Ferengi Alliance Outpost

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Ferengi Alliance Outpost
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Location of the Mira Star System

Originally inhabited by the ancient Mirans the Mira system is one of the most beautiful systems in the Galactic South. Unfortunately the system was bartered away during negotiations with the Ferengi Alliance and they have now set up a trading outpost (resembling more of a continent of smaller trading outposts all competing with one another) on Mira VII, a resort planet on Mira V (also utilising its twin moons) and a far smaller prison planet on Mira II.

Naturally, being so far away from the Alliance means that the Ferengi presence in Galactic South has taken on its own sensibilities and priorities and the cut-throat tactics of the traders on Mira VII are regularly a cause for concern for Grand Nagus Rom and he regularly sends inspectors to Mira in an effort to clean up the antics of the Ferengi in the Galactic South.

The Nagus' concerns are largely based on the negotiations and need for good-feeling between the Federation & Ferengi governments. With the Ferengi operating out of Federation space, it is necessary to keep the Mira Ferengi in check.

Business with the Ritorians is the primary reason for such an outpost to exist, although in all official reports to Starfleet (which are filed once every two Miran months by the Financial Officer of Mira) they cite mining and other field operations involved in the generation of latinum as their purpose. It is the worst kept secret in the Galactic South that there are no mines of any kind in or around the Miran system.