Geminite-Romulan War

This article is official Pegasus Fleet canon.
Geminite-Romulan War

2378 to Present


Beta Quadrant


Ongoing Conflict


Gemini Sovereignty

  • General Thailae Janirsases

Romulan Star Empire

  • Admiral Telak
  • Commander-General Valeren

2,000 ships

1,800 ships

Casualties and Losses
  • 1,241 ships
  • Several Colonies

892 ships

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The Romulan Empire needed more worlds to farm, and looked to their borders. They saw planets that were good for food, farming, and rich with natural resources. There was one problem: the worlds were settled by a race that they knew little about. Confident in their ability to conquer these people, the Romulans began to invade their worlds, seeing that these people were strong and their population large. To the Romulans, these people would be their new slaves, what the Bajorans were to the Cardassians. They did not know what they would unleash.

The War Begins

The Gemini Sovereignty was attacked in 2378 by the Romulan Star Empire and was forced into their first war in over 24 millennia. At first staggered by the bloodshed, the Geminite people rallied to the cause of defending their homes and their people from the invaders. They were involved several border skirmishes, building higher and higher to all-out war. The current Lairae, the leader of the Gemini Sovereignty, ordered the scientists at the Chailae Science Institute to began making biological weapons to use against the enemy. The scientists refused, not wanting to abandon their ethics that had been created over the past 24 millennia. However, one group of scientists agreed, not wanting to see their entire race enslaved or killed.

The element dalcium was known to kill animals with copper-based blood, and a certain gas killed animals with iron-based blood. Experimenting with these chemicals, the Geminite scientists made several weapons for the flagship of the Geminite military to try out. The ship entered Romulan space in 2385, shortly before the Hobus disaster, and approached a farming colony of the Romulans. It detonated the weapons for iron-based blood first to no effect. However, the world called for reinforcements from the Romulan military and the ship immediately left. The next planet, it attempted the dalcium based warheads. One in particular worked rather well. It killed but did not prolong it unnecessarily as they died within a few days. The Geminite leaders, the Senate and the Lairae, agreed to fire these weapons upon all Romulan worlds they could find, particularly farming colonies. The Romulans, outraged by the tactics used by the Geminites, fought still harder for victory, to discover that their food supplies were quickly running out. The Geminites conquered 15 worlds previously held by the Romulans, while the Romulans destroyed many of the Geminite ships.

The Tide Turns

Geminite Cloaks

A favorite tactic of the Romulan Empire, decloak and fire, was soon adopted by the Geminites as they disabled but did not destroy several ships to better understand their enemies. They discovered in 2382 that their enemies possessed a way for their ships to become invisible. The Geminites attempted to adapt this technology to their own ships, however had no success for several years as the power continued to fail every time they attempted to use it. A young scientist by the name of Graelain Chaileres discovered that to adapt the technology to their own ships, it needed to be adapted to the telepathic interface first, which is used in all Geminite ships to allow for faster reaction times. Armed with this technology, the Geminites began to attack from under cloak while constantly moving to destroy the Romulan ships, with much success.

Major Battles

The Geminites, knowing the system of Artaleirh was important to the Romulans, invaded and killed all Romulans on the planet's surface and destroyed the mining operation in the asteroid belt to prevent the Romulans from mining any more dilithium in the rocks orbiting that star. Three Romulan warbirds arrived just as the Geminites were finishing the attack, and proceeded to attempt to avenge their brethren. However, the three D'deridex class ships were outnumbered by the Geminite ships which concentrated their fire on a specific section of the Romulans' shields, eventually causing them to fail and ultimately causing the destruction of the three ships.

The Battle of Benjairen IV was also a major battle as the Romulans attempted to conquer the main breadbasket of the Sovereignty in that area. Benjairen IV was attacked from orbit and its towns destroyed by enemy troops. Crops were burned to make room for Romulan foodstuffs and animals were either killed or captured for food for Romulan troops and citizens. Geminites were taken into slavery and put to work as farmers, miners, other hard labor, or, in the case of the women, sex slaves.

A more recent major battle was the Battle of Hraven, where the Geminites attempted destroy the two Romulan worlds with biological weapons. They sent five ships to converge on the planets from different vectors and to fire their weapons at the same time. Due to an unfortunate malfunction of the cloaking device on the GSS Mihmaetes, the Romulans were able to detect and destroy four of the ships before they could fire on the planets. The fifth ship managed to fire just before it was destroyed, causing the IRV Gorget to use a tractor beam on the torpedo and reverse its course from Hraven and into space. Once the Romulans were able to disarm the weapon, they brought it to Romulus and disassembled it. They learned about the mineral and what it could be used for, though the problem remained of its use against copper-blooded life-forms only.

The Continuing Conflict

The Romulans began to pull ahead in the conflict, but were punished severely for every inch they gained by the Geminites. The Romulan praetor finally announced a bold new strategy: They would ask the Federation for assistance in the war as the Empire had helped the Federation in the Dominion War. The Federation agreed, but with supplies, relief efforts and diplomacy only. With the relief efforts out of the way, the Romulans set their sights on finally winning this war.