Naomi Griffiths

Naomi Sylan Lanypa Griffiths
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Naomi Sylan Lanypa Griffiths






236308.06 (23rd August 2363)


Federation Starfleet Starfleet Marine Corps


Acting Marine Commanding Officer


USS Pennsylvania



Played By:

Paul Davies

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General Information

  • Homeworld: Bajor Kendra Province
  • Age: 31
  • Relationships:N/A
  • Current Health status:Healthy
  • Blood Type: B+ (Her Father is B and her mother is AB)
  • Abilities:Marine Force Recon Specialist/Sniper
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Scars: None
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Build:Slim/curvy
  • Tone/Voice: Alto
  • Presence: Average
  • Distinguishing Features: None
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Handedness: Left
  • Department: Starfleet Marines

Other Information

  • Likes: Pizza, Lamb Kebab, Old Cartoons, Late 20th and Early 21st Century Music, Latest and Retro Fashionable clothes.
  • Dislikes: Whiners, lawbreakers.
  • Her mental Disposition: Quiet, but can be very mischievous and likes to pull pranks, but she has a dirty and warped sense of humour, until she gets to know people, she is very shy and the exact opposite to the average full blood Bajoran, but she does love a good scrap. Naomi has also trained in Wakizashi blade combat; and she has also mastered the Katana Blade, she is a quick learner when she is interested in something.


Naomi Sylan Lanypa Griffiths was born in the Bajoran Provence's to a Bajoran Father and Human Mother on Stardate 23rd August 2363, she has no siblings and she also has no emotional baggage, thus she has found Marine life easier to cope with. Naomi spent the first five years of her life in a Bajoran School then studied human history and subject and passed high, and as such is not as dull as she makes out to be, her demeanour disarms people until she strikes or gets mad.Since she has been at her current post, she has gone from Marine Captain to Major and has some large missions under her belt and some newly acquired baggage, all emotional. Her easy life experiences and her more, tougher ones have caused her to become somewhat a little eccentric and unpredictable in some aspects of her life.


Naomi took part in a Starfleet Intelligence Undercover Operation not long after completing basic training, but the SF Intel Controller had been compromised, so Naomi's first stint undercover did not go well. If not for her unarmed combat ability she would have ended up a prisoner. But the events of this mission shook her badly and she has never reacted the same way since, so she tries to refrain from going on such missions. But when needs arise she does it, even if she is a little clumsy, her commitment to the mission she goes on is there.


  • Martial Arts:-
    • Black Belt 4th Dan Karate
    • Kickboxing Black 2nd Dan
    • Tai Chi - Novice

Combat Skills

    • Basic Recon Specialization/Sniper
    • Sharpshooting
    • Starfleet Basic Unarmed Combat
    • Wakizashi twin blades
    • Starfleet Combat knife
    • Advanced Recon and Sniper skills
    • Qualified and Cleared to Use TR-116 Rifle (does not possess one)

Linguistic Skills

    • Klingonese
    • Bajoran
    • Federation Standard
    • English


    • Marital Status: Single
    • Significant Other: N/A


    • Father: Samuel Lloyd Griffiths
    • Mother: Sylan Lanypa
    • Siblings: None
    • Children: None
    • Spouse: None

Professional History

  • 238001.01: - Entered Starfleet Academy.
  • 238409.09: - Graduated Starfleet Academy at the rank of 2nd Lt.
  • 238505.09: - Took Part in a Spec Ops Mission which like all Intelligence run Operations went south due to lack of information.
  • 238602.15: - Posted to Starbase 246 and promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • 238701.15: - Went on some advanced training where Advanced Recon and Sniper skills were learned.
  • 238801.24: - Promoted to Marine Captain
  • 238904.29: - Posted to Starbase 38
  • 239008.10: - Promoted to Major and assigned to Bajor
  • 239101.01: - Finished training and applied for a posting to Starbase 332.
  • 239106.15: - Granted a posting to Starbase 332 as Assistant Marine Commanding Officer.
  • 239209.01: - Made Marine Commanding Officer
  • 239210.20: - Posted back to earth for Command training
  • 239307.01: - Assigned to the USS Pennsylvania as First Officer