Jennifer Lockheart

Jennifer Marie Lockheart
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Physical Description

5' 7"


110 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Chief Operations Officer

Played By:

Matthew Williams

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Ensign Jennifer Lockheart is a Federation Starfleet officer. She is most noted for her service as an operations manager, onboard the USS Tethys.

Jennifer has a very slim figure, having kept herself physically fit all her life. She is very concious of her professional appearance, and always wears her hair in a low ponytail while on-duty, and her uniform is always double- and triple-checked to ensure it is being work correctly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jennifer is a very young individual, and that shows in her behaviour while on-duty. She can sometimes be nieve, and often very cautious in her duties initially, for fear of doing something wrong. She is however eager to prove her worth to her superiors, and will take any opportunity she is given to have some responsibility.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Her nievety, very cautious nature can both be seen as weaknesses in a sense, but her cautious nature can also be counted as a strenght. She is eager to do her duty, and to do things right, but is on her first assignment, and will often act by-the-book. As such, she lacks any great amount of field experience.


Jennifer has set her eyes on a centre seat as the peak of her Starfleet career - a goal which she know to be a long way off yet.

Hobbies & Interests

Jennifer is a flute and a guitar player, and enjoys her music highly. Her favourite genres are old Earth jazz music, and 20th and 21st century rock. When she needs to clear her mind, or just keep herself occupied off-duty, she will often sit in her quarters with one of her instruments.


Father: Oliver Lockheart
Mother: Alice Harwood


Jennifer was born in England on Earth, where she attended school until the age of 15, upon which date her parents moved to San Francisco, to allowe her father to be closer to his new job at Starfleet Academy.

During her early childhood, Jennifer didn't see very much of her father, as he was usually off working on a Starship, or on one of Earth's orbital facilities as a member of the Starfleet Engineering Corps, but she did have instilled in her a certain pride for her father's work, and an admiration for Starfleet officers in general. Throughout her school life, she idolised the men and women who put on the uniform, and dreamt of one day putting it on herself. All through primary school, all she would talk about was Starfleet; every one of the playground games she enjoyed with her childhood friends involved immense starships, with elaborate roleplay for pre-teen children. As she progressed onto secondary school, she really concentrated on her studies of mathematics, science, and technological engineering, aiming towards the target of enrolling at the Academy, though not to the extent to which she would alienate herself from her friends. She had a very healthy social life, and played in the school orchestra on more than one occasion. When her father announced to the small family that he had been offered a teaching job at the Academy, and that they would be moving to San Francisco; that only drew Jennifer closer to her dream. Closer to making it a reality. She was so excited about the move, that she almost seemed to 'forget' to grieve about the friendships she would be leaving behind - not that she would be away from her friends for long, as three years after the move, when she finally stepped through the doors of the illustrious centre of learning, a number of them were right beside her, each having applied from England.

The lessons they went through were gruelling at times, but also intensely interesting, as Jenni learned so much that she was convinced she wouldn't be able to fit it all into her brain - that was until the lectures from the Starfleet Medical professors corrected that viewpoint, when they progressed on to neural pathways.

By the second year, it was time for Jennifer and her classmates to make the decision of where they wanted to go with their careers. A small number of her friends opted to become red-shirts, and pilot starships and shuttles, either hoping for more of a thrill, or that the red uniform would allow them to attain a command sooner. Most of Jenni's compatriots however became yellow-shirts, along with Jenni herself; working towards careers in the Engineering or Operations departments onboard Federation Starships and Installations. Jenni herself found the decision between the two professions incredibly tough; she had always admired her father for being an engineer, and at times felt pressured to follow in his footsteps, but then at the same time felt that she needed something different for herself. She knew that she was good with computer systems, and with the technical side of a position in engineering, but she doubted whether she would be able to cope with the constant hands-on work that the job entailed. In the end, she opted to work towards the Operations department; a nice balance between administrative and hands-on work which would suite her fine.

Throughout the last three years of the Academy, Jenni found the courses getting more and more intense in the buildup towards the final stages, and graduation if they passed. The intensity had proven too much for some of her friends, who had either dropped out or flunked, and with each one that left, Jenni pushed herself harder to achieve - pushed herself harder to reach that graduation day.

That day eventually came, on Jenni's 22nd birthday at the beginning of the summer, with Jenni passing within the top fifteen in her class. By the end of the calendar year, she was already saying her good-byes to her family, as she set out on her first assignment, aboard the USS Tethys.

Service Record

  • Entered Starfleet Academy :: Cadet, Freshman
  • Academy Second Year :: Cadet, Sophomore :: Focus; Shipboard Operations
  • Academy Third Year :: Cadet, Junior
  • Academy Fourth Year :: Cadet, Senior
  • Academy Graduation :: Awarded commission :: Ensign
  • Assignment :: USS Tethys :: Horizon Fleet