Lewis Maxwell

Lewis Maxwell
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Physical Description

5' 6"


198 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Strategic Operations Officer

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Lewis maxwell is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer of the USS Relentless.


Lewis personality is laid back though his troubles on the USS Tokyo hit him back he has started regaining his 'People person' frame back and is trying hard to leave that life behind him.

He also is a hard working man and is true to his word.


Lewis personality is laid back though his troubles on the USS Tokyo hit him back he has started regaining his 'People person' frame back and is trying hard to leave that life behind him.

He also is a hard working man and is true to his word.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ He always a positive view point over his life and at work especially when work contains technology this is partially why he chose to become an engineer in Starfleet.

+ Always seeks to be engaged in work even if he has little or no experience in the field of expertise.

+ Lewis in his time of service has had moments of brilliance in such given places making his noted in Star Fleet.

+ Lewis is always upbeat and gives off a positive emotions.

Some of his weaknesses are;

- Lewis in times of great stress has become distracted by other peoples emotion thou only being half Betazoid he still has some accessible telepathic capability in which he has not gone further in enhancing them.

- He can have a short temper at times this is mainly when confronted with another Telepath or Empathy he is also vulnerable to swaying thoughts and emotions making something irresistible as well as very stressful. Lewis has had training in blocking off most of these and locking his feelings away though some emotions and thought can stray.

Hobbies & Interests

Lewis spent alot off his time in competitive full contact sports such as Rugby or American football, as well as this he liked basketball and an old English sport Lacrosse.

he also enjoyed reading Novels and listenign to some good Jazz he even sometimes danced on the bridge.


Father Reece Maxwell
Mother S'ara Maxwell
Sister(s) Nikki Maxwell
Spouse R'ehna Teval (Unknown Location)
Children Lucas Maxwell


Lewis' family moved to England on Earth before he was born, they set up a small buisness before they decided to start a family. So in 2356 there first child was born, his parents named him Lewis Maxwell and so started a promising future. At first life was up hill untill their buisness boomed and they started saving the money for that Lewis May one day be admitted into starfleet.

It was now 2356 and Lewis had spent his first year at junior school, where he learnt how to read, write and other basic abilities aswell as the intended learning he also gained attributes of being competitive and always had to be first at any game.

After finishing junior school his parents spent some off the well earned money they had saved and sent him to a private school in London where he carried on his Parents wishes to train for starfleet, and after more years of accelerated learning he passed basic flight control and Engineering.

He was now ready to begin taking the entrance Exam's for starfleet and after each gruelling test he became somewhat of a better person, and so came the last Exam. Lewis was nerved but luckily he passed just ahead of the two Vulcans and one Klingon.

Life in the Academy wasn't the same as he had hoped, he had taken 3 Different courses though it wasn't recommended and studied hard for them all as well as this he took part in as much sport he could this was partial to keep him sane or his competitive side would ruin everything he had worked for all his life.

Four years passed and starfleet and a fine new Ensign, Lewis' first assignment was aboard the USS Beethoven, under the captaincy of Commander R'vok a Romulan, here lewis served five years with the captain and was soon offered a position as Wing executive officer on the USS Nobel a Excelsior-Refit-class ship under the Command of Captain Woodheart.

Lewis Only spent a year on the Nobel before being transferred to the USS Tokyo as wing commander, but this was seemed to be his lucky break, he was offered wing commander and soon after that an Executive officer position. But in the new year of 2386 the Tokyo was destroyed and the crew returned to starfleet.

During his time here he spent most of his time with his family until a telegram came form Headquarters asking him to over see the construction off the USS Tokyo-A, it had already started being constructed and just now needed the paint work but Lewis felt a great pride in this and soon the newly wed Prometheus-class warped out off space dock.

Lewis requested shore leave and his captain granted it picking out the planet Diable he set himself a small cottage with his son Lucas whom he had acquired on the USS Nobel after his mother ran away and left him with a child at his door.

Service Record

Born : 2356 Attended his first school : 2360 at 4 Years of age. Attended London Private school: 2368 at the age of 12

Admitted to Starfleet Academy in the filed of Flight school and Engineering: 2376 Cadet 1st year 2376 Cadet 2nd year 2377 Cadet 3rd year 2378 Cadet 4th year 2379 Graduated from Starfleet Academy: 2379

Squadron Leader, USS Beethoven:2379 - 2384

Wing executive officer, USS Nobel: 2384 - 2385 Wing Commander, USS Tokyo: 2385 -2385 Wing Commander and Executive Officer, USS Tokyo: 2385 - 2386 Executive Officer, USS Tokyo-A: 2386 - 2386

Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Relentless: 2386 - Now <math>Insert formula here</math>