PF Wiki:Copyrights

Page Content

The contents of all pages on this Wiki are meant for everyone in Pegasus Fleet - the clue is in the name: The Pegasus Fleet Wiki.

Content copying

Any information that is submitted to this wiki's database is free for reuse only in Pegasus Fleet, except where stated otherwise below. Members of Pegasus Fleet are allowed to link here freely and openly, and may copy the data to their own Pegasus Fleet websites or forums.

Non-Pegasus Fleet websites may only copy from or link here with the express permission of the PFCO or PFXO.

Character biographies

Character biographies are the very essence of a player's In Character identities. To copy these would be like trying to pass yourself off as them, to steal their very essence for your own use - this, of course, is wrong. Therefore, all biographical pages are copyright their respective owners. In order to copy text from these pages onto another website, you must contact that person, and obtain written permission from them to do so.

Copying content from other sites

There are large databases full of content on the Star Trek universe on the internet, such as Memory Alpha and Memory Beta. However, in an attempt to keep the database size to a minimum and to keep the PF Wiki as individual and unique as possible, please do not copy directly from these public sources, unless you intend to make customisations to the content in order to incorporate Pegasus Fleet canon information. Where the content of these pubic source pages alone would suffice, use an Interwiki link.

Non-public information - i.e. stuff that does not have a free distribution license in it - should be kept off of this database.


All images are copyright of their respective owners, except where the artists have specifically waived that right and donated their works to Pegasus Fleet. The PF logos are one such example of this. If credits are not provided on the images themselves, they should be added to the page comments for the image itself. In some cases, members may forget to perform this courtesy, and we respecfully submit that no copyright infringement is intended. And works which should have credits placed on them which do not, it is requested that a note be placed on the file's discussion page, from where a Wiki administrator will attend to the issue.

Image copyright complaints

If you find an image that breaks one of the above stipulations, please contact webmaster[at]pegasusfleet[dot]net.