In The Beginning (Starbase 519 Mission)

"In The Beginning"
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As the lights slowly turn on on the derelict Cardassian space station, hope for the future begins. Out of the ashes of her past a new dream unfolds, that dream is Starbase Pioneer.


Upon the arrival of most of the engineering crew, the central power was activated. Apart from the first few decks, the majority of the station was still uninhabitable. In order to fill her skeleton crew, Captain Hall pulled in a few favors and selected a group of one hundred cadets (including Cadet Mitchell Hall, Cadet Amber Elise and Cadet Jack Lynch). For the station's executive officer, Captain Hall selected Lieutenant Ezekiel Anderson, an experienced operations and engineering officer who was serving as the Chief Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Zeus (NCC-69425-A).

The construction of the starbase progressed slowly as materials and manpower were at a premium. After a month of reconstruction, Captain Hall recieved a communication from Rear Admiral James Fletcher, who was recently rescued from the Dominion by the Zeus. The Admiral stated that he would arrive on the station in a week on an inspection tour and to make the station his flagbase. In addition, he brought the U.S.S. Independence, a diligent class starship, which would be attached to the station and a full engineering staff.

Meanwhile, the Orion Syndicate considered their own prospects. After several setbacks in their operations near the Romulan and Klingon borders, the Syndicate was looking for a new way to expand their operations. The sector boss who was operating near Betazed suggested that the Syndicate create a new sector near the badlands in order to control the smuggling between the Tzenkethi, the Cardassian Union and the Federation. The syndicate agreed and sent the sector boss to Starbase 519 to set up operations. Under the guise of a legitimate Commodities and Futures broker, the sector boss, now known as Massimilano Lombardi, set up shop on the station's promenade. Within two weeks, the area of the station known as "The Red Light District" sprang into existence. The area became known for exotic strip clubs, nightclubs and more importantly for drug trafficking.

After a night off duty, Cadet Hall entangled himself in Lombardi's drug trafficking ring after he spent an evening with one of Lombardi's dancers who got him addicted to the drug known commonly as "Milk". After being caught in a raid, Hall agreed to become an informant for security who were planning to bring down Lombardi's organization.

During the operation, Cadet Hall was discovered and brutally assaulted by Lombardi's men and left in a coma with serious injuries. Based upon the information provided by the cadet, Captain Keno Caylyn, head of station security raided Lombardi's organization and arrested Vic Viceroy, Lombardi's lieutenant and Lombardi himself for various crimes from assault and fraud to racketeering.

In order to conduct the trial

Memorable Quotes

"Ten years ago if you told me that I was going to grow up to be a plumber... I never would have believed you..."
    —Cadet Mitchell Hall

"Commodore, do me a favor and lighten up..."
    —Rear Admiral James Fletcher

Captain's Logs

Background Information

The title of the mission, In The Beginning comes from the Babylon 5 TV movie of the same name. The movie consists of much of the back story of the Babylon 5 franchise.

Guest Appearances

Rear Admiral James Fletcher, the NPC of Captain Hall makes his first appearance as an Admiral after he was rescued by the Zeus before the launch of Starbase Pioneer early in 2388.

Commodore Arriana D'Tal, the Judge Advocate General of Epsilon Force made a brief appearance as the presiding officer over the trial.

Massimiliano Lombardi, played by Captain Hall, the main "villain" of the story, a sector boss in the Orion Syndicate who was sent to the starbase to establish operations in the sector and the Delta Quadrant. He operated a drug smuggling ring in the area of the promenade that was dubbed the "Red Light District".