On the Edge

"On the Edge"
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  • Typhon Expanse
  • Deep Space 4


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Arc: Season 1 - Humble Beginnings (3 of 3)
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The U.S.S. Nakatomi finds themselves being moved away from their patrol route to go investigate the disappearance of Doctor Talivan Reche and his entire archeology team on a planet on the very edge of the Typhon Expanse. A region of space that has never been charted by a Federation ship to date, while Commander Garrett Sanchez recovers after his operation. And, Lieutenant Commander J'Kodran copes with finding out less than good news about who his parents really were, and what they really stood for.


The U.S.S. Nakatomi finds itself finishing out its patrol along the Romulan, Federation, and Klingon Border when suddenly in the middle of the night Commander Garrett Rosa de Sanchez receives a frantic priority one message from Commodore James Cohen Commanding Officer of Deep Space Four. Doctor Talivan Reche has disappeared no longer sending regular reports back from the Dugtrahn System on the edge of the Typhon Expanse. The Nakatomi is ordered to investigate the disappearance of the Archeology team in that system because the garrison vessel of the station the U.S.S. Diligence a Defiant-class starship is at least a week out.

Upon arrival the ship finds that the situation is far worse than they could have imagined when three heavily armed cruisers flying a piracy banner attack the ship. Now in a desperate fight for survival and a desperate bid to rescue the scientist and his team before all is lost and the ship becomes a casualty of an unknown force.

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