Jonathon Jax

Jonathon Jax, or Jon, is a 24th century Starfleet Marine serving onboard the USS Washington.

Jonathon Jax, PC
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Physical Description





Dirty Blonde



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USS Washington


Marine Commanding Officer

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Clint B

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Physical Description

Jonathan is well built with short dirty blonde hair. He has several scars on various parts of his body that he wears with pride.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jon is a confident and easy going man. He can make friends easily enough, but it takes a lot to earn his respect. Jon lives for the moment because he knows that life can end suddenly, even on a starship. He usually becomes nervous when dealing with senior officers and doesn't know why.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Extremely loyal
  • Dedicated


  • Slightly deaf in left ear
  • Mild gambling problem
  • Heavy drinker


Jonathan's greatest ambition is to survive. He once aspired to be the Commandant of the Marine Corps, but his time in combat made him realize life is too short.

Hobbies & Interests

Jonathan Jax is a Marine first and foremost. He spends his free time studying tactical manuals and training. When he isn't training he can be found in a lounge or bar, usually with a hard drink in his hand.


Federation Standard, Cardassian



  • John Jax


  • Tiffany Jax


Jonathan Jax is the only son of a rich businessman. His father buys small companies, builds them up and then sells them for a profit. From the time Jonathan was old enough to talk John began grooming him to take over the company some day. Jonathan paid very close attention to the lessons his father taught him and soon realized that they could be applied to other aspects of life as well.

When Jonathan was 16 he was allowed to observe a meeting between his father and a small weapons manufacturing company. Jon watched from the back of the room as the military man demonstrated some of the products the company manufactured. He quickly realized he wanted to use items like that and began looking at a career in the military.

At the age of 18, Jonathan enlisted in the Starfleet Marines. His father was less than pleased but didn't try to stop him, assuming it was just a phase and that when Jon saw how difficult it would be he would drop out and work for the family business. That proved to be one of the few mistakes John made. Jon instantly fell in love with life in the Corps and redoubled his efforts to excel.

Jon's effort and dedication during training earned him a recommendation to enter Officer Training and Jon readily agreed. Officer training proved more difficult and he struggled to get through it. By the time it was over, Jon finished thirty-third out of a class of thirty-eight officers.

Newly commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Jon had high expectations that were quickly dashed. He'd expected combat action but he was assigned to the USS Midway. The ship was assigned to an exploration mission and there was very little for the Marines to do except train.

Almost a year into the mission things changed when the Midway received a distress call from a recently founded colony. The Midway altered course and soon entered orbit around the planet. A short time later the Marines beamed to the planet and soon found themselves in a firefight with an unknown adversary. The fighting was short but intense, with several Marines losing their lives. Jon was injured during the engagement but was able to help the others evacuate the colonists.

Further study from orbit found a base camp not far from the colony. The Marines regrouped and beamed to the new location, surprising the camped group. Another firefight ensued and several more Marines were injured, including the Platoon Leader. Seeing they were outnumbered, the Marines withdrew to a safe location and developed a new strategy. A short time later the Marines returned and quickly overcame the other group. There were, unfortunately, no survivors so the Marines were unable to determine who the other group was.

Returning to the ship, Jon was called to the Marine Commander's office and given a promotion to First Lieutenant. Jon immediately took command of a platoon and returned to the planet to help the colonists clean the battle zone and assess the damage. Jon's platoon quickly restored the colony to operational status and the Midway resumed its previous mission.