Kalyka Meral

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Kalyka Meral is a Medical Officer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Illinois.

Kalyka Meral, PNPC
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Jan 10, 2353

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125 lbs





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USS Roosevelt


Science Officer

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Physical Description

Meral, or Kalyka as she prefers, is a young Bajoran woman with blonde hair, grey eyes, and the typical nose ridges. Her ridges are very defined, a form of beauty in Bajorans. She has little need for makeup, as her skin is flawless and her lips are a natural pink. If she does wear makeup, it is mascara on her blonde eyelashes. She has curves, but is not a sex kitten like some women. She may not be a supermodel, but she never felt the need to enhance what she already has.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Meral is a quiet woman, but she is not timid; she is merely content to keep her thoughts to herself. If one goes to her and starts a conversation, she will talk animatedly with you. She is very friendly, just quiet. She is one of those truly good people that tends to be thought of as odd or tends to get overlooked. She never has a bad thing to say about anybody unless it is needed for discipline in the department. On duty, she will encourage and direct you as needed, but otherwise, has immense concentration herself.

Animals love her. She knew an attack dog across the street where she grew up. The dog was vicious and hated everyone. The day before she left for the academy, she went to the dog. It never growled at anyone again and was useless as a guard dog.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Good with animals
+ Confident
+ Capable
+ Good organization with people
+ Optimistic

- Can be a doormat
- Often gets let down
- Wants to make every stray a pet
- Can sometimes be a pushover


To be a Starfleet Captain of a science vessel, to become a true daughter of the Prophets, and have a family.

Hobbies & Interests

Meditating, Praying, Springball, Dabo, Trying new foods, Cooking, Gardening


Bajoran, Federation Standard, Ancient Bajoran (Reading only)



  • Kalyka Elom


  • Kalyka Apali


  • Kalyka Neras


  • Jiro Jolana


Meral was born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. She was barely ten years old when they left, but she still has some troubles trusting Cardassians. After the Cardassians left, she grew up more or less happy and healthy on a farm in Kendra Province. They raised moba fruit and took it to market for what they needed. She loved to sit beneath the trees and gaze at the purple fruit. She and her mother would often make jam from them. When Meral was 15, the Klingons began raids on the Cardassians. Her father said this was good news for them, but Meral was not so sure. Neither was Neras. When they went to town, Meral and Neras would talk about the Klingons, and wonder what to do. Jolana, 3 years younger than Meral, wanted nothing to do with these discussions, preferring to play.

A year later, the Dominion came. They were kind enough, but Meral was never at ease around the hulking Jem'Hadar soldiers. Then the fighting came. Elom took the family to the other side of Federation territory in the hopes of saving his family. They went to Earth. But they struck there too. Nowhere was safe from the Dominion. They were everywhere. Everyone was asking the Emissary for miraculous wonders, but Meral saw something else: he was mortal. He was a mortal that was Touched by the Prophets, yes, but he was still a mortal man. She also saw the wonders he could do just by doing what he did before he arrived at Bajor: as a Starfleet officer. That was when she applied to Starfleet Academy. They accepted her readily, desperate for more men. She graduated after the war was over, but she didn't regret it; she was doing something worthwhile with her life.

From this came a great contentment within Meral and seemed to radiate from her. Everyone would ask, what is it, and she would answer, nothing. She is content in the knowledge that one person can make a difference and she is doing her best to be that person.