Madeline Whittacker

Madeline Whittacker
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152 lbs.





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United Federation of Planets


Galactic Anthropology Committee



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Madeline Whittacker is a human sociologist currently serving the Galactic Anthropology Committee. Born Madeline Brionne Nandi on Earth in Cape Town, Africa on July 6th, 2358. Whittacker is the daughter of renowned anthropologists Wiletta and Edmond Nandi. Former wife of surgeon Jason Whittacker. Former wife of Lieutenant Colin Samuels. She resides on Earth in Johannesburg, Africa with a small host of dogs, two large tropical birds, her sister-in-law Lieke and her nephew Jannsen. Vocal activist for the humanitarian aid group known as COMPAS.

General Information

Physical Description

Madeline is a fair skinned woman with a liberal dusting of freckles and intelligent hazel green eyes. She stands roughly 5’8” and weighs around 152 lbs of lean, rangy swimmer’s style musculature. She has light auburn hair that curls into tight corkscrews and falls roughly to the center of her back. Whittacker’s accent is nearly untraceable due to a childhood full of travels all over Earth.

She has a long scar curling around her left upper thigh that star bursts out- a scar left over from a shrapnel wound. Two tattoos grace her person: a stylized wolf on her left shoulder in honor of her old team and a tribal pattern weaving around her right ankle. Neither of Maddie’s ears are pierced and she doesn’t wear jewelry.


Witty, earthy and calm: Madeline is nowhere near as urbane as she tends to come off despite her politely neutral smile and the fencer’s wit that guides her tongue. She’s friendly to a default, which has in the past been mistaken as passivity- a miscalculation that has been cunningly avenged with the same sweet smile upon her face. She is a lover of the great outdoors and no stranger to humanitarian work. Both, she claims, to be roads to one's heart.


Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Edmond Nandi (deceased)
Mother: Wiletta Sjan Nandi (deceased)
Brother: Johannes Nandi
Extended Family: Lieke Nandi (sister in law), Jannsen Nandi (nephew), Colin Samuels (former spouse), Jason Whittacker (former spouse)


Madeline spent her childhood touring her homeworld of Earth under the close watch of a dozen or so stewards, recording devices and funding agencies. There wasn’t a thing about it that could be called normal in any term of the word, but she was very much loved and cherished. She grew up immersed in dozens of cultures and languages, learning to watch, blend and interact: skills that became vital to her career later in life. Of it, she claims to have physically retained a handful of pictures, travel and weathering, but mentally gained a deep understanding of the human condition. Her fascination with culture and meaning led Maddie down a path through schooling that reached past race, past culture to the deeper stirrings of a universal tribes. Out of the field and into the classroom. Out of the classroom and back into the field. This routine repeated a number of times until her brother Johannes convinced convinced the family to become more active in a humanitarian aid group called COMPAS.

Whittacker made several successful excursions with COMPAS, before a failed expedition cost both the life of the elder Nandis, as well as Madeline's use of her left leg and arm when their envoy was attacked by pirates. The sociologist spent several months recovering from the attack, after which she was still only capable of limited mobility. It was during this downtime that she first contacted the Galactic Anthropology Committee with interest in acting as a translator for a group that she had had previous interactions with. Now years later, Whittacker has regained nearly all functionality and is able to pursue a much more active role in the Galactic Anthropology Committee.