Old Relics (USS Endeavour Mission)

"Old Relics"
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May 2388


Deep Space, Gamma Hriolis Sector

  • Federation occupation of alien station begins
  • Station is given the designation Deep Space 19
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Arc: Deep Space 19 (1 of 3)
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Whilst on orders to patrol and explore the edges of Federation Space out near Beta Renner, the USS Endeavour makes a remarkable discovery; a fully intact, if almost derelict, space station of unknown origin. Though in a state of bad repair, the station is operational enough to be salvageable, and Byrne and his crew are given orders to temporarily transfer aboard and bring it up to operational status, whilst a team of Starfleet officers and an expeditionary commander are flown out to them.


It is several months after the conclusion of the crew's mission to Nevarra Prime, and Captain Byrne is sitting in his ready room with a cup of coffee as he asks assistant chief of operations Zam Stott the name of the ship which would be rendezvousing with them in order to carry out some standard supply and personnel transfers. When Lieutenant Stott reports the ship to be the USS Antarctic, Byrne confirms that the ship's commander is still the same as when he served as first officer on the vessel, before announcing to himself that he hoped Captain MonRoe would bring him something nice, "like a new engineer, or a doctor".

A few hours later, the captain and Commander Ballard are walking to the transporter room discussing Captain MonRoe and his record as commander of the Antarctic, and Byrne mentions that MonRoe refused promotion and reassignment to remain onboard the Antarctic during the Dominion War. As Captain MonRoe is beamed aboard the Endeavour, introductions are made, including to Lieutenant Commander Richard Blessed, the Antarctic's current serving executive officer. Once everybody has been acquainted and reacquainted, Captain MonRoe requests a tour of the Sovereign-class starship, and Commander Blessed, a former engineer, suggests that they start at the warp core.

A few hours later - the new crew members ferried by the Antarctic transported over to the Endeavour - Captain Byrne and Captain MonRoe bid a fond farewell to each other, and Byrne tells MonRoe that he hopes that Starfleet will assign him to an exploration cruise soon, as the older Captain has been trying to get assigned to one for months. After the Antarctic enters warp in the direction of the Tholian border, Byrne orders Lieutenant Rubens at the conn to set a course for the Federation border at warp five, and to follow the pre-determined patrol route.

Whilst Commander Ballard runs the crew through their bi-annual phaser reassessments, the Endeavour detects a weak and unusual power signature trace, two weeks into their patrol cruise, and Lieutenant Watters reports that the signature doesn't match devices known by any species on record. Clearly interested and eager for the opportunity to discover something new, Captain Byrne orders a course set for the source of the power signature.

Memorable Quotes

"My my, just how small the galaxy is..."
    —Captain Benjamin J. Byrne

"I hope you've brought me something nice after all these years, Captain. Perhaps like a new engineer, or a doctor, hmm?"

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Background Information

  • The station pictured in the promotional mission image was designed by Mark Kingsnorth as "Avalon Station". It was re-used as a non-Starfleet station for the purposes of this mission, due to its unique design aesthetics and characteristics.
  • This mission marks the first multi-mission arc to take place on Star Trek: Endeavour where each mission in the arc follows on immediately after the next. It was designed to have a similar concept to such multi-episode arcs as those that appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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