Mignon Mejia

Mignon Mejia is a Betazoid Starfleet officer onboard Starbase 218.

Mignon Mejia, PC
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8 November 2356

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115 lbs





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Starbase 218


Chief Science Officer

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Physical Description

Mignon is attractive, but her physical appearance is overshadowed by her cheerful disposition and laughing eyes. She will wear a uniform when necessary, but feels that, as a counselor, if she wears less formal jumpsuits she helps put the crew more at ease and thus make it easier for them to talk to her. When working in science, she often wears a jumpsuit as it is more practical when working with experiments or in the arboretum. She prefers to wear her hair long and loose, pulling it back into a ponytail when necessary.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Mignon is cheerful, friendly and genuinely cares about others. She is happy. She loves to read and has athirst for knowledge that drives her to explore. She is innately curious about both people and history.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Curious, intelligent, compassionate, cheerful. She has integrity and doesn't compromise her standards.

Weaknesses: Curious. She has been known to take chances while exploring caves, ruins and old records. Her compassion can lead to a "Robin Hood complex." Stubborn and willful at times.


Mignon has achieved her educational goals. Now she wants to explore and learn as much as she can. One day, she hopes to marry and raise a family.

Hobbies & Interests


Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Mayan, Incan, Ancient Egyptian



  • Alar Mejia


  • Mayda Mejia



Mignon was born and raised on Earth in a small community in Southern Utah. She loved to explore the colorful canyons and ancient pueblo sites in the area.

As an only child she would read a lot and fell in love with history and folk tales. She was especially interested in the people of ancient Central and South America. She took several trips with her parents to Machu Picchu, Abydos, and Teotihuacan. She was fascinated with the sites and read as much as she could. She learned to read Mayan, Incan and Ancient Egyptian.

By the time she went to University she knew what she wanted to be. An archaeologist and historian. But when she took a mandatory psychology course she found a second love.

Torn, Mignon studied all three areas. She loved to learn and once she had her first degree, she transferred schools, taught undergraduate courses and continued her education, achieving PhDs in Clinical Psychology, History and Archaeology.

She was offered several teaching positions and a job as a counselor in a local facility, but her drive to learn more led her to join Starfleet.

As she already had college degrees she was able to skip most of the preparatory courses and focus on advanced studies. She fell in love with Vulcan history and culture and took a position in Shi'Kahr upon graduation.

After several years the desire to explore led her to transfer to a starship that explored the outer edges of the galaxy where she had the opportunity to help uncover several ancient ruins.

But when an offer to transfer to a starbase came, she saw it as yet another challenge and gladly accepted the position.

After a short stint stint on the starbase, Mignon felt a strong desire to explore again, so she put in for a transfer back to science.

Service Record

  • Graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy.
  • Served on Shi'Kahr as Alien Archaeologist and counselor.
  • Served aboard the USS Callisto as Assistant Chief Science Officer.
  • Served aboard the USS Nimitz as Chief Counselor and Assistant Chief Science officer.
  • Served as Chief Counselor aboard Starbase 332.
  • Now serves as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Washington.