Lucius MacLeod IV

Lucius Edward MacLeod IV
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Physical Description

6' 2"


206 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Dauntless


Chief Strategic Operations Officer

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Lucius is tall with a lean muscled physique. He keeps himself in good shape. His face is kept clean shaven and his hair cropped short. He has a stern blue eyed gaze and has two tattoos. That of his Clan Crest on his right bicep and Mjolnir on his left.

Lucius is an old school type who is still new to the idea of being an officer having spent fifteen years as an enlisted man before going to the Academy. He's cold and calculating but fair in his meeting out of justice. He doesn't socialize as much as he should and often is found alone in his Quarters or alone in the corner of the lounge.


Lucius was born on Earth in 2350 to a young Marine Lieutenant and school teacher. His father was assigned to San Francisco at the time. This wouldn't be the case for long however. Moving about would become a standard thing for Lucius and his siblings which were born as fraternal twins when he was three. A brother named Richard and a sister named Veronica.

Lucius was close to his brother and sister as he grew up and watched over them with a fierce loyalty. As time went on, he became more and more interested in what his father did and while he was fascinated with the Marine Corps, he decided in the end that his place was with Starfleet. He was also impatient and rather than go through four years of Academy training, enlisted right out of High School. This did not please his father who was now a Lieutenant Colonel. But he was still proud of his son nonetheless and was on hand to watch and cheer him on as he marched with the rest of his training platoon when he finished Recruit Training.

Lucius had chosen to go into the Tactical Field and after Recruit Training went to train as Tactical Specialist for six months. His first actual assignment was aboard the USS Syracuse as a Security Guard. He would serve there for just over two years before moving over to the USS Venture as a Squad Leader. He was aboard the Venture through the Dominion War and it was aboard this vessel that he was pointed in the direction of Intelligence. The Chief Intelligence Officer of the Venture became impressed with Lucius during multiple ops the ship was sent on and recommended him for Intel training.

Lucius was sent to train as an Infiltration Specialist for a year before being assigned to the USS Raging Queen. He would spend seven years aboard this ship rising to the coveted Rate of Chief Petty Officer before his superior told him he should really be an Officer himself. Having wizened some in his older age, he agreed and applied for Starfleet Academy. He was accepted and four years later was commissioned as an Ensign with a Major in Intelligence Analyses and a Minor in Tactical ops. He was assigned to the USS Akagi as an Intel Officer for a little over a year before moving to the USS Kalani.

Here he switched back to yellow as he was made Asst. Chief Tactical Officer for nine months. He then went to the USS Sutherland where for the first time, he was in the Command Track as a Strategic Operations Officer. After a year there, he was assigned to the USS Dauntless as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

Personal Life

Luc would like to one day earn his PhD. He has already begun taking correspondence courses for a Masters in Criminal Justice and plans to apply to the Starfleet College of War for his Masters in Strategic Science after this assignment. Lucius enjoys listening to music while doing pretty much anything outside of combat. He often has classical tunes playing in his office and often listens to Klingon Opera or Celtic folk while working out. He also enjoys Mok'bara and sabre fencing.

Personal Relationships


  • Father- Colonel Lucius MacLeod III, (Ret)
  • Mother- Dr. Veronica MacLeod, Ed D.
  • Brother- Lieutenant Colonel Richard Andrew MacLeod
  • Sister-in-Law- Elisha MacLeod
  • Nephew- Richard MacLeod Jr
  • Niece- Jessica MacLeod
  • Sister- Commander Melanie Elizabeth Veracruz (neé MacLeod)
  • Brother-in-Law- Dr. José Veracruz MD
  • Nephew- Midshipman 4th Class Edward Veracruz

Starfleet Service Record

Prior Duty Posts


  • 2368 - Starfleet Recruit Training
  • 2370 - Starfleet Tactical Training
  • 2376 - Starfleet Intelligence Training (Infiltration Specialist)
  • 2387 - Starfleet Academy (Major in Intelligence Analyses, Minor in Tactical Operations)


  • 1 June 2368 - 30 July 2369: Starfleet Recruit Training Command; San Francisco, CA.
  • 30 July 2369 - 5 January 2370: Tactical Training Center; Starbase 3, Saturn Orbit.
  • 5 January 2370 - 18 March 2372: USS Syracuse NCC-51478 (Excelsior Class); Security Guard
  • 18 March 2372 - 23 October 2375: USS Venture NCC-71854 (Galaxy Class); Security Squad Leader
  • 23 October 2375 - 9 August 2376: Intelligence Training Center: Classified Location
  • 9 August 2376 - 28 July 2383: USS Raging Queen NCC-42284 (Curry Class): Infiltration Specialist
  • 1 August 2383 - 25 May 2387: Starfleet Academy; San Francisco, CA.
  • 25 May 2387 - 14 June 2388: USS Akagi NCC-62158 (Rigel Class): Intelligence Officer
  • 14 June 2388 - 3 February 2389: USS Kalani NCC-71026 (Defiant Class): Asst. Chief Tactical Officer
  • 3 February 2389 - 2 February 2390: USS Sutherland NCC-72015 (Nebula Class): Strategic Operations Officer
  • 2 February 2390 - Present: USS Dauntless NCC-54339 (Excelsior Refit): Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Effective Dates of Rank

  • 1 June 2368 -- Recruit
  • 30 July 2369 -- Crewman Third Class
  • 3 April 2370 -- Crewman Second Class
  • 15 December 2370 -- Crewman First Class
  • 18 July 2371 -- Petty Officer Third Class
  • 3 June 2373 -- Petty Officer Second Class
  • 9 August 2376 -- Petty Officer First Class
  • 24 June 2381 -- Chief Petty Officer
  • 1 August 2383 - Midshipman 4th Class
  • 26 May 2384 - Midshipman 3rd Class
  • 24 May 2385 - Midshipman 2nd Class
  • 28 May 2386 - Midshipman 1st Class
  • 25 May 2387 - Ensign
  • 3 December 2388 - Lieutenant JG

Service In Pegasus Fleet

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2390 USS Dauntless
Lieutenant JG
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Preceded by:
Chief Strategic Operations Officer of USS Dauntless
Succeeded by: