Iota Station


Iota Station
Class Information
Class: Iota Station
Role: Starbase
Expected Design Duration: 150 years
Decks: 397
Officers: 1,140
Enlisted: 4,560
Marines: 432
Passengers: 2,500
Shielding Systems:
Auxiliary Craft


Additional Craft:
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Iota Station is a Stardock-class Commissioned in 2388 to provide protection for the Graviton Catapult and to give Starfleet a Headquarters from which to launch missions into the Delta Quadrant.


Iota Station began as base on the moon of Iota III this base was the springboard and Command Facility for the construction of the Graviton Catapult. Alot of the necessary metals were mined from the surface of Iota IV. When the Graviton Catapult was finished, Starfleet Engineers began building the Starbase that orbits Iota III. Upon completion of the Starbase, most of the Starfleet personnell were moved to the Starbase, the 20th Marine Detachment use the Moon Base as their Headquarters, while they provide security for the Starbase and the Graviton Control Facility.

Construction and Relocation

Iota Station was designed to be positioned between the border of the Federation and the Delta Quadrant to protect the Graviton Catapult. The United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps and Starfleets ultimate goal is to allow it to act as a protectorate station and trading outpost for the region.

In Service

The stardock was finally commissioned in 2388 to be the frontline station in the Delta Quadrant and all vessels operating in use Iota s their forward base of operations. She is currently at half-complement until Starfleet decides to fully man the station.

With the completion of the Graviton Catapult and subsequent testing it was decided that there need to be maintenance facilities, operational control, and a base of operations. Iota fills all of these roles.

In Popular Culture

  • Several news stories have been written about the speed of construction and loss of life due to an engineering accident


Starfleet crewmembers staff the vital positions onboard Iota Station, the station is home to a minimal civilian population, who work in various areas of the station, such as the commercial promenade, where vendors can run shops, restaurants and entertainment suites, amongst others. The station is also a major trading hub, seeing transports from various public and private entities regularly docking with the station and making use of its facilities.

Commanding Officers

The Station does not currently have a CO and falls under the Command of the Task Force Commanding Officer

Command Crew

Support Vessels

Iota Station has a number of support vessels on hand. There are 2 Grommet-class towships, 5 Richardson-class couriers, 4 Raven-class science vessels, and 6 Wallace-class light escort vessels

Active Operational Vessels

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

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