Lissan Endiley

Lissan Endiley
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104 lbs




Pink (VISOR)

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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


Chief Counselor

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Wilson Todd

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Lieutenant JG Lissan Endiley is an Aenarian woman currently serving aboard the USS Nakatomi she was born in the year 2357 on Andoria, but due to some circumstances both her parents were killed and she would be adopted by a Science Officer and his wife who were incapable of having children. Unlike most of the other senior staff on board the starship Nakatomi she did not serve in the Dominion War. She, like others of her species, are completely blind and therefore relies on a VISOR to see as optical implants have not been developed for her species.

General Information

Physical Description

Lissan has pale to white skin with the standard white hair. She is only around five foot tall and weighs in around a hundred and four pounds at the most. She lacks any distinguishing features while her eyes are pink in color. Also like the rest of her species Lissan is blind. She wears a VISOR so that she can perform her duties as a Starfleet officer.


Endiley is a calm well mannered person she does what she must to assist those around her. Lissan is very empathic which allows her to succeed where others may fail. She loves her job, and strives to make those around her have a better day than they may be already having.


Spouse - None
Children - None

Father - Jussketh (Deceased)
Mother - Tenar (Deceased)
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - None
Other Family - Marcus & Deanna Ramsey (Adoptive Parents)



Lissan Endiley was born on Andor in the year 2357, and while this is where she was born she did not grow up there. When Lissan Endiley was very young her parents and her took a trip from Andoria to see a recently discovered nebula as her mother and father were both scientists. However, the ship took heavy damage due to an unknown cause which led to the deaths of both her parents. A passing Federation starship seeking the Andorian science vessel discovered her as being the only survivor. The Chief Science Officer on board named Marcus Ramsey and his wife Deanna took her in as one of their own.

Lissan Endily was one of the few Aenarians to leave her planet and would spend her childhood on the planet Earth. She was also an only child to her new parents Marcus and Deanna as they could not conceive a child. She spent her life from on in San Francisco where her adoptive mother lived while Marcus was on a deep space exploration mission. This was also where she gained her fascination for the mind and the way different races handled certain emotional traumas. As she grew into her teenage years she made the decision to go into the VISOR research program so that she may see for the first time in her life.

Starfleet Career

Lissan was by all accounts the only Aenarian to go through the procedure, and while it failed at first eventually she was able to wear the device in order to see. This accomplishment reinforced her desires to one day join Starfleet which she would when she graduated from her high school deciding on the Counseling field of study. She specialized in Andorian, Vulcan, and Human behavior.

Upon graduation in the year 2379 Lissan embarked to Starbase forty three where she would serve as one of the counselors on the station. She also took the time while on board to learn more about the other races that were making up the Federation, and took a keen interest in Romulan and Vulcan behavior because their similarities and differences were fascinating to her. She served on board the station for ten years and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade before being transferred later that year.

Service Record

T-c1.png Counseling Cadet Year One 2375 - 2376
T-c2.png Counseling Cadet Year Two 2376 - 2377
T-c3.png Counseling Cadet Year Three 2377 - 2378
T-c4.png Counseling Cadet Year Four 2378 - 2379
T-o1.png Starbase 43, Counselor 2379 - 2389
T-o2.png USS Nakatomi, Chief Counselor 2389 - PRESENT