Hand of Odin

Hand of Odin
Organization Info
Date Founded: 2383
Date Disbanded: approx. 2386
Founder: Unknown
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Type of Group: Anti-Federation Terrorists
Current Status: Inactive, Superseded (see Fist of Odin)
Activity Info
Notable Activity: Misc. Bombings and Attacks.
Types of Activity: Destruction, Terrorism, Civil Unrest
Last Activity: Last verified: Bombing of Bajoran Embassy. Suspected: Murder of Andorian Ambassador.


The Hand of Odin was a group inspired by the USS Odin going rogue in order to stop a corrupt group of Starfleet Admirals known as The Hydra. While, aboard the USS Odin, the mission was sanctioned by a small group of trusted Admirals, the public at large were informed that the USS Odin had, in fact, gone rogue at the hands of Captain Joe Rhimer, and was on the Federation's Most Wanted list. A handful of Anti-Federation Disedents came together to form the Hand of Odin in what they saw as a way to help the USS Odin's cause.


The Hand of Odin quickly gathered more forces and became a formidable terrorist organization during the USS Odin's run as a rogue vessel, and followed in their pursuit even after the USS Odin was confirmed to not have actually gone rogue and the real story came out. They found it even more important to continue to fight against what they considered evil: The Federation and all it stood for. Over the course of two to two and a half years, the continued to carry out terrorist activity and harass the Federation and Starfleet every chance that they got. Several Embassies were bombed, high profile events, Admiral's homes, even one substantial attack at a Starfleet Shipyard on Mars. After a particularly nasty bombing of the Bajoran embassy on Risa, the USS Nicholson under command of none other than Captain Joe Rhimer himself was dispatched to end the Hand of Odin once and for all.


The exact end date of the Hand of Odin is up for debate. The USS Nicholson was able to track down all six cells of the group and capture or terminate all members of the group. Most of the people involved were eager to give up details and information in exchange for lighter sentences or being let loose with parole. However, early in 2386, an Andorian Ambassador visiting San Francisco was shot to death by a man screaming 'Fear the hand of Odin!', covered in HoO tattoos and wearing the insignia. He was shot down on sight by local authorities, and no one has been able to confirm if he actually was a member of the organization or simply an overzealous sympathizer.

At this point, however, all authorities agree that the Hand of Odin has been disbanded once and for all.


The Hand of Odin had little impact on the world stage, beyond a few key deaths and incidences. Their largest impact was apparently acting as the inspiration of the Galactic Terrorist Organization known as the Fist of Odin, how have proven to be a substantially more formidable foe.