Jonathon Gunn

Jonathon Gunn
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Physical Description

5' 9"


200 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


Marine Commanding Officer

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First Lieutenant Jonathon Joseph Gunn is a marine officer serving on board the USS Nakatomi as of the year 2389. He is 37 years old and served during the Dominion War. He is famous for possibly causing a rout on the outpost he was serving at the time as a Squad Leader, and while many of his people were spared because of him the ultimate cost to the unit was huge. Many felt that he did not deserve a second chance, but his Unit Executive Officer became Unit Commanding Officer and would give him just that.

General Information

Physical Description

Jon has jet black hair and slightly darker skin than most Caucasian males, however he does have one distinguishing mark. He has a scar under his left eye from the Dominion War as a constant reminder of the mistake that nearly cost him his career and his life. He has an athletic to muscular build and stands in around five foot nine inches tall and weighs around two hundred pounds. Jon has blue eyes and appears almost like the Jewish peoples of ancient Earth.


Jon is very concerned with duty and honor having almost died on at least one occasion during the war that nearly cost him everything. He strongly dislikes tardiness and those who are rude while demanding respect from those around him. Jonathon feels that regardless what was said about his service he is a war hero and demands to be treated by those around him.


Spouse - None
Children - None

Father - Mark
Mother - Susan
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - Jeffery
Other Family - None



Jonathon Gunn was born sometime in the year 2352 to Susan and Mark Gunn and has one elder brother named Jeffery. His early childhood is mostly a series of events that typically landed him in trouble with his parents as he was constantly getting into things that he should not and he had a severe problem with following the direction of his father. The man could sometimes become very violent almost to the point at which Jonathon was stabbed in the arm one night when his parents got into a late night and drunken argument. His brother did his best to protect Jonathon who often found himself stuck in the middle of these late night brawls that would last for hours and typically ended with someone in the family in the hospital and one of his parents in jail.

It of course wasn’t until he was contacted by the Federation Marine Corps that he felt that he could honestly make a difference and somehow escape his violent past. At sixteen he had numerous run ins with the law and was arrested at least once being associated with a gang did not help his cause either. Of course an officer in the Marines came to his school and talked about being an officer. That was when he knew he had a chance, and studied to get his grades to where they needed to be at. He barely broke through the barrier and was rejected when he requested to speak to an officer about the program being shoved to the side like a piece of trash. But, Jonathon didn’t let the let down stall his attempts and he would try to take the entrance exam and barely passed it for Marine standards at the time.

Starfleet Career

Jonathon would attend the Academy from the year 2370 to 2374, and would be thrust into the Dominion War as a Second Lieutenant. He served as a squadron officer in the four hundredth division, and that would be where he would become known as the night terror. While serving on Outpost four seven two the base was attacked by Jem’Hadar soldiers and his unit was quickly overwhelmed as they fought through the tunnel network of the planet. Doing what no marine should ever do he chose to run straight into the fighting switching to hand to hand combat to give his team time to flee. Jonathon was quickly overtaken and nearly killed, but somehow managed to survive his wounds. Relying heavily on adrenaline he managed to fend off the attackers, but at great cost. His unit was nearly decimated in the retreat, and his division commander determined that had Jonathon not retreated the division wouldn’t have lost the base to the attack.

Jonathon was informed that his career may be over, however he somehow managed to make it through the court hearing somewhat unscathed. His Commander was however replaced by the XO who quickly responded by promoting the Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant and making him the Division Executive Officer. And, later in the year his division would be back on that planet and retaking the outpost once more. Many felt that Jonathon was a disgrace others felt that he was a hero, and he was put up for a detachment command on board a new ship a few years after the war.

Service Record

R-c1.png Marine Cadet Year One 2370 - 2371
R-c2.png Marine Cadet Year Two 2371 - 2372
R-c3.png Marine Cadet Year Three 2372 - 2373
R-c4.png Marine Cadet Year Four 2373 - 2374
G-o1.png 400th Marine Infantry Division, Squad Leader 2374 - 2375
G-o2.png 400th Marine Infantry Division, Marine XO 2375 - 2388
G-o2.png 392nd Marine Detachment USS Nakatomi, Marine CO 2389 - PRESENT