Luke Roharren

Luke Roharren
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Physical Description

5' 9"


128 lbs


Light Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Pegasus Fleet Admiralty


Former Pegasus Fleet Director Of Fleet Recruitment

Played By:

Ashley Brooks

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Commodore Luke Roharren is a Federation Starfleet officer Directing the Eleventh Fleet Department Of Recruitment. Prior to taking this posting, he was in Command of the Excelsior class USS Monarch, a Diplomatic vessel working for Starfleet Command.

Luke was born in England on Earth. His father, a Lieutenant Commander was killed when the planet he was based on lost Atmospheric containment, months before Luke was born. His mother, then an Diplomat in the Federation, eventually re-married a Starfleet Commander, when Lance was 6. As a result Luke spent much of his childhood on several Federation starships and colonies. Unfortunately, he made only one friendship that survived beyond childhood - his friendship with Jessica Talini, who went on to Command one of Pegasus Fleets first ships. He was recruited into Starfleet Academy when he was 17.

Luke excelled in virtually all of his subjects. He never really pushed himself - he just naturally did well. Luke also proved himself to fit in and enjoy his surroundings. It was in Diplomatic Classes in which Luke showed his potential. He also excelled in his major in tactical, while minoring in Flight Control theory in the Academy, and spent a lot of time in training craft. He graduated with marks just short of Excellent and was assigned as a Tactical Officer aboard the USS Titan, later moving to the USS Incredible. He was temporarily re-assigned to Starbase 45 as a Tactical Chief just before the Dominion War.

During the Dominion War, he rotated through several vessels. Commanding Officers noted his ability to keep his head cool during many of the battles of the Dominion War. He finally settled on the USS Galant with a permanent position, this time as Chief Tactical/Security Officer. In 2374, Luke truly proved his bravery and commanding ability when he took command of the USS Galant during the Battle of Fendria after most of the command staff were killed. Under his command, the Galant continued its participation in the Battle of Fendria and was one of the 14 allied vessels out of the 307 deployed to survive the Dominion onslaught.

The year 2374 would be the sign of Lukes tragedy in addition to triumph, after his Step-Father died aboard the USS Opacnt during Operation Return. The death of his Step-Father made him have much more contact with his Mother, with whom he had lost contact with a long time ago. It could be reasonably said that the two were developing a genuine relationship. During his contact with his mother he had a change of duty, he felt that his true talents were with the prevention of conflict rather than the application of it. With this he was granted special permission to retain his rank but in the Diplomatic Corps of Starfleet

Despite this, Luke continued to serve to the fullest. He participated in the Battle of Cardassia aboard the USS Thunderbolt and saw the end of a war that eliminated his dreams, his Step-Father and his friend from the academy. According to counselor's reports, Luke was believed to have coped alarmingly well after suffering severe losses, possibly to the point where he desensitized himself to such tragedy, as his normal behavior and attitude were not hindered. Later crewmates found almost no change in his behavior. There were some changes however. He was less sociable and was often indifferent to others while at the same time, still being the same as he had been before the event. He had, at times, appeared more mature. Several friends believed something special had been lost, but could not pin on what.

Following the Dominion War, Luke's former and current superiors realized that Lukes commanding character and unwavering courage was worthy of a serious position in Starfleet. In 2377, Luke received command of his first ship, the USS Monarch, an Excelsior Class starship. His ship and crew were stationed along the Federation-Romulan border, serving as border patrol. His ship was one of the first to aid the Enterprise-E following the Battle in the Bassen Rift.

Luke continued to command the Monarch for several years, mostly patrolling the Federation border. The Monarch still fell into a few crisis situations, including a clash with a Son'a capital warship, the crew being held hostage by crazed Reman fragment soldiers, and a incident revealing a Section 31 operative within the Federation Council. Unfortunately, however, after an engagement with a rogue Klingon Negh'Var, the Monarch was badly damaged as it disabled the Klingons and escaped, limping back to Stardock safely within Federation territory. It was deemed that the Monarch was unsalvageable, much to Lukes discontent, and the crew was disbanded, reassigned all over the Federation. To his own surprise, Luke received a promotion to Commodore and was given a Desk Job to the Fleet that his friend once served. He was now the Director Of Recruitment for the Fleet and is able to be a Diplomat in a more proactive way than ever he thought

Service Record 2372 - Graduated Starfleet Academy at the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Assigned to USS Titan as Tactical officer. Reassigned to USS Incredible as Tactical officer. Reassigned to Starbase 45 as Tactical Chief

2373 - Assigned to Akira Class USS Shearie as tactical officer. At outbreak of the Dominion War, transferred to Galaxy Class USS Marcy as tactical officer

2374 - Promoted to full Lieutenant and transferred as chief Sec/Tac officer of Excelsior Class USS Galant. During engagement with Dominion forces in the Fendria System, assumed command of Galant following deaths of CO, XO, 2XO. Under Roharren's command, Galant became one of the 14 out of 302 ships to survive the Battle of Fendria. Relinquished command of Galant to newly transferred command staff.

2375 - Reassigned as Chief Diplomat of Galant. Forced to abandon Galant with only handful of crew in Second Battle of Chin'toka. Assigned to Akira Class USS Thunderbolt as third officer and chief diplomat. Served at the relif tactical of Thunderbolt during Battle of Cardassia. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander following end of Dominion War.

2377 - Promoted to Commander. Assigned command of Excelsior Class USS Monarch.

2379 - One of the first ships to respond to aid Enterprise-E following the Battle in the Bassen Rift.

2381 - Called to Briar Patch, resulting in dangerous confrontation with Son'a capital warship in defense of Ba'ku. Later assisted by USS Tenatious in successfully driving away Son'a.

2382 - Attacked by Remans, lead by rogue General. Lead Monarch crew to successfully use guerilla tactics aboard the ship to repel boarders and rescue fellow crewmembers held hostage. Promoted to Captain.

2384 - Following an interception of a small rogue vessel within Federation territory, directed the USS Monarch to Earth to locate Section 31 infiltrator. Successfully discovered infiltrator amongst the Federation Council.

2385 - Encountered former House of Gowron supporters gone rogue, resulting in deadly confrontation. Utilized nearby nebula gas to disable rogue Klingon battleship, and escape. Transferred to 11th (Pegasus) Fleet.

2387 - Promoted to Commodore. Appointed to Pegasus Fleet Department of Recruitment as Director.