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Jamie Kent
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USS Vancouver


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Lieutenant Jamie Marie Kent is the Executive Officer on board the USS Vancouver originally she is from Anchorage, Alaska and the only child of Robert and Kelley Kent. Previously she served aboard the USS Carson Hall as an engineer for more than ten years. She is thirty five years old and still actively serving in Starfleet as a commissioned officer.

Physical Appearance

Jamie is of a slender build. She has very long brunette hair which while on duty is always tied back in a neat bun or some form of French Braid. Jamie is of short stature mostly due to the lack of height that runs throughout the Kent family. She has blue eyes which almost glow as many of her fellow crewman have told her.


Jamie used to be the typical easy going young woman without much emotion. A bad relationship later and she has become a little cold on the inside and closed off to those around her. She is still kind hearted to those she works with and her closest friends, but the title closest friends is hard to come by these days. The relationship has warped her view of most men seeing them as dangerous to her very well being isn't quite enough description.

While she respects all aspects in her chain of command personally she finds it hard to connect with those of the opposite gender. Her mind is torn and her trust has been tattered, but she is still a strong determined young woman. While she used to be afraid of change that is no longer the case and is prepared to start the next chapter in both her life and her career.


Mother - Kelley
Father - Robert
Siblings - N/A
Marital Status - Single
Children - N/A


Born in the year 2353 on a cold winter day in Anchorage, Alaska Jamie Marie Kent is the only child of Robert and Kelley Kent. Her childhood was wrought with fear of such creatures as polar bears and wolves. Not because of her location, but because to her these were scary man-eating beasts that must be destroyed. She grew up with a father who was an engineer and a mother who had a drinking problem. While her parents were not abusive they were rarely around for her during her youth. It was strange that she would choose to be an engineer later in life, but that was just how things turned out.

School wasn't difficult for her mostly because all she did was study and work hard to get the grades she had because without either parent to really be there for her she was alone and bored. Her eighteenth birthday led down a very strange path for the girl. She graduated top of her class in high school and went on to join Starfleet Academy as an engineer hopeful. It was the choice she'd made and after that she never looked back. After she went on from home to Starfleet Academy she refused to attempt contact with either of her parents or any other family member. Instead choosing to believe them both dead after she'd graduated school.

Due to the Dominion War she was one of the engineers selected to graduate a year earlier then originally planned and was assigned to the Carson Hall as an Engineering Officer. Her services on board were nearly perfect and she quickly found herself promoted two years after the war to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made the Department Assistant Head when the Department Head left and the Assistant was promoted in their stead. She continued to work hard and even made several friends on board the ship. In the year 2384 she found herself promoted again and made the Chief Engineer on board the ship. It was with great pride that an officer who had entered service a year early that she'd been promoted so quickly.

Three years later in the year 2387 she began a relationship with Lieutenant Ryan Kerr a fellow officer on board the ship. Things became quite serious as they began to live in the same quarters together which was a mistake for her. She quickly found that Ryan was highly jealous of the littlest of things, and began to abuse her on a regular basis. She was afraid to leave him, and afraid to say anything to those above her instead believing he would change. She hid the bruises for the entire year when things finally came to a head when she'd nearly been killed in a rage fit that Ryan had thrown.

Without a second thought she ended the relationship and applied to do the Command Track. Without explaining her intentions to the Commanding Officer Henry Ronaldson she made the attempt to leave the command. She never indicated to anybody about the abuse even after the relationship had ended. While dealing with Ryan who continued to harrass her and claim that she'd belonged to him she found herself accepted into the Command Track. Quickly she was accepted as an Executive Officer on board the Vancouver, and without ever explaining what had happened between her and Ryan Kerr she left the ship keeping what had happened bottled up inside.

Service Record

2371 - 2374 :: Starfleet Academy *Engineering*
2374 - 2377 :: USS Carson Hall *Engineering Officer/Ensign*
2377 - 2384 :: USS Carson Hall *Assistant Chief Engineering Officer/LTJG*
2384 - 2388 :: USS Carson Hall *Chief Engineering Officer/LT*
2388 - PRESENT ::USS Vancouver *Executive Officer/LT*