Fist of Odin

Fist of Odin
Organization Info
Date Founded: 2387 (inspired by Hand of Odin)
Founder: Augustine Khett
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Type of Group: Xenophobic Terrorist
Current Status: Unknown
Activity Info
Notable Activity: Destruction of Grahame, Destruction of Romulus (unconfirmed), Destruction of Lespin IV
Types of Activity: Genocide, Violence, Terrorism on a massive scale
Last Activity: Destruction of Lespin IV


Augustine Khett, c. 2385
The exact start date of the Fist of Odin is not known. It was inspired by the Hand of Odin and seems to have come to existence sometime in 2386 after the disbanding of that group, however their founding is generally set in 2387 as their most significant claim to power took place in that year: The destruction of Romulus. This was also when the alleged founder of the group, Augustine Khett, made his first appearance.

Augustine Khett was a former Federation soldier serving aboard the USS Peru. During the course of his career on that vessel, Khett was awarded exemplary service medals and commendations hand over fist. During a routing encounter with a Romulan Warbird, the USS Peru was boarded and Khett sustained substantial injuries and burns across most of his body. In a fit of Adrenaline fueled rage, Khett brutally slaughtered six of the ten man boarding party, killing two crew members in the process, including his fiancee, before succumbing to his injuries.

Khett woke up to find himself dishonorably discharged, severely burned and wounded, and stripped of all of his accolades for the murder of his crewmates. The people in the Federation, his family and friends, all told him that he should be happy that they'd allowed him his freedom after what he did, but he failed to see the equity in the situation. He'd lost his wife - to his own hand, he'd suffered injuries that had taken much of his passions and hobbies away from him, and now... he'd lost his career.

Khett became dispondant and pulled away from society, eventually fading from everyone's radar until 2387 when his face appeared on every screen on the Federation, ordering the Federation Council and Starfleet Command to step down and allow the Fist of Odin to take control, and claiming responsibility for the destruction of Romulus. Augustine Khett had had his return, and the Fist of Odin was born.


The Fist of Odin's first major assault came in 2387 with the destruction of Romulus. Their claims of responsibility were hotly contested, but the nova did seem to inexplicably surge toward the end, making Ambassador Spock's task to stop it nearly impossible. Most physicists have come to the conclusion that while their interference may seem somewhat unlikely, there is room the believe their claims. At the very least, it was a grand entrance. Their involvement in the death of another planet came to the forefront not long after Romulus as the USS Nagasaki under command of Captain Nathan Thomlinson witnessed them encouraging the planet Grahame to collapse in on itself during a rescue effort. The planet had been badly strip mined and was experiencing extreme seismic instability. The Fist had dropped tri-cobalt devices on the surface to engage the collapse. The USS Nagasaki was forced to ram a Fist of Odin vessel as it appeared and was attempting to shoot down escaping craft. The Fist moved on to more potent targets, taking out several dry docks and ship yards and Starfleet and Federation facilities, especially those present on non-human worlds. The rhetoric from the Fist of Odin became increasingly xenophobic, which lead to their ultimate demise.

Current Status

Currently, the Fist of Odin's status is unknown. Taking a cue from the Fist of Odin's xenophobia, the Federation and Starfleet announced that the planet of Lespin IV would host the first fully interspecies colony, fully integrating all religions, sects, and traditions from each person in an effort to further the effort of becoming one, harmonious galaxy. All information on Lespin IV was wiped and replaced with falsified information, then planet itself was given the most impressive holographic make over, taking a barren rock and turning it to a lush class M planet, and jammers on the surface relayed a perfect ruse.

Khett showed up personally to what - in his mind - equated to an abomination. Before he could fire on the planet, he was flanked by Federation ships. Khett led them on a dangerous hopscotch through space and subspace deftly trying to lose them, but ultimately finding himself unable to jump as he inadvertently warped too close to a black hole and found himself trapped between it and the USS Nagasaki. Thomlinson gave him the opportunity to surrender and accept help, but he refused. Nathan sat and watched as he raved at them until there was nothing of him left.

In that moment, all networks and communications about the Fist of Odin went completely silent. SFI was unable to find the sources or the combatants that had plagued the Federation for so long. Simply nothing. Some speculated that Khett was actually some sort of computer savant and had been the sole member of the Fist of Odin, controlling everything from his command ship. While it wasn't impossible, more feet had been seen on the ground, operating for the Fist. SFI maintains that while the group is currently inactive, they have not dissolved and still pose a threat to the Federation.


The Fist of Odin attempted to be as disruptive as possible to the Federation, however found itself falling short repeatedly. The destruction of Romulus was tragic, but there were enough survivors to begin the process of rebuilding the race, this time as a member of the Federation with all the rights and privileges that that entails, leaving the relationship stronger and the future brighter for the Romulan people. The destruction of Grahame was a test bed for the Fist, but the colonists were refusing to evacuate. By pushing the planet to collapse, the colonists were forced to move to a safer home, and that's to the quick thinking of the USS Nagasaki's crew, the Fist was unable to stop them from their escape. Even the trap at Lespin inspired the Federation to attempt a colony like this in actuality on Dearborn II in the Ortari Cluster.

Their impact was vile and long reaching, but the people of the Federation found ways to turn it into something positive and make something real out of it.