Medications And Drugs


Anesthizine is a fast-acting anesthetic, administered through environmental systems as a gas. It is used primarily as a wide area, non-lethal security measure against intruders or other persons of interest. It was considered among "the best" along with axonol and neuozine during the late 24th century. A concentration of seventy parts per million was typically enough to put a humanoid of average size to sleep. Due to the purpose of the drug, it is usable across numerous species.

Anetrizine is an aesthetic medication often used to desensitive a localized cluster of nerves. It is most often used in Humans, Bajorans, Trills, Betazoids, and other species with iron-based blood (red blood).

Axonol is a medication that can be dispersed in gaseous form as a crowd-control anesthetic. It was often used by security personnel to make unruly crowds or mobs lethargic so they could be led to the brig to calm down. It is usable across many species.

Hyvroxilated quint-ethyl metacetamin is an anesthetic that, when consumed in quantities of seventeen milligrams in about a half-liter of water, it would render a human barely able to stand. It is usable in almost any species.

Melenex is an anesthetic that was carried in Starfleet medkits until the 2290s. It caused unconsciousness and temporary skin discoloration. The usual dose was 50-60 ccs (equivalent to milligrams) and would last for 1 hour, though with smaller doses (around 10 ccs) it would last for 5 minutes. It was used in multiple races such as humans, Vulcans, and Andorians. It was later replaced by newer drugs.

Nasal Analgesics are used to numb the sense of smell to reduce the perception of strong odors that are offensive or heighten the animal instinct of 'fight or flight' in the humanoid brain. Such smells include the scent of human body odor that Vulcan females found repugnant or, on certain away missions, the smell of too much blood. They are available in hypospray form and in a topical form that can be applied to the upper lip and inhaled through the nose. As it is used in Vulcans, humans and sometimes Bolians, it is apparent that it is usable across many species and blood types.

Neurozine is an anesthetic that was used during the late 24th century that can be dispensed in gaseous form to incapacitate boarding parties. Neurozine, along with axonol and anesthezine, are considered to be the best. Due to the purpose of the drug, it is usable for many and varied species.


Dermaline (Injectable form) is an injectable drug used to prevent sunburns. The usual dose is 20-40 ccs depending on the mass of the patient. It is avaiable in both injectable and topical form. It is usable across many species and blood types including iron-based blood (red blood), copper-based blood (green blood), cobalt-based blood (blue blood), and magnesium-based blood (purple blood).

Dermaline Gel is made from dermaline and used as a treatment for first and second degree burns, including those caused by a ruptures nitrogen line and also severe sunburns. It is usable on every species though a few individuals could be allergic to other ingredients in the gel.

Kelotane is a drug used to treat severe burns. Three ccs is enough to heal a Cardassian of second degree burns over 20 percent of the body. It is usuable across many species and blood types.


Anticoagulants are medical agents that delay or prevent the clotting of blood. In modern times, some of them are known as blood thinners. There are several different drugs of this type and as such are usable in nearly every species.

Benjisidrine is a cardiovascular drug used to treat congestive heart failure in Vulcans, Romulans, Hefestians, and other races with copper-based blood.

Lectrazine is used to stabilize the cardiovascular and kidney functions of humanoids. It could also be combined with hyronalin for temporary protection against radiation poisoning. As it has been used in numerous species, such as human, Vulcan, Ocampa, and Andorian it appears to be usable across a variety of species.

Metrazene is a drug used to treat irregular heartbeat and heart palpatations. In emergencies, up to two hundred ccs can be ordered for a human male. It is a general purpose drug and is used for several different species. It is a general use drug across many different species.

Vasokin is an experimental drug which increases blood flow to the vital organs, but in 22% of studies it causes severe damage to the lungs, kidneys, heart and brain. It was used in species such as Humans, Bajorans and others with iron-based blood and Benzites and others with cobalt-based blood. However, many doctors refuse to use it because of the damaging side effects.

Immune System

Antibodies are protein molecules produced by the immune system to mark foreign viruses and bacteria within the body for attack. They are capable of being synthesized and fashioned to protect the body against any possible threat to the health of the patient, from measles to Borg assimilation nanoprobes.

Corophizine is an antibiotic drug that is usually used to prevent secondary infections. It is also used to lower fevers in patients with illnesses and usable in most species in the Federation.

Immunosuppressants are a type of drug used to minimize the immune response in humanoids. They can be used to enable a non-Trill to host a symbiont for a short time as an emergency procedure or to assist in the acceptance of a transplanted organ. As this is a type of drug, it can be used in all species.


Alcohol is a colorless liquid chemical and usually the by-product of fermenting sugar. It is a powerful intoxicant in most humanoids. It is often replaced by synthehol which carries the properties of alcohol without the degree of intoxicating effects. When mixed with a teragen derivative, it blocks certain signals to the brain and can be used to treat madness caused by exposure to interphase.

Some species handle the deleterious effects of alcohol better than others. Species with more strength and therefore more mass, such as Klingons and Vulcans, tend to have more immunity with it. Other races that have less mass, such as Bajorans and Deltans, tend to become inebriated more quickly. Borg freed from the collective have an unusually low tolerance for alcohol, sometimes getting drunk after one glass of wine. There is no known allergy to alcohol in the known races.

Felicium is an addictive narcotic produced on the Brekka. It originated as a vaccine for a plague that existed on its neighboring planet, Ornara. Though the place had been over for decades, the Ornarans had become addicted to the vaccine and the withdrawal symptoms led them to believe they were still affected by the diseased. The effects of Felicium seemed to be somewhat sedative and pain relieving, similar to opium and heroine on Earth.

Hupyrian beetle snuff was a fine powder made of dried beetles and a delicacy among Ferengi. It is inhaled through the nose and often causes sneezing. It is a mild stimulant with some euphoric side effects and has a deteriorating effect on the nose which is cumulative. It is only known to be used by Ferengi and is unknown to be used by any other species.

Impedrezene is a narcotic that interferes with one's thought processes by slowing down the higher brain cell functions. The drug can last for hours in humans and attacks thought processes and motor control by suppressing higher cognitive abilities. Extreme headaches are usually associated with the use of this drug once one begins to go through withdrawl.

Ketracel-white (or simply, the white) is an addictive narcotic containing an isogenic enzyme and nutrients. One of the active ingredients in ketracel-white is yridium bicantizine. The Jem'Hadar were were genetically engineered to lack the enzyme the white provides and require frequent doses of the drug to survive. It also provides all the nutrients they require, alleviating them of the need to eat or drink.

D-lysergic acid diethylamide, or more commonly known as LSD, is a powerful psychotropic drug that was used for medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes on Earth. A form of this drug was used by the Ancient Greek priests and priestesses to commune with their gods and determine their will.

Maraji crystals are a controlled addictive substance that are illegal in the Cardassian Union. According to Quark, Cardassians didn't like them and the Bajorans were too poor to buy them.

Rhuludian crystals are a form of narcotic chemical commonly sought out in the Delta Quadrant.

Tropolisine is a psychotropic drug known for its hallucinogenic effects, normally found in certain flowering planets. Each atom in tropolisine contains a stray neutron and once it starts to break down in a humanoid bloodstream it releases an undetectable toxin. Withdrawal effects are similar to other narcotics, including memory loss, uncontrollable shaking and pain. It is usable across a variety of species and blood types. A permanent cure for the hallucinogenic effects of tropolisine has been found, though a cure for the damage to the humanoid brain has not. It is known to be effective on Humans, but the effects on other species are unknown.

Yridium bicantizine is a chemical compound that is one of the active ingredients in ketracel-white and can be synthesized by by breaking down tri-nucleic fungi.


Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter found in the autonomic nervous system of most humanoid brains and plays a prime role in promoting aggressive tendencies. The reduction of acetylcholine levels can help level off neurotransmitter levels and the stabilization of motor-control pathways. It can also be used to stablise brain synapses in cases of nervous system failure. When absorbtion is stimulated, it increases physical strength in the muscles and is often done during neuromuscular adapatation treatment. And increase of this enzyme could indicate that the person had accumulated memories and a thirteen percent increase would indicate an accumulation of two days' worth of memories. It is made by the hypothalamus and can cause irritation and aggression. It is found in most species and so it is effective in all blood types.

Alkysine is a drug used to lessen the damage to neurological tissue after an extremely severe injury though it is not effective for all injuries or in all species. It was known to work in species with iron-based (red), cobalt-based (blue) or copper-based (green) blood but it is ineffective in species with magnesium-based (purple) blood such as Klingons.

An analeptic is a drug that counteracts the effects of radiation and is usable across several species.

Cortical analeptics are drugs administered via hypospray and are used to reinvigorate tissue in the cerebral cortex. As there are several different drugs, there are drugs available for each species.

CPK Enzymatic Therapy was a 24th century medical treatment used to limit the extent of brain damage after a catastrophic injury. It is not effective in all species, such as Cardassians or Klingons.

Desegranine is a Cardassian drug used to reverse memory loss and is used by the Obsidian Order during the 24th century to help its undercover agents remember their true identities. Once administered, memories began to resurface within a few hours. It is generally used by Cardassians and not other species, so it is unknown if it is effective in everyone.

Lexorin was a drug used in the late 2200s that was developed to alleviate symptoms of malaise and/or multiple personality disorder in those who experienced a Vulcan mind meld, or who carried a Vulcan katra prior to its placement on Mount Seleya and is usable across many species and blood types.

A Neural paralyzer is a central nervous system depressant and and was a standardly used preanesthetic used by Starfleet doctors circa 2260. It acted within 5-10 minutes and lasted for about 15-20 minutes to depress cardiac and respiratory functions, incidentally making the subject nearly appear dead. There are many available drugs of this type, including melenex, and there are drugs available that are compatible with all species.

Norepinephrine or noradrenaline is a hormone and neurotransmitter in the humanoid central nervous system, or the brain. As a stress hormone, it affects thre part of the brain that controls alertness and the fight-or-flight response. Along with epinephrine or adrenaline, it increases heart rate and blood pressure, increasing blood flow to muscles. It is found in every race of humanoid, and as such is usable in everyone aboard a starship.

Sodium Pentathol is a compound that is also known as a 'truth serum' and was often used on Earth during the mid-twentieth century on Earth. While it was effective on most species with red blood (Bajorans, Humans, Deltans, and others) however it has no apparent effect on Ferengi.

Synaptizine is a drug used to treat neuroleptic shock which is an adverse nervous system condition caused by certain types of energy and the experience was quite painful. It is commonly used by copper-, cobalt-, and iron-based blood types however, it is unknown if it could be used by Klingons or Cardassians.

Theragen is a chemical compound, initially developed as a nerve gas by the Klingons. In its pure form it is legal but when diluted with alcohol it could temporarily deaden certain nerve inputs to the brain, causing it to have a calming effect on an insane and/or abnormally enraged person. It could be used across several species and blood types due to one of the purposes of the drug.

Trianoline is a medicine used in patients with percussive injuries. In a human or humanoid of similar mass, four ccs is the typical dose for a concussion. It is a general purpose drug, usable across many species.

Painkillers (Analgesics)

Asinolyathin is a painkiller used specifically for muscle spasms. It is a general use medication, usable for many different blood types.

Bicaridine is a painkiller often used as a substitute for metorapan. It is used for people who are allergic to metorapan or Vulcanoids or other people with copper-based blood.

Hydrocortilene is a painkiller used specifically for headaches. It is used in percentages in a solution of water, usually around 2-5% based on mass and is usable across several species including Klingon, Human, Vulcan, and Andorian.

Metorapan is an analgesic medication which could be substitituted with most species with bicaridine, though the exceptions to this are species with copper-based blood. Some people are allergic to metorapan in which case the doctor will prescribe bicaridine.

Morphenolog is a very strong analgesic drug. The usual dosage for a grown Bajoran male is two ccs, leading us to believe that one cc would be sufficient for women of many species. It is a general use drug and usable across many species.

Terakine is a powerful painkiller. 10 ccs is enough to alleviate most of the pain of a broken rib in a grown human male. It is not usable in species with cobalt-based blood or magnesium-based blood such as Andorians or Klingons.

Triptacederine is a powerful painkiller; 30 ccs is enough to anesthetize an Algorian mammoth. It is used mostly by Cardassians.


Chloraxine is a chemical substance which is lethal in sufficient dosage. It is poisonous to nearly every type of humanoid.

Cyalodin is a chemical substance, naturally deadly to humans.

Felodesine chips are small poison tablets used by members of the Romulan military to commit suicide rather than be captured. It is usually formed into a small, one-inch orange disk. There is no known antidote in the Federation.

Nogatch hemlock is a substance which is extremely poisonous to most known humanoids and has no known antidote.

Antiprotons are the antimatter counterpart of protons. A beam of pure antiprotons is an incredibly destructive weapon and was used by the so-called "planet killer" to destroy planets.

Veridium Six is a poison effective against Klingons and has no known antidote. As it has traditionally only been used within the Klingon Empire against their own people, it is unknown if it is lethal to any other species.


Adrenaline is a human hormone and neurotransmitter with powerful effects on the sympathetic nervous system. As a drug, it is used both to treat radiation poisoning and as a stimulant. By 2267 it has been replaced in clinics by hyronalin as a treatment for radiation, though it was found to be effective in the treatment of certain particles only found in the areas between planets and was still used in Starfleet.

Analeptics are drugs that counteract the effects of radiation. It is a general use drug and used in most species.

Arithrazine is a medication used to treat the most extreme cases of theta radiation poisoning in a variety of species. According to Starfleet Medical protocols, a doctor had to monitor the patient during treatment. One such particle to give off this amount of radiation is the Omega particle.

Hyronalin is a medicinal drug used to treat radiation poisoning in many species. It had replaced Adrenaline as a treatment for radiation, though adrenaline was still used as a cardiac and systemic stimulant.

Netrazine is a treatment for radiation poisoning. It is used in all Federation species. Since it is used in Vulcans, it can also be used in Romulans.

Radiogenic Vaccines are a class of drugs that protect against radiation exposure. However, they are not sufficient against all radiation.


Dexalin is used to treat oxygen deprivation and is usable in all species.

Pulmozine is a drug used to treat oxygen deprivation and stimulate breathing. It is used in a variety of species across all blood types.

Tri-ox compound is a fast-acting intravenous medicine used for rapidly oxygenating the blood cells of a living being, especially in thin atmospheres such as that of Vulcan. Most humans and humanoids otherwise would have trouble getting sufficient oxygen in such environments especially when doing any strenuous work or other exertions. The drug can be used as a substitute for bulky breathing masks and equipment. An injection of 15 ccs of tri-ox every four hours was the recommended dosage to compensate for excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, and is commonly used in this dose for prolonged exposure to a Class-L environment. Without it a patient would succumb to hypoxia and possibly contract carbon dioxide poisoning.

Trioxin is a medicine used in the treatment of respiratory injuries such as the burning of the lungs or the effects of hypoxia. It is used in emergency situations as a stop-gap measure to give the doctors time to treat the injury itself.


Cortolin is a medication used in resuscitating patients who had stopped breathing. The usual dosage is around 10 ccs and is used in many different species.

Leporazine is a resuscitative drugs used only in extreme cases because of its strength. The recommended dosage is 2 percent in a solution for the given species.

A Morathial series is a group of resuscitative drugs used for one-shot dosing in simple resuscitations. It is used across many species though not in Cardassians.

Netainaline is a strong resuscitative medicine used to revive a patient and is usually administered in doses of around 2 ccs.

Quadroline is an emregency resuscitative drug used on Malcor III to treat cardiac arrhythmia. It is unusable on any species that does not have iron-based (red) blood.


Ambizine is an injectable medication used as a sedative across many species. Races with cobalt-based blood cannot use ambizine.

Anesthezine is a fast acting anesthetic administered through environmental systems as a gas and used as a wide area, non-lethal, security measure against intruders or other persons of interest. It has sedative qualities and can cause a full grown Klingon to fall asleep within seconds. Along with axonol and neurozine, it is considered 'the best'.

Axonol is a medicine that is dispersed in gaseous form from the environmental systems as a crowd-control agent and is used by the Federation and Starfleet. In uses against unruly mobs or angry crowds, it is used in quantities sufficient to make the people groggy enough to be led away to holding cells to calm down. In cases of boarding parties, enough is used to put them to sleep.

Dylamadon is a powerful sedative that can simulate death in an individual. However, too much can kill a person as their body will not get the nutrients it needs to stay alive after a while. It is usable across a great variety of species.

Improvaline is a standard sedative and small doeses (around 5 ccs) is enough to calm an angry grown Betazoid. It is usuable across many species and blood types.

Kayolane is a sedative which causes unconsciousness for several hours. It is not usable in humans, Cardassians, or species with copper-based blood, but is used in nearly all other species. Ten ccs is usually enough to knock someone out for 4 hours.

Melorazine is a standard sedative that is used in species with iron-based (red) blood. It usually is enough to put someone to sleep for 2 hours, and is sometimes used as a sleep aid.

Merfadon is a type of sedative used in Bajoran medicine. It is also able to be used in some other species with cobalt-, iron- and copper- based blood, though not all. For instance, it is unusable in Remans.

Methohexital is a sedative barbiturate substance which is primarily used in hospitals and other medical facilities. It is often used in tandem with anesthesia to induce a deep sedation for surgery. It is one of the oldest medicines, having been used for 300+ years, however it is unusable in Vulcanoids and other species with copper-based blood.

Tetrovaline is a medical drug used to knock a person unconscious, but it also has the side effect of lowering the immune response to infection. It is usable in many species, including Klingons, Vulcans, humans, and others.


ADTH is a stimulant which can be dispersed through the environmental controls. Five parts per million is enough to wake a sleeping crew. It is often used to counter the effects of sedatives such as anesthizine, axonol, and neuozine. As such, it was usable across most species.

Animazine is a stimulant used to keep a person awake. Its name is derived from the word 'animate' which means to move. It usable across most species and blood types.

Chloromydride is a strong cardiostimulant, generally used when inaprovaline is ineffective. It is used in most species

Cordafin is a drug that can be used as a stimulant. It is addictive and should not be used for extended periods. It is used mostly in species with iron-based blood.

Cordrazine is a strong chemical stimulant useful for emergency medical treatment. It is primarily used to stimulate the heart during cardiac arrest. It is red in color and injected with a hypospray. It is usable across most species, being a general purpose drug.

Dalaphaline is a systemic stimulant drug and is used to strengthen patients after a trauma. Five ccs is the general dosage and it is usable in most Federation species.

Delactovine is a systemic stimulant drug used to awaken patients or to keep them alive. It is used in most Federation species.

Hyperzine is a standard stimulant and is used in quantities of around twenty ccs. It is used to wake surgery patients and to counteract seizures. It is used in most species, including Andorians, Vulcans, Bajorans, and Cardassians.

Neuro-stimulants are drugs administered to keep a patient awake. Too high a dosage can damage the cardiovascular systems of most humanoids. As this is a category of drug, they are used in all species.

Polyadrenaline is a synthetic version of the hormone epinephrine, also known as adrenaline and is used to revive a patient who has died or is near death. The dosage is affected by the mass of the patient and 25 ccs is enough to revive a grown Klingon. It is used in most species.

Tricordrazine is a very powerful stimulant that is derived from cordrazine and is commonly used to revive dying patients. It is so potent that 25 ccs is enough to kill a Klingon. It is also used as an anti-seizure medication. It is usable in most species, though it has never been tested in Cardassians.


Alizine is a medicine used to counter allergic reactions in Klingons. It is not used in any other species.

Anti-intoxicants are drugs that allow one to drink alcohol without experiencing the effects of intoxication. They also combat the effects of alcohol in patients who are already inebriated, though some doctors will refuse to treat this condition. As this is a category of medicines, they are usable in all species.

Benzocyatizine is a medicine used to treat low isoboramine levels in joined Trills. As this is a medication designed for a joined species, it is only used in Trills.

Cateline is a drug that can simulate analphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction usually with cardiac and respiratory distress.

Cervaline is a medication used to protect against rejection of transplanted organs or tissue, including artificial organs. It is used in quantities of around 500 ccs every four hours.

Contraception Injections are a form of birth control used in the Federation. The medicine must be administered regularly, depending on the woman's cycle, otherwise sexual intercourse could lead to pregnancy. It is also administered to men.

Deoxyribose suspension is a fluid derived from DNA and is sometimes used by the Klingon Empire to carry encoded information in the bloodstream to avoid detection.

Dermal osmotic sealant is a medication used to protect most humanoids from high levels of trigemic vapors. These vapors are gases found on some planets that cause skin irritation in most humanoids.

Dermatiraelian plastiscine is a dermal regenerative agent used to maintain skin resilience after a large-scale cosmetic surgery. It was often used by Cardassians to resemble Bajorans in the resistance during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. However, it was also usable in Klingons and Vulcanoids.

Glucagon is a naturally-occurring hormone in Humans. Administered as a drug, glucagon is used to treat diabetes or beta-blocker overdose. It is mainly used in humans but can be used in other species.

Glycoproteins are a type of molecule composed of carbohydrates and protein that are prescribed as a form of nutritional supplement. They are created according to the individual's needs and consist also of polypeptides and fibrous glycogen as well as proteins and other carbohydrates. They are often prescribed in doses of 250 grams and are usually given to expecting mothers of all races.

‘’’Intraspinal Inhibitor’’’ is a drug which causes paralysis by disrupting the signals in the spinal cord.

Ipecac is a purple-tinted drug in liquid form which, when ingested, has a very strong laxative effect in species with iron- and cobalt based blood, however is a anti-diarrheal which can cause severe constipation in Klingons and species with copper-based blood such as Vulcans. It is easy to conceal and dissolves quickly in room-temperature liquids.

The Makara herb of Bajor is a herb known for its medicinal value. It is used in Bajoran women to increase their progestorone during pregnancy and also counteracts some sedatives such as merfadon. It is typically ingested through the mouth though it is not known for its good taste.

Neodextramine solution is used to combat dehydration in many species. The dehydration is usually severe, though the solution is diluted from anywhere between 2 percent to around 15 percent depending on the mass of the patient and the severity of the dehydration. It is able to be used in all species as the solution is diluted in a substance unique to that type of life form.

Peridaxon is a drug used to treat Irumodic syndrome, a degenerative neurological disorder which causes progressive deterioration of the synaptic pathways though it only treats the symptoms as there is no known cure for the illness. It is only used in humans as they are the only known race to contract that disease.

Polynutrient solution is a nutrition formula given to patients suffering from malnutrition through an IV drip. It is very potent and must be given slowly over a period of time. It is given to nearly every race as the nutrients can be adjusted for every individual.

Retinax VII is a drug prescribed as a treatment for near- and far-sightedness. However, some people are allergic to Retinax and the alternative of 'reading glasses' is still required. It is used in every Federation species and can be used in Romulans, however it will make a Cardassian or a Klingon very ill and cause problems with the eyes.

Ribosome infusions are used as treatments for cell damage though it is often difficult to find a compatible donor. However, the compatibility can cross species.

Ryetalyn, a rare mineral, is the only known cure for Rigelian fever. It is usable across all species.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and one of the chemicals responsible for a sense of well-being. However, in large quantities, it can also generate a feeling of euphoria. It is secreted by the hypothalamus. Serotonin is only used in Humans and other races with iron-based blood.

Stenophyl is a medicine that can be used to treat analphylatic shock, or a severe allergic reaction. It is used in all Federation races.

Synthetic antigens are manufactured anti-viral drugs created from a living sample of the organism it is intended to destroy. The antigen is generally designed to be used for multiple races.

Tesokine is a drug used to help a fetus from one species to properly metabolize nutrients from another species while in the womb. This is also used with hybrid children while in their mothers.

Trifluorinate compounds are compounds designed to seal teeth against decay. The active ingredients are added to a gel designed for each race and then applied to the teeth once every two months. In the past, it was only applied once a year, and some people still acquired cavities in their teeth.

Tryptophan-Lysine Distillate is a drug that is used on Nasreldine for the treatment of a flu virus.

A vaccine is a treatment used for the prevention of a certain disease. Starfleet personnel have yearly and semi-annual vaccines to help prevent diseases that they may come across in their missions. As this is a category of drugs, vaccines are usable in all species.

Vertazine is a drug administered by hypospray to combat dizziness. It is usable in all species.

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