Jacob Byrne

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At the age of 8, Jacob still carries a lot of puppy fat with him, especially on his face, giving it a much more rounded appearance than what it will grow to look like as he ages. With his father's hair and his mother's eyes, anyone who sees the three of them together can instantly tell they're a family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

As any eight-year-old boy would be, Jacob is very playful, and can usually keep himself entertained for hours on end, if he finds something that amuses him. Easy to bore during 'adult' activities, he tries not to show it when he is around his father, instead trying to mimick his father's mannerisms, and act older than he is. He also has a strong sense of curiosity, specifically when it comes to Starfleet personnel and equipment, something which his father has always encouraged.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Able to amuse himself, strong sense of curiosity in regards to Starfleet personnel & equipment - eager to learn.

Weaknesses: Can sometimes be too curious for his own good. Easily bored.


Jacob wants nothing more than to grow up and be a Starfleet Commander like his father, and command starships in great, heroic missions.

Hobbies & Interests

Jacob can find almost anything to interest him, but he most enjoys acting out being a Starfleet commander in his bedroom. As he hasn't yet learned how to program a holodeck, he more than makes do with his imagination.


Federation Basic


Father: Benjamin James Byrne
Mother: Sarah Jessica Byrne née Smith


Born in 2378, Jacob is the first and as yet only child of Benjamin and Sarah Byrne. Born aboard the USS New York, a Nova-class starship of which Benjamin had just received command nine months previous, he has lived his entire life in space. As the Nova-class starship was very small and had no civilians aboard aside from just a few family members, Jacob became more accustomed to making friends with adults, and finding ways to entertain himself when he wasn't being looked after.

Since an early age, he has been taught by his mother, who used to be a primary school teacher back on Earth and later on Pacifica. She gave him a well-rounded education, backed up with trips to the holodeck to allow him some hands-on-experience on the things he was learning about, and the places and planets he was being told of. His favourite simulation has always been Earth, a place he has been asking his father to take him to since he was 4.

During the year 2386, the ship his father commanded came under attack by a stronger aggressor - the first time such a situation had occured in Jacob's life. He was confused and scared, but only by the uncertainty; he didn't really understand what was going on around him. When he watched the ship explode through the viewport of the escape pod with his parents, his only question was; "Does this mean we have to move?"

Later that year, Jacob's father received another command, this time onboard a Sovereign-class starship which seemed absolutely huge to Jacob from the pictures he had seen. He had also been told that they would be joining the ship while it was docked in orbit of Earth, and so he once again stepped up his pleas for his father to take him to visit his homeworld.