Gemini Sovereignty

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Gemini Sovereignty
Basic Information

Other Side of Romulan Space, Beta Quadrant


Gemini Alpha, Gemini Beta


Around 22,000 B.C.E.

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Gemini Sovereignty was a government founded sometime around 22,000 B.C.E. in the Earth timeline united by their first Lairae Mihmaetes. They primarily are strong in Medicine and Science while being weak in their military prowess being primarily a peaceful civilization. Art, music, and history are valued higher even than medicine and science by most despite being just as strong in medicine and science.


The Gemini Sovereignty started out as a group of individual nations which were constantly at war with each other for many different reasons. Assassinations and leadership changes were predominant as were territory changes as nations conquered each other or were conquered themselves. The Geminite Wars originally started out as attempts to control resources on their homeworld, but other reasons were common as well. Wars also would start over simple disagreements between the different national leadership. Finally religious based warfare was a large reason why several other conflicts started. What became known as the Great Geminite War that lasted a thousand years was started when the leader of one nation wanted to eliminate the population of their neighboring nation based entirely on the religious beliefs of the population itself.

Known Nations

  • Terraneses
  • K'Tarai
  • Ralanaese
  • Hilanae
  • Ortana
  • Rual'Ortin
  • S'Kuric


War & Peace

The Geminite Sovereignty started out as several different nations some larger and more defined than others and many of those fell during the wars that took place for more than a thousand years. One of the biggest wars to take place engulfed the world in less than ten, but continued for a thousand years and placed strain upon the economies and the population of each nation involved in the war. It became known as the Great Geminite War and was the single most destructive war in the planet's long history. The war was sparked by religious disagreements between Ortana and Rual'Ortin when the leader of Ortana decided that he could eliminate the monotheist belief system of the population of Rual'Ortin. Combat began when Qurinae the leader of Ortana sent a massive invasion force across the border and began what was one of the worst mass genocide in the planet's history. Rual'Ortin, a smaller nation, was nearly overwhelmed by the sudden incursion and would have fallen had the leaders of S'Kuric not stepped in and sent their own armies into Rual'Ortin intent on stopping the invasion.

The Monarchy in Terraneses responded by sending their own forces into S'Kuric because of their alliance with Ortana at the time and leading to S'Kuric having to fight a war on two fronts. The military forces of S'Kuric nearly collapsed under the pressure and practically in under a week half their military strength was eliminated from fighting on two sides. Rual'Ortin finally collapsed unable to sustain itself from trying to fend off the invaders, and because S'Kuric was forced into retreating back across into their own borders. With the total control of Rual'Ortin under their control the Ortana military forces began wiping out the population of Rual'Ortin by marching the people inside large buildings where powerful acids were used to kill them. K'Tarai quickly became alarmed and being the second largest nation and the second largest military force only to Terraneses began moving troops along their border with Ortana and began threatening to invade.

This did nothing more than anger the government of Hilanae seeing that the K'Tarai, who were also their sworn enemies, were becoming aggressive they moved troops and began to complete border strikes killing hundreds of both civilians and military personnel. Also this forced the K'Tarai to turn their focus on the Hilanae nation whom they felt were trying to take advantage of their military location. The K'Tarai quickly withdrew from their border with Ortana in order to defend their border with the Hilanae. Now only one major nation remained out of the war, but they wouldn't stand idly by for long as they were allies with the K'Tarai and would begin attacking Hilanae officially creating a world war.

Eventually the last of the Rual'Ortin people were wiped out and with it the monotheistic belief system, and shortly thereafter the S'Kuric began to struggle against the military might of Terraneses. Now they were fending off both borders because the Ortana had once more began attacking them for involving themselves in the first place. The war started to go south and eventually they too would be sending children into combat out of desperation because their population had begun to dwindle. The constant warfare after more than two hundred years eventually led to S'Kuric finally falling under the military might of both super powers they bordered. This however did not quell the fighting both the Ortana and the Terraneses started fighting over control of what remained of the S'Kuric nation causing new warfare to break out.

After successfully fending off the Hilanae who were now subdued by Ralanaese who continued to attack them the K'Tarai turned their attention once more onto the Ortana who by now had destroyed both the S'Kuric and the Raul'Ortin nations. With a powerful blow they attacked the capital city of Ortana and nearly caused the nation to fall under the joint efforts of them and Terraneses. Another several hundred years passed as both sides began to stalemate, and it was around that time that many elders had predicted the total destruction of the entire Geminite Race. Out of the ashes rose Mihmaetes leader of Terraneses who thought enough was enough and instantly withdrew all his troops back into the original borders of his nation. An armistice took hold because all the nations were suddenly stunned because at this point Terraneses had been practically fighting and beating back all the remaining nations.

Mihmaetes created a series of games for athletes from not only his nation but from others to participate in for much needed resources and other supplies such as food and water which by now had become nearly scarce from all the fighting. He kept the tradition alive for twenty five years repeating the sequence once every other year, but never making it mandatory. Eventually peace ensued and without more fighting he had successfully subdued the rest of the population the world leaders who remained eventually settled down to discuss a permanent peace treaty. And, it was determined that the world would unite and set aside their differences having forgotten the purpose of the fighting to begin with and making the peace that much easier to keep.

First World Government

Following the peace that had now ensued for more than twenty five years the world leaders formed a Republic form of government with checks and balances they would make a senate to represent the people, and a judicial system for both making sure laws were fair and unbiased while making certain that these laws were followed. They also needed the glue to hold everything together that being in what became known as the Lairae who was in charge of the entire system, but he could also be removed from power by vote of the Senate if he or she were corrupt or broke any laws. The Lairae was also the only position that was not voted on by the general public, but by the senate. Mihmaetes fearing a new uprising banned all political parties deciding that everybody should be one and the same, and nobody would be allowed to run under the banner of a general group, but as a whole.

So the first government to be established would be a group of senators who were selected by district on the planet and they would then vote in the Lairae who could only serve eight years and then they would be replaced by a new Lairae without the need of reelections. The founding members also determined that the senate could only serve four years and the members much like the Lairae could not be reelected to that position but they could become the Lairae following their four years. They arranged their judicial system to be decided by three judges, and the highest court would have five judges.

First Spaceflight & First Contact

Haramese, the great-great-grandson of Mihmaetes would eventually become Lairae, and his primary focus would be on astronomy and the stars since the end of the wars the population had exploded and it was time that they'd started considering new homes for themselves. He wasn't interested in much more than that, and he would use a great deal of resources to get his people into space. A team of space-goers discovered Gemini Beta which was in the same system as their homeworld Gemini Alpha, and would find that it was a livable world with the necessary resources and space for more population. A colony was established and the world would eventually become a dual capital world for the Geminite Sovereignty.

Over time the Geminites found themselves in need of preventing another massive conflict thus legislation was created preventing new technology from being invented that could be used in warfare. The Geminite government had essentially cut off their own line into military technology while medical issues had began to rise on Gemini Alpha. The doctors and scientific research led to a society more bent on science and they began to revere their doctors and healers for the hard work and dedication they had. With a stunted military and an increase in scientific and medical research the Geminites slowly evolved into what they would become thousands of years later. It wasn't until they discovered spaceflight that the legislation against warfare had slowly been removed or appealed from the law books and the Geminites began to once more steadily research military technology. Though the damage had been done and they would end up centuries behind other species such as Romulans and the Federation.

Many years after Haramese and the discovery of Gemini Beta the Geminites would discover a method of traveling between systems known as warp drive allowing them to travel great distances away from their home. Now able to go to other worlds they would colonize and expand for resources and for population increase purposes only not being much into exploration and preferring to isolate themselves they didn't attempt to find new species. And, most of the worlds they found were habitable, but did not have intelligent life allowing them to colonize without coming across another living species similar to themselves. They isolated themselves so well that they wouldn't make first contact with another species until the mid to late twenty fourth century when they came across the Romulans, and it was not a pleasant first contact. The Romulans attacked them, and began trying to conquer worlds that the Geminites valued for resources and while they were a peaceful people with little military strength they would need to defend themselves.


The Geminite Sovereignty is a Republic with a series of checks and balances within three branches of their government all controlled by both the people and the Lairae their primary leader who controls the military and makes laws which are then voted on by the Senate who can pass or deny them. Finally the Judicial Branch reviews all passed laws to make certain they are constitutional based solely on the constitution itself and not their biased opinions.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is led by the Lairae who is the primary leader of both the Executive Branch and the general government for the Geminite Sovereignty, but he or she is essentially nothing more than a figure head. While the Lairae creates all laws and controls the military he or she cannot pass the laws into something that is official. He or she can move troops and the military wherever he or she wishes, but cannot declare war or attack without approval from the Legislative Branch. The only aspect that the Lairae has total control over is the Tae'ral or the intelligence department which he or she can use in whichever fashion they wish without approval so long as it doesn't start an open war with another species. The Lairae is selected by the Senators only and there is a specific number of Senators who must be nominated. No more and no less than four Senators must be nominated, and planetary government bodies are not permitted to nominate senators from their home planet. Also, each nominated Senator must have no less than fifty signatures on their nomination before it becomes official. Each nominated Senator must then be voted on until only one remains which means three fourths of the senate must vote yes on the nominated senator. If none of the senators make this cut then whoever got the most Yay votes are selected. The Lairae sits for a total of eight years before a new one is elected into office and they are no longer eligible for Government office.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is entirely consistent of a Senate, divided into an upper and lower Senate, where each world is divided into four districts and each lower senator operates as both the senator and the governor for that district. The Senator can pass laws within their own district so long as it is approved by the local courts of three judges, and they also hold much of the power as a whole. Each planet within the Republic has seven Senators--four for the lower Senate, three for the high senate--who are required to meet on Gemini Beta where they are housed three times a month or thirty six times a year, but the governing body meets more than what is required. Each are required to vote on any law that comes to their attention during that particular meeting otherwise they lose their position instantly and the voting population must vote a new Senator into office. The Senators are not notified of the laws that have been written until they are to be voted on preventing groups of senators from blocking any legislation that is essential to the operation of the government and also preventing lobbying. When they select the next Lairae the Senators are not informed of who is eligible until that day and then they begin nominating and voting until a winner has been declared. This voting occurs at the end of the year and is the last meeting since it can last for days and the Senate body is not allowed to leave Chambers other than to use facilities and they are monitored when doing so. The Senate is then given two weeks off before the start of the following year.

Senators are selected by the voting population in their district and must win by popular vote and are not allowed to submit themselves for nomination and they are forbidden from campaigning. Indeed, no senator knows they have been nominated until someone else tells them The entire senate is up for vote every four years, and each senator is not permitted to run for reelection as a senator. From this pool of senators the Laerai is nominated and voted into office by the Senate. The election begins in the middle of the fourth year so not to interfere with the selection of the Lairae and sitting Senators cannot be nominated to run for Lairae. The Senators who are in the pool for Lairae after they have served as a Senator are only up for Lairae once, and after that if they were not nominated, or nominated and lost they are no longer eligible for Government office.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is divided into lower courts and the higher court, and operate in a strange fashion. The High Court is selected by the Lairae from a pool of eligible judges that sit in the lower courts of the member worlds. It is comprised of five judges and this is one of the few things that the Legislative Branch has no control over. Members of the High Court sit on the bench for six years. Approval for a replacement judge comes from a three to one vote by the other four sitting judges. If more than two, but no less than four members are up to be replaced then the remaining members each select one to replace the others. If all but one sitting judge is replaced then the sitting judge selects two members who would vote on the final two members. The High Court only determines if laws are constitutional and do not see anything else but if they deem a law unconstitutional than it is removed from the books and must be rewritten before it can be submitted, passed, and reviewed again.

The Lower Courts have a panel of three judges and this court is selected by the District Senator, and these judges deal with crimes and personal complaints by the general public. Much like the higher courts those selected are there for 6 years. Undeniable proof and no doubt must be shown to the panel of judges before they give a verdict of innocence or guilt, and if the plantiff or defendant wins or loses their case. Lawsuits must have justification otherwise they are instantly dismissed by the panel of judges and these are seen before the plaintiff or the defendant ever make their case. In matters of crime there is no Capital punishment nor are there prisons to overflow, but instead if the party is determined to hold guilt than they are sentenced to hard labor in the mines of an entire world dedicated to this kind of work. The length of time they serve is dependent entirely on the crime, and they are never eligible for parole. People who are awaiting for their trial are placed in something similar to Ancient Earth jails and their time served does not affect the time they serve doing hard labor. If a person who is determined to be innocent following time they've served then the district is required to pay the party money equal to the amount of time they served.


Voters are people who have been educated to the extent necessary to fully understand the law and have taken a yearly test to prove their ability to understand the problems facing the sovereignty. Those who fail to pass the test do not vote in elections and are unable to have a say in the people who govern their lives.


The Geminite military is divided into three parts, the Grand Fleet which is primarily made up of Space naval vessels, Stellar Marine forces, and the Tae'Ral which is the intelligence branch of service. All Geminites are required to join for two years of service upon their twentieth birthday both for needs of military forces, and as an honorary basis from the Geminite past.

Grand Fleet

The Grand Fleet is comprised of Stellar Marines and naval units both naval personnel and ships, and while they have small fleets they do have four primary fleets and two secondary fleets for times of war. There are also four primary units of Marines and two reserve units of marines. The fleets are First Fleet, Fifth Fleet, Sixth Fleet, and Ninth Fleet while the reserve fleets are Second Fleet and Seventh Fleet. The Marine Units are broken down into four primary units which are named in correlation with their assigned fleet, but are known as units instead of fleets. Currently First Fleet serves as the fleet responsible for the defense of the Geminite Core worlds, while Marine First Unit is split into two parts. Half of the Marine First Unit is used as a security force protecting Government Officials and the Lairae.


The Tae'ral are both intelligence and special operations divisions rolled into one they are sectioned into two parts, and both have an individual director who reports directly to the Lairae. The Intelligence side of the Tae'ral primarily are used to gather information about enemy forces, and to monitor the government for corruption which means the director practically reports to himself as he is on constant guard for corruption from the Lairae. They serve both within their own Government as well as agents throughout their sphere of influence and neighboring powers.

The Special Operations division of the Tae'ral operates separate from the military, and are under direct orders from the Lairae to do whatever is necessary to prevent war, and to eliminate threats. The general public is unaware of the existence of the Special Operations dvision under the assumption that the Tae'ral are entirely intelligence based. However, this is not the case and Special Operations officers are selected from the most elite military members and from the Intelligence division. Special Operations officers are also constantly under the guise of a general intelligence specialist within the Tae'ral. They are multi-purpose soldiers who have the most dynamic set of rules of engagement, and sometimes lack thereof.


The Drial is the official form of currency for the Geminite Sovereignty it is produced from a common mineral found on Gemini Beta and has the same name as the mineral itself. Production of the Drial is simply that the miners remove the mineral from known locations which are kept largely a secret so that to deter counterfeit coins being made. The mineral is then turned into a coin and distributed into the market, while keeping from flooding the market with Drial. Primarily Geminites sell resources that they mine through trade and they also are able to make fine silks from other minerals that are extremely rare and only found on two different worlds in their control. They are highly advanced in Medicinal and Scientific studies which allows them to trade their medicines with other cultures that they may come into contact with.

Medicine & Sciences

With their advances in medicine nearly all disease has been wiped from their population and they are highly immune to several other diseases. Geminite Doctors are highly educated and are held in the highest honor because of their importance to society. They are constantly improving on medicines and gaining a better understanding of what causes disease, and have even been able to extend the life expectancy of their race as a whole. Now they are able to live much past one hundred and forty years old, whereas before they would only live into their late eighties.

They hold a high understanding of most forms of science such as chemistry, physics, and especially biology but their strongest form of general planetary science revolves around minerals and how they can be used as well as how to break them down into different forms. All children start learning the sciences from a very early age because like medicine it is held in the highest regard above all else except for art and history which are held in the same esteem.

Arts & Culture


Each married Geminite has multiple spouses as they believe that children are a gift and should be cherished. The loss of a child is a cause for more suffering than even the loss of a body part because limbs can be regrown and a child cannot be replaced. Geminite homes are quite large, usually two or three floors, with many rooms for growing families.

Arts & Culture

Artists are well regarded in Geminite society, so much so that children would rather become artists than anything else, except perhaps historians. Art comes in many forms in Geminite society, from painting to sculpture to wood carving to wrought iron. Art permeates every city in the sovereignty, through the wrought iron fences to wood desks inlaid with metal words to the artistry of the gardens. Epic novels and romances are written almost daily as are comedies and tragedies. Drama is taken in the form of broadcasted networks and also motion pictures as well as stage plays. Music in many styles is enjoyed by all and most Geminites play at least one instrument.

However, all Geminites know that history and books have lessons to teach and so careful records of their histories have been kept over the eons. Several complete copies of the entire history of the Geminite race exist on every planet and are carefully kept in good condition. Historians and archaeologists often visit colony worlds before the planet is completely settled to add to the histories for posterity. Histories are kept at all colleges and universities and are attempted to be as complete as possible. Public libraries hold hundreds of thousands of books and writings, and so the districts usually hold fewer libraries than other powers.


Very few Geminites have a belief in any religion but a few are starting to believe again in the religion of the the nation-state of the sovereignty's founder, Mihmaetes Karissen. These Geminites were deeply religious believing that if their gods and goddesses didn't make it so then they wouldn't exist and all their advancements with them. They believe in a hierarchy system of gods and goddesses where one rules the others and then there are others below them and so on until the very bottom and more insignificant gods and goddesses. Their gods and goddesses are as follows based from the very top to the very bottom of the hierarchy:

Tier One

  • Eolaíocht - God of Science
  • Leigheas - Goddess of Medicine
  • Ealaín - God of Art

Tier Two

  • Teaghlaigh - Goddess of Family
  • Grá - Goddess of Love
  • Síochána - Goddess of Peace
  • Ceol - God of Music

Tier Three

  • Cogadh - God of War
  • Mianra - Goddess of Minerals
  • Cúpla - God of Planetary Bodies
  • Ifreann - Goddess of the Underworld
  • Neart - God of Strength


Geminites have a quantum singularity warp engines similar to the Romulans, however they have phaser technology similar to the Federation. Their ships are equipped with regenerative shielding and their crews have bio neural interfaces with the ship to allow for faster response time. Their medical technology is far beyond the the superpowers of the Alpha Quadrant, as are their bioweapons. They have the ability to create a weapon that, if the enemy differs enough from them physically, will kill all those people on the planet and leave behind a planet ready for colonization by the Geminites. Though they have the ability, they do not use it to dominate, merely for defense, though there are those in the government who would like to see it used for offense. Their shields are such that it would take a while for a Federation starship or a Romulan warbird to get through them, but their disruptors and torpedoes are behind the AQ powers by nearly half a century. Their medical technology has cured most physical diseases, though some still remain, but cures for psionic diseases are eluding them. Even so, they have cured arthritis, the senility of old age, and extended the natural life expectancy from 87 years to 140. Their mining and astromining operations are comparable to the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, as they mine for gems and latinum in the ground of Gemini Beta, still leaving the environment in tact, and harvest duranium and dilithium from the inner asteroid belt and titanium and a form of blue gem from the outer asteroid belt. Due to the enormity of their population and the nominal amount of fertile land, they have also created replicators.

Territorial Claims

They lay claim to more than fifty different worlds across several star systems and they share a border with the Romulan Star Empire.