Jonathon J. Kearns

Kearns was a Starfleet officer that died serving onboard the USS Washington.

Jonathon "JJ" James Kearns
Biographical Information

El Paso, Texas, Earth









Physical Description



198 lbs





Political Information



USS Washington


Chief Engineering Officer

Played By:


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Physical Description

Tall and lanky, scar on right abdomen where he was grazed by a bull horn during his early teens.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Friendly and outgoing, almost completely without guile. He tends to prefer the direct approach and sometimes his bluntness can get him into trouble. His drawl has a sing-song quality to it that can be quite soothing.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Adapts easily to new situations
  • Gets along well with almost anyone
  • Tends to trust people a bit too easily
  • Sleepwalks


To put together a song compilation and have it released.

Hobbies & Interests

Singing - "There are only two kinds of music, Country & Western." Tinkering- Mainly small gadgets combining the latest technology with old world craftmanship.


Federation Standard, Spanish, Andorian



  • James Earl Kearns (Rancher)


  • Sarah Jane Rodriguez Kearns


  • James Earl, Jr
  • Joshua Scott


  • Sue Anne
  • Grace Isabella

Other Family

  • Samuel Raymond Kearns (Uncle)


Born in El Paso, Texas, He grew up on his family's ranch, which mostly raised cattle and grains, though there was a small patch set aside as a garden mostly for the family and ranch hands.

While raised on the ranch, he still had some of the best schooling, and from his early years he tended towards the sort of double life that most kids who live on a farm find themselves in. Getting up early for farm chores, going to school, returning home and doing the rest of the work on the farm. A tough thing for a kid growing up, but letting him see for himself the results of hard work and giving him a feeling of accomplishment.

Early on he found a love of helping with maintaining the machinery on the farm, working side by side with his father. This love translated over when shop classes were held in his school, and many of the concepts there were ones he already knew well, while others he turned towards using back on the farm.

When he was 13, there was an incident where he made the mistake of trusting too much in the gentle nature of one of the old bulls. Whether it was that one of the cows was in heat or any one of a hundred other reasons, the scar across his stomach and side gave him a respect for the animals that most people never have. He didn't fear them, but learned that taking simple precautions were always worth taking for safety.

As he reached 16, with his older brother taking a more major role in the farm management, John sent in an application to Starfleet Academy, not thinking that he would get in, but figuring it was better than being a 3rd wheel around the ranch.

To his surprise, he received a quick acceptance letter, but instead of the warm response he expected from his family, his father went ballistic, and threw him out of the main house, though he was able to bunk with the ranch hands so long as he kept up his work. On the day after his graduation, he went to San Francisco to stay with his uncle until the summer classes started at the Academy.

Service Record

  • (16-21) Entered SFA a semester early due to circumstances, but did not graduate early due to required course availability. Was able to take more advanced engineering courses as a result.
  • (21-22) Assigned to the USS Agememnon as an engineering officer.
  • (22-25) Promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer.
  • (25-27) Returned to SFA for additional training, including the Command Officer Training and more advanced engineering electives.
  • (27-) Assigned as Chief Engineer, USS Washington.