John Maxwell

John Maxwell
Biographical Information










Physical Description

6' 2"


235 lbs


Jet Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Engineering Officer

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John Maxwell is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Relentless.


John is always working out so he is physically fit and is always eating healthy so it keeps him in excellent shape. He is usually found in his engineering uniform which is kept in proper arrangement and his face is always clean shaven and hair kept in a High and Tight Military Cut.


John is the type of guy who is easy to get along with and will lend a hand to someone when they need it yet he is very knowledgeable of his area of expertise which is engineering. The only time you might not see John cracking a joke or socializing is when he has a job to do, because when he is on a job he focuses 100% to make sure the job is done on time and done right the first time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Mechanics Leadership Martial Arts.

Weakness Medical Science outside of mechanics

Hobbies & Interests

If John isnt tinkering on something mechanical you will usually find John lounging around in his quarters reading a book or working out aboard the vessel whether it be jogging the base or working out in the fitness area.





John was born December 4th, 2361 according to the orphanage he was raised in located in Portland, Oregon to unknown parents. Growing up in an orphanage John caught his share of emotions as seeing children come and go causing John to become a rather closed in person emotionally.

Elementary Education

John’s elementary education was performed at the orphanage where he grew up reading donated books and having minimal education aids available yet John still showed promise as he still was able to learn at a fast pace and quickly left other children in his age group behind in academics which was a shock to his teachers.

Secondary Education

After realizing John’s potential academically the orphanage managed to set it up to where John was able to go to high school to be able to learn properly. John’s social status in high school was poor due to the fact that he did not have family and was treated as a failure which led John to find an outlet for his pent up aggression which caused John to become avid in Martial arts which he excelled at extremely well.

Post Education

After High school as John was preparing for college yet due to financial issues was unable to find funding for it and one day ran into a Starfleet recruiter and after talking for quite a while realized that he could become a success as a Starfleet Officer.

Starfleet Academy

After being accepted into Starfleet John was quickly put into the Engineering Curriculum and began learning about Starship systems and how to properly maintain and repair them as well as expanding his leadership skills and his potential as a Starfleet Cadet. John continued through Starfleet academy acing every engineering course and even volunteering for advanced courses even though being new to Starfleet. After passing all his required courses and even a few advanced courses John graduated and became a member of Starfleet as an engineering officer.

USS Arondight

Shortly after completing Starfleet’s academy, John was assigned to the USS Arondight as an engineering officer and was aboard as the Arondight arrived to assist the USS Relentless and quickly was assigned aboard the Relentless as a Chief Engineering Officer.

Service Record

2386-2386 USS Arondight 2386- USS Relentless