Luís Anziano

Basic information
Lieutenant Luís Alberto de los Santos Anziano is a noted Starfleet engineer from the 22nd century, best known for his assignment as chief engineer of the fourth of Starfleet's warp five starships, Discovery, launched in 2155.

Childhood and Early Life

Luís Alberto de los Santos Anziano was born in a small city in the Patagonia Argentina. His busy parents enrolled him and his brother in boarding schools where they were involved in athletics from an early age.

While not a predominant sport at the time, Luís was first handed a rugby ball at age 8 while on a field trip to a sister school in Kilkenny, Ireland. He was fascinated and fixated on rugby for the next 15 years. First participating in an underage setup, then a senior team, and finally being signed to play for the Club Atlético Las Águilas in Neuquén, Argentina. During his time with Las Águilas, they were undefeated in regular season play, 2-2 in international play. He was selected four times for the national team, and played twice in the Rugby World Cup, the final time scoring an unforgettable 14 points.

Married life crept up on Luís, and he found that she was increasingly unhappy living in a spotlight. The couple found it so difficult at the birth of their boys, Mason and Cooper, that they began to seek privacy at a home in a secluded part of Jaffna Lagoon in the north of Sri Lanka.

At age 22, Luís quietly began to complete all the steps leading up to admission to Star Fleet OTC. The hope was that he could slip into anonymity with rank and file of other officers, giving his young family some room to breath. What followed no one could have foreseen.

When the announcement was finally made that Luís, age 24, would be quitting Las Águilas effective immediately to matriculate into Star Fleet's officer training college there was a social back lash. The Command Council initially pulled his application, only to reverse its decision later along with a special dispensation that would allow him to enroll in the college while still participating fully in regular season play. While the plan was technically feasible, it proved somewhat unrealistic. In a letter to the board, Luís indicated that the time allotted for physical exercise, drills, and training for rugby was actually being consumed in it's entirety by requests from media outlets; a marked toll was being taken on his young family's happiness and on his effectiveness of his studies. In a final coup to his athletic career, he declined the special dispensation, hoping to slip quietly into the military and away from the public eye.

Starfleet Career

Splitting sheets with his legions of fans and dedicating himself to academics did not happen all at once, even after turning down the special dispensation. Star Fleet still wanted him for various public relations functions, which he felt obligated to accept. His time in the academy was hounded by accusations of favoritism as he was sometimes unavailable for class requisites but allowed to test out due to his extenuating duties.

His first assignment after the academy was with Star Fleet Intelligence, stationed at the Presidio of Monterrey. Little is know about what he did during his time there, but it is assumed that it had to do with advanced weapons research.

After nearly five years found himself on one assignment after another functioning in and being drawn to the responsibilities of a deputy Chief Engineer. Since the OTC he'd been given nothing but leadership positions, and so it was no surprise to anyone when he became the acting Chief Engineer of Proxima Colony for a brief time following a Klingon attack, and later serving aboard Intrepid NV-01 and Columbia NX-02, only later to be reassigned to a engineering think tank on the at the Daedalus / Atlas site in the Indian Ocean.

Personal Relationships


Luís' parents are Vincenzo and Marcela. Vincenzo is a aeronautical engineer working on the Daedalus / Atlas launch pad, which puts terrestrially constructed Daedalus class hull components into orbit atop ultra-lift shuttles. Marcela is a runs a popular scuba academy in Croatia, not far from the ancient submerged city of Venice. It's from these two that Luís gained a strong work ethic, academic ability, a love of mechanical engineering, scuba, and fitness.

His brother, Karl, won gold in both the Mandela City and Harbin Olympic Games or wrestling. During the games his brother became a heartthrob (much to Luís' amusement) and both garnered a lot of attention (much to their wives' chagrin).


At age 21, Luís was introduced to a beautiful young woman while on holiday in Sri Lanka by the name of Sajiwan Hewawasam A year later, after a train ride through the highland tea country, he purposed marriage in a small café. They were married in a small ceremony the next year. They had two sons, Mason and Cooper, and a daughter, Nichelle.

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