Malcolm Caparzo

Malcolm Caparzo is a Starfleet officer that is currently serving onboard the USS Washington.

Malcolm Douglas Caparzo
Biographical Information

Italy, Earth






23 August 2362

Physical Description



187 lbs




Light Blue/Grey

Political Information



USS Washington


Chief Operations Officer

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Physical Description

Malcolm is a young Italian man, with young looking features. He keeps his hair, in a wild untamed looking state so to keep his individuality. He has a toned body, with a thin structure giving him access to the spaces required by his department. In the dark his eyes seem grey, but in the light they shine a very light blue. He has one tattoo on his back right shoulder:

"Il mio amore, la mia vita, mio tutto" "My Life, My Love, My Everything"

In small cursive lettering.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Malcolm was brought up being very close to people his family, blood related or married in. He treats most of the people he meets like long lost family, welcoming them with the hugs kisses and the loudness he grew up around. He does have a short fuse on his temper when it comes to insults and will flare up. He loves big social gathering among friends, acquaintances and unknown people.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Social Person + Hands on Worker + Good Team Player + Engineer Training + Science Training

- To Social/Loud for most people - When not Socializing he Works - Short Fused/Hot Tempered - Wise Guy - Medical


Malcolm's Ambition's are just to settle down and stop trying to run all over the universe. He tends to put work and socializing before taking time to himself and relaxing.

Hobbies & Interests

Reading, Socializing and Working


English, Italian



  • Vincent Caparzo, Deceased


  • Annamaria Caparzo


  • Vincent Caparzo Jr - USS Tiberius (Chief of Engineer, Older Brother)
  • Leone Caparzo - Starfleet Marines Corps (First Lieutenant, Second Older Brother)
  • Adrian Caparzo - SS Roma (Executive Officer, Younger Brother)



Malcolm Douglas Caparzo, was born in Verona Italy in the year 2362. To Vincent & Annamaria Caparzo, as the Third Oldest Son and second to last child of five. Out of the Five Malcolm was the only one not to receive an Italian first name as his siblings received which drove him to go further in his family. His older brothers being in tops in their classes and ranking officers now, his siter married living happily down the street from his Mother. Even his younger siblings, his baby Sister now a Medical Officer at the Rank of Lieutenant and younger brother Executive Officer of a civilian vessel.

Mac's time in the academy was kind to him, Excelling both in Science and Engineering which lead him up to Operation's giving him the best of both departments. During his time in the academy he could be found either at social gatherings or hard at work. Not a good formula to mix but it got him through the academy. If he wasn't at a party or enjoying social gathering at a small cafe in San Fransisco, he'd be doing hands on training for Operation's department.

He didn't quite live up to his siblings standards but he was able to get in the top twenty percent of his class. Having graduated the Academy as an Ensign in the the Operation's department he was transferred to the USS Nogura, where his Department Head taught him the in's and out's of any ship. During his stay on the Nogura he was used as an Engineer and a Science Officer on missions, which gave him the abilities to fill in for those spots when needed on away missions.

After his tour on the Nogura for three years he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and placed as Assistant Head of Ops for the USS Santa Barbara a Galaxy-class vessel allowing him more room for "Play". However having issues with his Department head on this ship he was passed up for promotion, as he was seen to be to "Childish" in the ways he acted while working. He was a goof but that was one of his best qualities. He made working fun and non-stressful meaning the work was done quickly, correctly and efficiently.

He has slowly started working on picking up other languages so he could be a true, "Operation's Officer".

Service Record

Starfleet Academy Basics Starfleet Academy Engineering Course Starfleet Academy Science Course

Graduated Starfleet Academy ~ Operation's Officer

USS Nogura ~ Operation's Officer (Engineer/Science Stand-In when needed) USS Santa Barbra ~ Asst. Chief of Operation's Officer

Passed by for Promotion **Lieutenant T'Cul** Chief of Ops, USS Santa Barbra

Request for Transfer - USS Washington