Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

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The Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer is the most senior official and the overall commander of Pegasus Fleet, and reports only to Starfleet Command HQ. The position carries with it a minimum rank of Vice Admiral, and bears the largest responsibilities of any other official within the fleet. As a figurehead for the fleet, the PFCO has the duty to uphold the fleet's integrity in all that he or she does, and to take full accountability for the happenings within the fleet.

Constitutional Mandate

The role of the PFCO is described in the Pegasus Fleet Constitution:

The Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer (PFCO) shall be the chief executive of Pegasus Fleet and shall serve as chair of the PFA. He or she shall not occupy any other PFA-level position except on an acting or emergency basis until a qualified person for the position can be found. (Constitution III.6.1)

Holders of the Office of PFCO

The current Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer is Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn.

Previous Holders