Metronian Diplomacy (USS Endeavour Mission)

"Metronian Diplomacy"
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USS Endeavour

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The Metrons make an unusual move and actively contact the colony on Cestus III, and offer an arm of diplomatic friendship. No further details are given, other than a series of coordinates and a stardate. Vice Admiral Sanchez, the commander of the newly-reformed 11th Fleet stationed on Cestus, boards the USS Endeavour and orders the ship to the coordinates, on a tight deadline to make the trip on time.


The Endeavour is left waiting at the specified coordinates for over an hour, with nothing visible within sensor range, before it begin to move forward, not under its own engines, but under the same unidentifiable power that effected the Enterprise over a hundred years prior. The ship is pulled at speeds higher than the vessel's top rated warp velocity, until it is orbiting a blue-green globe, seemingly perfect for humanoid habitation. Immediately upon reaching orbit, a Metron appears on the viewscreen and announces their desire for 'the leaders' - Admiral Sanchez and Commander Byrne to come down to the planet's surface, before removing them there, using the same technique that they used upon Captain Kirk and the Gorn captain during the previous contact incident.

The Metrons inform the two that Byrne and the Endeavour are to take a 'test', before returning the commander to his ship and transporting them to another galaxy, into the middle of a conflict between two races - the Arktina and the Obrinkhan Imperium. The Metrons also transfer a pregnant starfleet officer - Lieutenant Hannah Edroski to the region in a shuttlecraft - who is promptly captured and interrogated by the Obrinkhans. Though the crew manage to retrieve the Lieutenant, instigate a friendly dialogue with the Arktinans and bring the two species together to begin to mediate the dispute, Byrne is forced to use a phaser to stun the Obrinkhan representative to prevent him from killing his Arktinan counterpart, seemingly bringing the test to its conclusion.

Being transported back to Metron space, Byrne is informed that, though he had managed to decipher the nature of the test, his crew had failed to resolve the dispute without violence, and that they had failed the test. Byrne counters that the test itself was barbarian by nature, and Admiral Sanchez turns the Metron's own comments a hundred years ago back on them, announcing that the Federation would not wish ties formed with such a barbaric race, and that they should talk again once the Metrons had become more civilised.

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Background Information

  • This mission was designed specifically to make use of the Metron race, which had not been touched in canon since the episode "The Arena" and which has rarely, if ever, been used in simming

Guest Appearances

  • Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez, a Staff PNPC of Commander Byrne's, makes an appearance in this mission, but remains on the Metron's planet for the duration of the 'test'.
  • This mission marks the first ever appearance of Admiral Sanchez in role-played simming fiction, as it is the first guest appearance since the character was created at the beginning of Pegasus Fleet.
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