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Mattias Pauli Zekkstrom
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Chief of Security

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Lieutenant Mattias Zekkstrom is a Starfleet security officer affiliated to the United Federation of Planets. His current assignment is as chief of security on the USS Endeavour.

Mattias takes utmost pride at his exceptional level of fitness and dedicates a lot of his time to stay in prime physical condition, not only from a muscular or cardiovascular perspective, but also in terms of endurance. His fitness obsession translates to him being a vegetarian.

Mattias maintains a lean and toned physique. He keeps his boyish face clean shaven, and does not feel the need to comb or sort his hair, although it is already relatively neat


Mattias was born in the year 2362 to loving parents Bengt Zekkstrom, a civilian doctor, and Agneta Rohl, an elementary school science teacher. Since a very young age; Mattias was forced to grow up mostly on his own due to his parents' hectic schedules.

With the lack of physical activity in Mattias' life; Mattias was an overweight child; often receiving verbal abuse from classmates. At the start of his teenage years; Mattias built up his resolve; and began strict dieting and exercise regimes to lose weight. With a successful outcome; Mattias had grown accustomed to the experience; and both became fixtures of his habits until today.


While he went to school as all usual children did; Mattias stood out in particular; because of his solitary habits. Mattias had emerged since a very young age to be very comfortable with being alone. He made very few friends; and rarely spent time with the select group of friends that he did make. The bright child that he was; Mattias never truly gave much attention to his schoolwork. While his grades were good, he never put in extra effort in his work; adopting an almost nonchalant stance to all of his schoolwork. While he was not at school or doing schoolwork, Mattias would be either playing with his friends occasionally. Most of the time, however, he would be found reading alone in his room; or playing the piano on the holoprogram available to him at home; which he had studied himself. It didn't help that Mattias had never truly enjoyed the brunt of his parents' attention; with them spending more attention to his younger brother Kristian since a young age.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

At the age of 15; Mattias decided to join Starfleet Academy to his parents' delight. What they did not enjoy, however, was Mattias' choice of majoring in Tactical/Security school, but in a spot of classic nonchalance from Mattias; he proceeded with his choice; as it tied in beautifully with his fitness habits.

Mattias joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 18 in tactical. In similar fashion; Mattias flew past most of his courses, though he did not enjoy much success with his electives and science classes outside of tactical.

Early Career

Mattias duly graduated 4 years later; and immediately was posted onboard the USS Niagara as a security officer ensign. During this time Mattias' good friend Cyril introduced him to the world of martial arts from ancient China; which deeply intrigued Mattias; who immediately preferred them over the more modern disciplines he was taught at the Academy.

After the first year, Mattias had made the rank of junior grade lieutenant, and posted on as the Assistant chief of security.

Later Postings

Though his stint was relatively uneventful; Mattias received very strong accolades from his commanding officer and department heads; which lead to him being shortlisted for the chief of security onboard the USS Kingfisher after another year; a job he readily accepted along with a promotion to full Lieutenant.

Half a year later onboard the Kingfisher; Matti met Angela; who would be his girlfriend for the better part of a year. Other than his very tight-knit group of friends; Angela was the only one Matti would regularly talk to and spend time with. After 11 months together; Mattias had decided it was time; ready to propose to Angela. An encounter with the Borg 3 days before the day which Matti planned to pop the question proved more of Mattias' skills behind the weapons console, with Mattias managing to stave off two Borg spheres until his ship could make a getaway. The same Borg encounter, however, cut short his plans of settling down; with his possible fiancee being one of the casualties of the Borg battle.

This left Matti closing himself even more from the world to avoid experiencing any more relationship pain; and filing for a transfer onto the Endeavour.

Personal Life

Mattias is a very fun loving person, and is very relaxed. In times of seriousness however, Mattias looks nothing like his relaxed self, almost as if a switch had been clicked. Mattias is a very solitary person, without many friends. Few truly know him as a person except for a select group of friends he has been with since childhood.

Though he has close to no friends, and does not make new friends easily; the friends that he does connect with are very close to his heart.

Mattias is a quick thinker, quick at thinking on his feet and also how to effectively accomplish a task assigned to him. As a person, he is a fighter and will fight to the last breath with passion and heart. Few things truly scare him.

When put in a position to make major decisions however, Mattias is indecisive, with his indecision brought out of him by virtue of being overly cautious in taking big decisions, and constantly comparing benefits and costs of each option to no end.

Deep down, Mattias has ambitions of moving up the ladder to the command chair, though he is secretly scared of the prospect, due to his solitary habits

Mattias is constantly in the gym working out, and when he isn't, he is in the holodecks, constantly pursuing his interest in the ancient Chinese martial arts.

Outside of physical activity, Mattias is an excellent piano player, and likes a quiet read of a book in his own quarters


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2384 USS Niagara
Security Officer
2385 USS Niagara
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Security Officer
2386 USS Kingfisher
Chief Security Officer
2388 USS Liberator
Chief Security Officer
2389 USS Endeavour
Chief Security Officer

Preceded by:
Lieutenant Regana Madrat (PNPC)
Chief Security Officer of USS Endeavour
Succeeded by:
Lieutenant Tettly Biggs