PFWiki:Borrowed Articles

In the PFWiki, a borrowed article is defined as an article which has had its contents, either entirely or in part, borrowed from another source, be it a website, another wiki, or even an offline source.

Borrowed articles can be useful as placeholders. However, a borrowed article should never be permanent, unless the original author has given direct permission for it to be used as such. A borrowed article should be re-written as soon as contributor time allows in order to be individualised to PFWiki itself, rather than the individual source.

Borrowed articles should also not be numerous. The PFWiki is not a "Copy & Paste Wikipedia", and should not be composed mostly of articles filled with data that is simply copied from another source; one mas we well use an external link to the original source in that instance.

Making Borrowed Articles

If you create a borrowed article, or find an unmarked borrowed article, add the following template to either the top or the bottom of the article to encourage users to re-write it.


This is a generic message for all borrowed articles, it will appear as follows;

"I need to borrow a cup... of goo. I'll give it back"

This article has been marked as an article borrowed from another source and needs modifying or replacing.

Finding and Fixing a Borrowed Article

If you happen to come across a borrowed article on a subject which you are familiar or feel able to writing a replacement, take a few minutes to re-write the material. Try not to simply re-arrange the words in the existing article.

If you would like to find borrowed articles that need fixing, you can use the following pages to find lists of borrowed articles:

In all cases, please make sure to remove the borrowed message from any article that you fixed.