Kyle Weller

Kyle Weller
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Physical Description

5' 9"


180 lbs


Jet Black



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Science Officer

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Kyle Weller is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Science Officer of the USS Relentless.


Kyle is 5ft 9inches feet tall, he has brown eyes, Kyle has short Jet Black Hair running down from the back to the base of the chin lenght and a medium lenght nose his chin is slightly jutting out and has a small overbite, he is of medium build and is well rounded.


Kyle is extremely loyal to his friends and colleges and gets on well with everyone me meets he will always lend a helping hand if it is needed and is sometimes too eager to please others which can land him into being over his head or out of his depth in a particular field but is always willing to give it a go and always listens to advice others are willing to give him. Mark will always look out for his friends and colleges and help them out if they are in any danger.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Kyle's strengths are Science and extremely in Exo-biology, Engineering and runabout piloting, his weaknesses are security and medical practices however he hopes to one-day find time to study up on them.

Hobbies & Interests

Kyle's hobbies include Running and jogging on the holodeck and planet side along with baseball.


Father Tony Weller (Engineer)
Mother Susan Weller (Exobiologist)
Brother(s) David Weller (Engineer) - USS Titan
Sister(s) Carly Weller (Operation's Officer) - USS Hyperion


Kyle's first earliest memories were those of his first seven years aboard the Nebula Class Starship USS Farragut he was the youngest of three children his older brother was three when Kyle and his twin sister Carly were born, while aboard the Farragut Kyle went to the preschool and junior school with both his brother and sister before the family relocated to Earth so all three could attend an Earth sytle school.

At school Kyle was mostly protected by his brother David and his sister Carly even though he told them both he didn't need them to get involved, all in all they were a tight family unit. while at school Kyle became popular with his upper class men due to his brother however he did maintain a strong friendships with his own classmates and Carly's, at school Kyle excelled in running events and became a school record holder.

When Kyle and Carly left school they decided to try for starfleet and join like their brother and not go to college much to the annoyance of their father who was getting divorced from his mother which gave Kyle and Carly the perfect motivation to join up to start leading their own lives.

On the day both Kyle and Carly left for starfleet academy they left on a runabout with their brother and mother although both Kyle and Carly tried to get their dad to come with them he had already left the solar system and was already on route to the boarderlands of the Klingon and Federation outposts, Kyle and Carly both took the entrance exam at the same time and both were accepted after finishing in the top half of their group.

While both Kyle and Carly were at the academy they stuck around their brother David who was already in his second year at the academy but they felt like trying out different career paths Carly took up and excelled at operations were Kyle tried out for security but failed but excelled at science.

While at the academy Kyle, David and Carly hung out mostly together but when David left Kyle and Carly started to hang out less as Carly started to get involed with one of her fellow cadets but broke off when they were assigned to different starships.

Even though Kyle had graduatated from starfleet academy he decided to stay there for another year before accepting a post on a starship or starbase and so took an extra year course in runabout piloting after the year Kyle decided to accept a whatever posting that starfleet wanted to give to him Kyle called his mother, brother and sister that day to let them know.

Both Kyle and Carly hoped that they would be serving together when starfleet assisgned Kyle a post as to try and keep the family together but unfortunatly he was called upon to serve away from each other but vowed to keep in contact and call their brother as well.

Service Record

2379 - Entered Starfleet academy 2383 - Took extra studies in Runabout Piloting for a year at Starfleet Academy 2384 - Assisigned to the USS Relentless