Enor (symbiont)

The Enor symbiont
Enor is a Trill symbiont; a symbiotic life form that exist with the humanoid Trill as a joined species. Each joining of Enor with a host creates a new, unique individual, but each individual also carries the memories of the previous hosts.


As of 2389, the Enor symbiont has been joined to ten official hosts, starting with Albrin Enor, a Senator on the Trill homeworld, through its most recent host, Captain Aishel Enor.

Enor was born on Trill in 1804. By 2389, it had a total of twenty-four children – five as a mother, and nineteen as a father.

Enor hosts are known for their free thinking and creativity, usually people who need inspiration to do their jobs such as engineers, architect, artists, and jewelers. They are also known for being attracted to men, whatever the host's gender and for being addicted to chocolate. After the seventh host, Telkas, all Enor hosts have been bisexual. Family is extremely important to Enor as its first host never had a good relationship with his children. Thus, the importance of family has been carried through Enor hosts to the present day. Because of Tenai, Telkas, and other hosts, Enor has come to have a love of life, passion, and intensity that hosts must learn to adapt to be overwhelmed by the symbiont.

Host History

  • Albrin Enor (1810-1885) - Politician
  • Tenai Enor (1885-1945) - Engineer
  • Emra Enor (1945-2027) - Politican
  • Jorias Enor (2027-2058) - University Professor
  • Ilsa Enor (2058-2144) - Jewelist and Business Owner and Emergency Host
  • Sobin Enor (2144-2208) - Architest
  • Telkas Enor (2208-2294) - Artist
  • Tolin Enor (2294-2342) - Starfleet Security and Command Officer
  • Nilani Enor(2342-2383) - Surfer
  • Aishel Enor (2383-Present) - Starfleet Engineer and Command Officer

The hosts of Enor
Albrin • Tenai • Emra • Jorias • Ilsa • Sobin • Telkas • Tolin • Nilani • Aishel