Island Class Garrison Vessel, USS Athena. She took the Chief Strategic Operations officer as her XO. The Colony was in the middle of nowhere and had limited resources. The romulans attacked a freighter commanded by a civilian. The Athena was sent out to go rescue it. But a Rhode Island class is no match for 3 romulan birds of prey. The ship was destroyed but thankfully the crew escaped in shuttles and in Escape pods. The Romulans set course for the colony and it was presumably lost with all hands. The survivors of the Athena drifted in space until the USS Challenger picked them up. They were brought back to Starbase 415 and all reassigned. Emily was sent to the USS Quasar.

The Quasar was a small Diligent Class vessel and went in to battle constantly. She didn't mind it but it was a different life then she was used to. Due to her command experience they gave her the dual position with Second Officer. She had enjoyed her time at Aka'ula so at the first chance she could she requested to be transferred back to a Colony. Thought it would not be the same, she still wanted a Colony posting though so she applied for Paradise Colony.

On Paradise Colony it was pretty laid back. As it was a shore leave area and a city full of Civilians there was only a little crime and that was with the visitors. One time one of the shore leavers planted a small bomb in the capitol building, the Executive Officer was killed and the CO was badly injured. As Emily was the second officer at the time she stepped up and mobilized all the security teams and marines to detain the terrorist. They chased down the terrorist and took him into custody. Once they had the terrorist he was sent to the USS Intrepid, which was in orbit at the time. The intrepid took the prisoner back to the nearest starbase and he was tried in a court of law. He was sentenced to life in prison.

When the CO woke up later that week he saw how well Emily did and recommended her for Executive Officer of the USS Tokyo.

Service Record

Rank Position Assignment
Y-c1.pngY-Cblank.png Cadet Freshman Grade Security/Tactical Student San Francisco
Y-c2.pngY-Cblank.png Cadet Sophomore Grade Security/Tactical Student San Francisco
Y-c3.pngY-Cblank.png Cadet Junior Grade Security/Tactical Student San Francisco
Y-c4.pngY-Cblank.png Cadet Senior Grade Security/Tactical Student San Francisco
Y-o1.pngY-blankRight.png Ensign Beta Shift Security Patrol USS Odyssey, Intrepid Class
Y-o2.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant JG Starfleet Marshal Federation Marshal Service
Y-o2.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant JG Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Ptolemy, Nova Class
Y-o3.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Ptolemy, Nova Class
Y-o3.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant Chief Security/Tactical Officer Aka'ula Colony
Y-o4.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant Commander Officer-in-Charge USS Athena, Nova Class (Garrison Vessel to Aka'ula)
Y-o4.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant Commander Chief Security/Tactical Officer | Second Officer USS Quasar, Diligent Class
Y-o4.pngY-blankRight.png Lieutenant Commander Chief Security/Tactical Officer | Second Officer Paradise Colony
R-o4.pngR-blankRight.png Lieutenant Commander Executive Officer USS Tokyo, Prometheus Class

Preceded by:
Commander Tyler Fallon
Executive Officer, USS Tokyo
2390 - Present
Succeeded by: