Emily Woodhouse

Emily Woodhouse
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


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Emily Woodhouse is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS Relentless.


Emily has medium cut hair that she likes to keep in a ponytail when on duty and down to her shoulders when off duty. She also has amazing green eyes that glisten in the light. Emily is thin and sleek and is rather small height wise however she always likes to dress correctly and is always smart and ready for anything.


Emily has a kind and caring attitude. She likes to treat people with respect and always checks up on people when they are feeling down. She can be a bit quiet at times when she is in a bad situation but always speaks up to anyone who asks.

On duty she is always ready and has a clear and organised way of managing things. She also likes to keep her mind on task and not to wander. However her concentration can sometimes be broken by unforseen events.

Off duty she is kind and a girly girl through and through. She likes to let her hair down and socialise. However she has a talent for cards and usually is one of the big winners. Emily also likes to keep to herself sometimes, especially if she has been upset or down.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Emilys main stregth include piloting and getting people what to do. She was a pilot on the two starships before she took the command course. Also when she wants someone to do something she doesn't like to shout but she can get at people in a different way to make them do something. Usually she finds that giving them a good low talk and putting on pressure can get them to do it.

Her main weaknesses are that she doesn't like cramped spaces or small areas for long periods of time. She can cope with jeffreies tubes but she hates being trapped in them or trapped in turbolifts. She also sometimes can misunderstand people and sometimes complicated orders but works them out eventually.

Hobbies & Interests

Emily's hoobies include swimming on the holodeck, reading in her quarters and playing hoverball. She likes to spend her holodeck time to swim in different oceans and different conditions. Also when she needs to unwind she will read for hours in her quarters and can get into the large novels and has loved reading since she was very young.

She has an intrest in starship engines as she was once a pilot. She sometimes designs new type engines or modifications that would never be passed by Starfleet but she enjoys drawing up designs and new methods. She also has an intrest in Karate and Judo as she likes to be ready for an attack. Although already trained at Starfleet Academy for defense, she wanted to learn some new moves just incase


Father: Vice Admiral Eugene Woodhouse

Mother: Commodore Linda Woodhouse

Brother: Commander Alistair Woodhouse

Sister: Lieutenant Lucy Woodhouse (Deceased)

Other Family: Jade Woodhouse (Neice)



Emily was born in England on the 21st September 2354 to Eugene and Linda Woodhouse. She grew up in the Yorkshire countryside on a small farm which she was the youngest of Three children. Her brother Alistair was the oldest and her Sister Lucy was the second oldest. Therefore she was often picked on by her siblings.

Primary Education

However when Emily attended the local primary school she showed a intrest in biology and geography. She was also deemed one of the smartest students in her class. Through her Primary School years she participated in lots of school plays which she enjoyed and loved a lot. She always worked hard at her part, but was slightly upset one year when she was chosen to be a lamb instead of Mary in the Traditional Nativity play.

Emily was asked by her mother if she would like to learn some good defensive moves. Emily accepted and her and her brother Alistair attended the Karate and Judo class in their local Village hall. Emily loved it, but she quit after an incident when they were sparring and Alistair hit her too hard by accident causing her to run away crying. It took several weeks for her to make up with her brother as she didn't like the experience.

Secondary Education

Emily soon went into High school and started to really shine in her academic studies. Emily started to work very hard, but was often bullied for been a geek by the other students. However after she was dragged into a fight her brother started to help her learn how to defend herself against bullies. She soon showed intrest in Geography and Navigation. She always sat at the front of the transport on school trips and once successfully navigated to their location after the onboard computer broke down.

Emily wanted to go in Starfleet and follow in her Father and mothers steps. She learnt that her Brother and sister were also going into Starfleet and she didn't want to feel left out so she put more effort into her work and started getting higher grades. At the age of eighteen she left school to apply for Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy

After High school Emily applied for Starfleet Academy and the Piloting course. She was accepted on her second application and she was soon whisked off to San Francisco. At the academy she made new friends, and even though she was only seventeen she started to like the life of Starfleet. She learnt how to fly shuttles and starships, she was chosen for a special piloting course taught only for veterans.

Her tutors were amazed at her talent and some annoyed her acidently by getting her mixed up with her previous siblings at the academy. She found the Academy socially challenging and she used to stick to her older siblings which weren't always too pleased to have her sticking around seeing her as a drag down, especially Alistair as he couldn't get girls because Lucy and Emily kept interfereing.

She passed with a distinction in helm control and navigation and when she had graduated all of the family now wore the legendary Stafleet Uniforms.

USS Shanklin

At the age of twenty two she was accepted as a helm officer on board the Galaxy Class ship the USS Shanklin. She served onboard the ship for four years. Being promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade and being given the position of Assistant Chief Helm Control Officer. She was then offered a position as Chief Helm officer onboard the USS Swindon an Ambassador class. Emily accepted and was soon assigned to the ship. On arrival she had to guide it out of spacedock after a large refit. She found the controls harder than the Galaxy class but got used to it.

One time the ship was at red alert and was being attacked by an unknown vessel. It has been badly damaged and Emily was forced to take temporary command of the crippled vessel. She managed to guide it out of the fight without losing another crewman and save the ship and crew. She also had to make the decision to seal off deck fifteen when there was a major hull breach caused by the ships sudden movement from impulse to warp unfortunately deck fifteen had several crewmembers on it and they all died. But if the deck hadn't been sealed off then the whole ship would have been at risk. Emily felt guilty over this for several months and even at one point nearly got transfered away. She hated the idea that it was her decision that caused someone to die.

USS Swindon

The USS Swindon was also a good home for Emily. She was liked by most of the crew and she seemed to get on with a lot of them. She would spend a lot of time in the mess hall playing games against her fellow crewmembers, and eventhough she didn't always win she always participated.

After five years she was one of the experts and had been promoted to full Lieutenant. The USS Swindon was heavily attacked by the dominion and a direct hit to the bridge caused several consoles to explode and officers to be injured. Emily had luckily been thrown out of her chair before her console exploded. She took command of the ship after she saw that the captain was hurt, and as the XO had also been severly injured. Emily took command from the Helm and called out tactical commands to the Tactical officer who was the only crewman on the bridge apart from herself not badly injured in the attack. Together they worked as a team and managed to get the ship out of the firing zone, destroying a Dominion ship in the process.

After she had taken command in the emergancy situation her Captain told her she should take the command course and try a different path due to her performance on the bridge.Those were his last words before he died in the medical bay. Emily was angry at the dominion who had attacked the ship. She went back to the academy and enrolled in the command course like her old captain had said. She didn't want him to have said those last words in vain.

Starfleet Academy

During her time back at the academy she was picked on for enrolling at her age. She got fed up with the silly teenagers and ended up nearly hitting one or two of them, however she did hold herself back and started to make new friends.Emily also met up with her brother at the Academy as he was also enrolling in the command course. He helped her with the bullying problems and soon their sibling bond began to strengthen. Alistair introduced her to a friend of his, called Thomas Peterson and they soon became friends.

He was studying to become a pilot, and Emily started to like him. After several months he was put on a training mission in the academy training vessels. However there was an accident regarding a tightly knit meanuever and Tom was badly injured. Emily was shocked and upset at the news and rushed to see him. He told her what had happened, the ships had collided in mid flight and had nearly been destroyed. He unfortunately lost his battle to live the next day and Emily was heartbroken, she thought of quitting the academy and finding a nice quiet job somewhere. However she built up courage over the next few weeks and started to excel in her work. She started to feel a bit like a bad omen as people seemed to die around her, but she pulled through determined to pass the command course.

Emily was especially helpful when Alistair managed to get himself a girlfriend which turned out and she comforted him and told him that it was best for him to focus on his studies. Luckily for her Alistair took her advice and soon began to work hard on the command course. Emily felt happy for him and it also helped her get over the death of Thomas. Soon she was up for graduation with Alistair and she was escited she was going to pass.

She passed the command course after four years at the academy and decided to become an a CO on a starship. The graduation ceremony was the one thing that brought Emily and Alistair together as brother and sister, their mother and father attended and after their second degree in Starfleet they couldn't wait to jump into the command track. Unfortunately their sister Lucy couldn't make it as she had been assigned to Starfleet headquarters science operations department and couldn't get there in time.

Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards

Emily and Alistair went to Utopia planetia for a few weeks to await a command of a starship. After waiting three weeks she found a position abord the USS Relentless an Intrepid Class Starship. She was excited to get this new position and couldn't wait to get aboard her new ship. Her Father took her on a tour of the ship and told her that her brother was to be the Executive officer of the USS Niagara that was nearly completed.

USS Relentless

During the first week of commanding the Relentless and while it was still in spacedock, Starfleet Headquarters was attacked by a dominion suicide soldier who had been trapped on Earth since the war. In the attack Lieutenant Lucy Woodhouse was killed, Emily sister. Unfortunately her daughter Jade Woodhouse had no one to care for, as her Emily parents were too busy in Starfleet with been so highly ranked, and her brother on a deep space mission Emily took the responsibility to lok after her neice. At the young age of eleven, Jade was then transfered onto the Relentless where Emily is currently caring for her, and bringing her up like she was her own child.

Soon the USS Relentless assisted the Diabla Colonly with attacks by outdated ships. Emily had to conduct a mission through a temporal wormhole to find the source of the attack, during this she temporarily took command of the ISS Republic a constitution class starship played in the "Trojan Horse" mission. It was successful and the Relentless escaped after destroying the Captured Romulan Ship and closing the wormhole behind them.

The USS Relentless was then reassigned to team up with the USS Arondight to uncover the remains of an NX Class starship on a pre warp civilization. After learning of the Federation Obvseravtion post on the planet Emily and Captain Reynolds of the Arondight decided to raise the ship. Emily was promoted to Captain during the mission by Captain Mark Reinhart, and the Relentless was transfered from the 8th Fleet to a new Fleet, the 11th fleet, Pegasus Fleet operating in the Galactic South of the Federation

Service Record

2354 - Born 21st September

2359 - 2364 Primary School Student

2364 -2369 High School Student

2370 - 2373 Starfleet Academy

2373 - 2378 USS Shanklin (Ensign/Lt JG)

2378 - 2382 USS Swindon (LT JG / Lieutenant)

2382 - 2386 Starfleet Academy Command Course

2386 - ???? USS Relentless (Lieutenant Commander / Commander / Captain)