Lhamepha Kitonuh

"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Ensign Lhamepha Kitonuh is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. She is most noted for her position as Operations Officer of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel.

Lhamepha, like all Selkies, has a covering layer of scales, rather than skin, which is much better suited to the aquatic environment in which they live, though they are still fully bipedal. Lhamepha's scales are a dark green, fading to a very pale, almost white colour on her chest, face and the palms of her webbed hands. As Lhamepha is now in her adult, and fully aquatic, stage, she has a full growth of spiney fins, and her four breasts have flattened, to provide greater ease of swimming, now that she can no longer bear children.

Lhamepha's hydration suit is fairly minimalistic, compared to some models of the suit which have been seen in previous years. She wears a simple, skin-tight one-piece suit, all black, which covers all her body except for her hand and face, and serves the purpose of keeping her scaley skin moist, as Selkies can often become uncomfortable and develop a rash if their skin is allowed to become too dry. Cresting the top of the hood are two bubble-like extrusions, containing an azure-blue water - ocean water from Lhamepha's homeworld of Pacifica. The bubbles are positioned over the two gill crests on the top of Lhamepha's head, and are constantly filtering oxygen into her system through the salty water.

Lhamepha's hydration suit is designed such that a standard-issue Starfleet uniform can fit easily over the top. As it is made by Starfleet, the hydration suit also includes the image of the Starfleet logo on the upper-left breast, and is fitted with a microscopic tracking device, much like a Starfleet combadge, which enables the wearer of the suit to be located easily if they need to remove their uniform or combadge during an away mission.

Though she would be considered well past middle age by human standards, Lhamepha is at the start of her 'adult' aquatic stage of life, and so is relatively unsure of herself. Though she had many varied experiences in her amphibian stage, most of them were of the kind that many amphibian Selkies have, which are all almost certainly to garner disapproval of the more elderly Selkies. Therefore, her experience of working in a professional environment is very limited, and it shows in her mannerisms, as she tries not to upset her superiors. She will however speak up when she has found something or when she has an idea.

Lhamepha's ambition in her career is to rise through the ranks to become a respected head of department one day - perhaps even to become second officer on a starship one day. She doesn't however have any ambitions to move into the command track or command her own starship, and plans one day to return to the water of her homeworld and live in the underwater cities of Pacifica.