Jorge A. Nunez

Jorge A. Nunez is a Chief Medical Officer in Starfleet serving aboard Starbase 218.

Jorge Alejandro Nunez, PNPC
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May 18, 2350

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223 lbs




Warm Brown

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Starbase 218


Chief Medical Officer

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Physical Description

Jorge is a tall, muscular human man with long legs and a tanned olive complexion. His hands look skilled even in their relaxed state, but are always kind and gentle. His dark hair is of medium length, and one lock of hair comes down onto his forehead during the day. His teeth seem even whiter than they are due to his dark complexion. His brown eyes are kind, but have an intensity and fire in them. Before one even talks to him, the fire in his eyes lets one know this is not a man to mess with. As with most men in his family, he has a testosterone imbalance, which causes his hair and beard to grow faster than normal. It does not cause many problems, but it does give him an unkempt look by lunchtime.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jorge is calm under pressure, but his Latino background gives him a fiery temper when crossed. He had trouble keeping it in check at the Academy, and eventually enrolled in anger management classes. He is just and loyal, and a fierce friend, but if he thinks a friend is making a mistake, he will not hesitate to say so, for fear that the friend will get hurt. He is quite intelligent and has a sharp tongue, the two making a deadly combination; he can trip up the most put-together admiral, tongue-tying him to where he talks himself into a corner. He is also somewhat impatient when it comes to junior officers ‘bending the rules’.

He is usually calm and patient with a comforting bedside manner. He has a fire and intensity about him normally found in his family. He will argue if he thinks he’s right, but is willing to make amends after the fight. He generally speaks with a Spanish accent, sometimes swearing in Spanish.

Strengths & Weaknesses

S – Jorge is calm under pressure, can talk anyone into a corner, and is very intelligent. He is very loyal, almost fanatically so, and is compassionate and has an excellent bedside manner. He is a gentleman, and as such the ladies like him.

W – Jorge’s sharp tongue has gotten him into trouble a few times, and he has little patience with junior officers or enlisted 'bending the rules'.


Jorge’s first dream in childhood was to become a father of 10 children just like his father, Tomas. When he got older, his dream was to command his own medical ship. However, having a large family has always been a priority for him.

Hobbies & Interests

Latin dancing, practicing with his guitar, classic Country Music from the 20th and 21st Centuries and classical Spanish songs like the Angry Bull, riding horses and motorcycles, and surfing, jet skiing and cliff diving


Spanish, Federation Standard with Accent



  • Tomas Nunez


  • Rosa Nunez


  • Carlos
  • Diego (Twin)
  • Miguel
  • Juan
  • Alonzo


  • Rita & Elena (Twins)
  • Isabel
  • Lupe


Jorge was born on a hacienda that used to belong to the Nunez Dons of Mexico. He was raised on the ranch, and was used to getting his hands dirty. Being the third oldest of 10, he was used to getting stuck with babysitting his younger siblings, but Diego and their sisters, Rita and Elena, were always there to help. Diego and Jorge were inseparable. Partly because they were twins, they were never apart. His family often had the cousins and aunts and uncles over for Sunday dinner, so he was used to large crowds very early in life and came to have a very strong sense of family. Jorge thrived on it. Eventually, the cousins got started growing up, so there was no longer room for all of them, and they came in smaller groups.

During school, Jorge was both brainy and athletic. He played soccer and played the guitar, and was an honor student. His siblings were just as good: Rita ran track, was on the swim team and played the guitar; Elena was on the gymnastics team; Carlos played football and triathlon; Diego played the trumpet and played soccer; and Miguel, Juan, Alonzo, Lupe and Isabel all received good marks as well. Tomas, their father, could not have been prouder.

But the family was almost torn apart when Elena announced she just wanted to be a bar owner. Jorge supported her decision, but not everyone was so understanding; Rita and Diego in particular were furious. How could their sister become a bar owner, they wondered. Elena had top grades, had won several medals on the gymnastics team, and was liked by everyone. Then Jorge told them to start watching Elena in the kitchen. She would make up recipes and drinks, then asking the others to taste them. When they realized it was Elena’s dream just like commanding a starship was theirs, they finally made peace with the decision - a year after everyone else did. Jorge was relieved to have the family back together again.

Jorge graduated at 6th in the class. He couldn’t wait to get started on the next stage in their lives. Diego and Jorge were immediately accepted to Starfleet Academy while Elena took a job at a bar in Frisco called the Barracks. Carlos was already at the Academy, and the four of them tried to get together at every opportunity. Jorge was on top of the world. Soon, Rita joined them in Carlos’ last year.

Then one day, his mother sent a message saying that his abuelita had died. Jorge had never seen eye to eye with his grandmother, especially on Catholicism, but he still loved her. He left the Academy for 6 months, and when he returned, he wasn’t the same. He had lost his fire, his sense of purpose, just going through the motions of day to day life. His friend Kevin tried to get him to cheer up, and finally, when he saw a pair of cadets harassing a girl, he lost control and beat the tar of them. He was reprimanded and sent to take anger management classes, but he had his fire back.

Carlos had graduated by this time, and it was just him, Diego, Rita and Elena. When Jorge finally did graduate, he was forced to see things for the very first time: that he and his siblings wouldn’t always be together. Life takes Starfleet officers away from their families. He was to go where he was assigned.

He was assigned to the USS Surak, a mostly Vulcan ship where the crew drove him nuts. There were few people onboard who were not Vulcan. He wanted nothing more than to get away from the non-stop Logic. He eventually managed to make quite a few friends and was looking forward to staying there for a long time.

Jorge was given Shift Doctor status and was put right into the fire when someone attacked the Surak. He didn’t know who it was, but the Chief Medical Officer and Assistant Chief Medical Officer were both injured in the attack, leaving Jorge to manage Sickbay on his own. For his cool head in a crisis, he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Trafalgar.

Two years later, after helping refugees from wars and helping cure a plague, he was promoted to Chief Medical Officer of the Trafalgar. His family reunion was in March where he took leave, and in April Starfleet gave him his next assignment: Starbase 218.