Lamia Arderne

Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Biographical Information

Drax Prime






235808.29 (29 Aug 2358 - Age 34)

Physical Description

5’ 6”


130 lbs


Dark Brown


Dark Brown

Political Information



USS Tomcat


Chief Operations Officer

Played By:

Janet Taylor-Grove

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Other Details

  • Birthplace: Drax Prime
  • Relationships: Dating (Christopher Kildare)
  • Current Health status: Healthy
  • Skin Tone: Fair Skinned
  • Scars: Burns over all of her back, some on chest and neck
  • Tattoos: None
  • Build: Athletic
  • Tone/Voice: alto/soprano
  • Presence: Like any other Betazoid
  • Distinguishing Features: None
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Handedness: Right
  • Department: Operations

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Reading (real books), movies, animals, children, spending time on the holodeck.
  • Dislikes: Fire
  • Strengths: Strong willed, Empathic, Telepathic, Kind and Caring, Bright, Ambitious
  • Weaknesses: Her Telepathy and Empathy can be exploited, Too Caring sometimes, Afraid of fire
  • Mental Disposition:' Sane


Lamia was born on Drax Prime in 2358 the daughter of the ruling family line, her father being Drax and her mother being Betazoid. She was expected to take her place on Drax but instead decided to spread her wings and become more of an Ambassador for her people in the Federation. Although she doesn’t hold an official Ambassador Title.

Growing up Lamia was always fascinated with all things Federation, as she travelled with her mother, who was herself a Starfleet Officer. Her father is one of several Drax Ambassadors. Lamia was always good with her empathy so it seemed only natural that she like the idea of being a Counsellor but she also loved tinkering with anything mechanical or computerised as well.

Deciding she wanted to join the Academy she applied just after her sixteenth birthday and was thrilled to be accepted. A well liked student she did well in all her classes specialising in Counselling, Operations Management and Computer Systems. She graduated four years later with honours in all three fields.

It was whilst serving aboard the USS Northstar in 2388 that Lamia was caught in an explosion and ensuing fire. She received burns to all of her back and some of her chest and neck, although she has had skin grafts and regeneration she still has a considerable amount of scarring on her body which she is very self conscious about. She spent a year off recovering and recouperating from her ordeal.


Martial Arts

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Combat Skills

  • Basic Starfleet Academy Training
  • Basic Starfleet Academy unarmed combat training
  • Basic Weapons Training

Linguistic Skills

  • Federation Standard
  • English
  • Betazoid
  • Drax



  • Father:' Joel Arderne
  • Mother: Deanna Arderne
  • Sisters: None
  • Brother: None
  • Children: None
  • Spouse: None

Other Family

  • Various Extended family on both Betazed and throughout the Drax system.
    • Uncle: TBA
    • Aunt: TBA
    • Cousins: TBA

Professional History

  • Stardate: 237409.01 Starfleet Academy
  • Stardate: 237808.31 USS Nimitz (Operations Officer)
  • Stardate: 238006.01 USS Nimitz (Counsellor)
  • Stardate: 238209.01 USS Chamberlain (Operations Officer)
  • Stardate: 238510.01 USS Northstar (Assistant Chief Ops)
  • Stardate: 238707.29 USS Northstar (Counsellor)
  • Stardate: 238811.01 Personal Leave for recuperation
  • Stardate: 238912.01 USS Windermere (Assistant Chief Ops)
  • Stardate: 239212.04 Assigned to the USS Tomcat as Chief Operations Officer