Lien Ming

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Ming is a Human Engineer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Washington.

Lien Ming, PNPC
Biographical Information

Hong Kong, Earth





Physical Description



97 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information



USS Washington


Engineering Officer

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Physical Description

Lien is a short, frail-looking human woman from the southeastern portion of the continent of Asia on Earth. She has a birthmark on the side of her neck, which is usually hidden by her dark brown hair. She has a longer bob haircut which usually comes to the shoulders of her uniform, but barely touches it. Her full lips, refined features, large almond eyes, and perfect skin remind you of a noblewoman from ancient China

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Lien is a confident, outgoing individual who takes pride in her work and is determined to do it right. She is a strong woman who will not take crap from anyone, and will not let anything stand in the way of her job.

She does have a softer side, and will 'Let her hair down' and put on a nice dress and do her hair to go on a date. She likes men who are as smart as she is, yet are not threatened by a strong, smart woman who will stand up for herself.

She speaks with a mild Chinese accent

Strengths & Weaknesses

S – Lien is a strong, confident woman that is outgoing and friendly. She is much tougher than she appears.

W – She is also very stubborn and sometimes too rigid in her work habits, at times seeming standoffish


Lien’s main ambitions are to have several children with a husband she loves and retire to the country in China or Japan after making it to captain of an engineering vessel

Hobbies & Interests

Tae kwon do, tai chi, art, ballet, ballroom dancing, opera, classical Chinese music, Chinese calligraphy, learning new languages, holodecks, holomovies, and holonovels


Mandarin Chinese, Federation Standard with accent, Andorian, Romulan



  • Yao Ming


  • Harumi Ming


  • Zhou Ming


  • Shii-An Ming


Lien was born to a Hong Kong civic engineer and a veterinarian. Her parents’ careers had little influence on Lien’s decision to be Starfleet engineer. Rather, it was several childhood experiences. She had gone to the zoo with her family and saw the strange animals from different worlds. Another, she went on vacation to see her uncle on Mars, and fell in love with the Martian sunrise. Her uncle, a Starfleet enlisted, told her about the things he had seen. She decided then that she wanted to be the first to see these things. She applied to the academy at 16 and was accepted as an early admittance. When she graduated, she was stronger and much more confident than the girl she had been when she went in.

She served on the Gawain, an Excalibur-class, and did well on the job. It was here she fell into her bad habits of being so rigid on duty. She found out that they weren’t making discoveries every other day, but sometimes going into battle. She made it to Chief Petty Officer and was transferred to the USS Bismarck as Assistant Chief Engineer when the Gawain’s 5-year mission ended. There, she met a department head she could see eye to eye with: LtJG Rico Nunez. He soon transferred after several run-ins with the Executive Officer. Eventually she was transferred to the USS Washington as a shift supervisor.