Jayden J. Sullivan

Sullivan is a Starfleet officer that is currently serving onboard the USS Washington.

Jayden Josh Sullivan, PC
Biographical Information

New York, Earth









Physical Description



180 lbs





Political Information



USS Washington


Chief Intelligence Officer

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Physical Description

Jayden Sullivan stands at six foot one inch, he always keeps his brown hair short. You’d normally see Jayden wearing his grey Starfleet uniform but of duty he likes to wear, short sleeved shirts, jeans, boots and a jacket or whatever else he can find around his quarters. Thanks to his years in the Marines Jayden has an alethic body form and he keeps in shape regularly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jayden has a friendly personality around him Jayden can be a loyal friend or you’re worst enemy even though he doesn’t hold grudges he does remember those who betrayed him. Jayden also likes to joke around at times when it might not even need humour but he does so without a second thought. Jayden is a guy that doesn’t give up very often and it’s extremely rare for him to do so. Trouble normally follows Jayden wherever he goes but mainly it’s his curiosity that gets him into trouble but he can almost always talk his way out of things. Jayden is duty bound and follows orders quiet well.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Jayden has training in the marines before going into Starfleet intelligence. He can adapt to any situation that life throws at him. Jayden is great at gathering intelligence as well.

Jayden isn’t really much of a people person that much as he likes to go of and do things his own way which normally gets him in trouble with most people especially to his co’s.


None really, start a family.

Hobbies & Interests

Training, Starships, Starfleet,


Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Reman, Vulcan, Cardassian



  • Mark Sullivan


  • Mia Sullivan


  • Josh Sullivan


  • Sarah Sullivan

Other Family

  • Jayden Sullivan, (Grandfather)
  • Heather Sullivan, (Grandmother)


Jayden Sullivan was born and raised on Earth in New York in the year 2352. Growing up Jayden didn’t know what he was going to do when he finished school until he walked passed a marine recruitment building only days after his eighteenth birthday. Jayden singed up for the marines that moment when he knew what he wanted to do with his life. Jayden soon was shipped out to Paris Island where he began boot camp training in 2370. The days that followed saw Jayden being in the most toughest training program that he ever had to do in his entire life.

Jayden left the academy and was appointed as an Private within the Marines. Jayden was placed on the USS Sydney an Galaxy-class ship for his first assignment. Life on the ship was pretty much routine until the Romulans attacked after the attack Jayden saw himself being promoted to Private First Class for his services in the battle. Jayden spent a while on the ship before being transferred over to the USS Egypt and he was promoted to Lance Corporal as well after being on the ship for several months. Jayden say combat for a second time when a Breen battleship decided to attack a Defiant-class ship.

The battle was over before it began and the Breen ship found itself fleeing the area on impulse speed after the Egypt disabled its warp drive. Jayden was soon promoted to Corporal when he was given the platoon leader role. Jayden spent a year and a half on the Egypt before he found himself being transferred yet again, this time on the USS Idun. After spending a few months on the Idun Jayden was promoted to Sergeant. Soon Jayden felt that Marines weren’t his calling in life anymore and he requested a transfer into Intelligence to become an Intelligence Officer.

After completing the Starfleet Academy for Intelligence Jayden returned to the USS Idun. Jayden spent a while on the Idun before he was placed on the USS Perth. Jayden soon found himself becoming the assistant chief intelligence officer when the USS Perth was attacked by the same Breen battleship that attacked. The Perth fought back and was able to win the battle and the Breen were pushed back. Jayden found himself being transferred over to the USS Washington as their new Chief Intelligence Officer. Jayden is now currently waiting for transport to his new assignment though he doesn’t know what lies ahead just yet.

Service Record

  • Paris Island
  • USS Sydney
  • USS Egypt
  • USS Idun
  • Starfleet Academy
  • USS Idun
  • USS Perth
  • USS Washington