Hannah Edroski

Hannah Marie Edroski
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Physical Description

5' 7"


150 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Executive Officer

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Lieutenant Commander Hannah Marie Edroski was a Federation Starfleet officer who served the 11th Fleet. She was most noted for her service as first officer of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel in 2386 and 2387.

Hannah looks to be about 30 years old with long blonde hair (it is dyed) with black eyes. She wears a skirted uniform that appears to have a small bump forming about her stomach. Off duty she wears a nice feminine dress and flats,her hair up in a long braid On duty her hair is worn in a tight bun.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Hannah's personality is one of kindness and of sternness. She is kind when she has to be but stern when she has to do her job. She is rather reliable which makes her a good aspect for the crew and for Starfleet.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Reliable
- Too stubborn
+on time
-has hypoglycaemia


To gain rank and make the best officer she can

Hobbies & Interests

Swimming, singing, cooking, meditation


Betazoid, federation standard, Klingon


In 2356 Hannah Marie Edroski is born to Maria Larvfold and Dainel Edroski near Lake Catania on Betazed. She was always the quiet and watchful baby as she grew though she started to get a mouth on her. Four years later she contracted an infection that landed her in the hospital for a month. During this time, she was on the edge of life and death as her young body fought off the infection. Finally ,however, she was released from the hospital a bit weak, but doing A LOT better than she had been before the hospital visit. Two years later she started school, but is almost held back from her first year due to rudeness and misconduct that she conducted to her teachers and those around her.

Just a short four years later there is an incident which causes her eyes to be injured. She has her first in a series of surgeries to repair the defect that was caused by the incident. She spends two days in the hospital each time, and is back in school on the third day, even though her eyes were sore. She is normally sluggish the first couple days back to school while her eyes readjust to the equilibrium of her body.

She was on her way home when her crush grabbed her and took her behind the school building where he proceeded to kiss her. She responded but was found later by her friends unconscious and beaten. She woke up with screaming to a point where she had to be sedated. After this incident she went to intensive therapy until she graduated from school and applied for the starfleet academy. Just a few short months later she was accepted into the academy and started her training to be a starfleet officer.

She is found by her classmates In 2376 when she passes out due to severely low blood sugar. She woke to being in the hospital ward and nurses standing over her with a tray of food which she proceeded to eat. They tell her she has really low blood sugar. She is given medicine to stabilize her blood sugar daily. She is also given a monitor to help prevent her issues with low blood sugar.

In 2378 she graduates from the academy near the top of her class. She applies for her parent's ship :the USS Stargazer. She gets accepted as a security officer and has the next surgery in the series. Just one left after this one. She has a bit of a party here which will later get her transferred to the USS Runabout.

In 2380 she transfers to the USS Runabout as assistant chief of security. She excels her first year in the position. She meets her husband at a social gathering, and they get married just a few short months later. Two years after that she gets promoted and is now chief of security after an incident which resulted in the death of the officer. She has another episode of an attack because she stayed up too late at one point and her husband found her unconscious ,but she is okay!

in 2386 she is offered First Officer position aboard the USS Endeavour in which she graciously accepts.

Service Record

2356- Hannah Marie Edroski is born
2360- Hannah almost dies to a rare infection
2362- starts school and is almost held back due to her rudeness with the teachers
2366- Has an incident with science project that makes her needing of a surgery for her eyes.
2373-has her first kiss but later the same night is forced into having sexual relations. Has to go into intensive therapy before applying for Starfleet Academy. Later that year graduates from school.
2374-is accepted into starfleet academy
2376- finds out she has a bad case of Hypoglycemia and is in the hospital for about a day before being released to continue her training
2378- Is accepted onto her parent's ship the Stargazer for her maiden Voyage in the position of a security officer
2380-Transfers to the USS Runabout as assistant chief of security. Later in the last three years before transfer she is chief of security. she also meets her husband a year into the assignment
2386-applies for XO aboard the USS Endeavour