Judge Advocate General

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The Judge Advocate General is the head of the fleet's legal system, and is a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, reporting to it and the Pegasus Fleet Commanding and Executive Officers. They are primarily responsible for administrating the fleet judiciary as set out by Fleet Law, and serve as an active judge within the judiciary.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administrating the fleet Justice system
  • Overseeing any cases for which there is not a currently serving justice officer whose mandate the case would fall under
  • Serving as judge within the outlined justice system
  • Answering judiciary and disciplinary queries and concerns of all fleet members
  • Holding a working knowledge of the Pegasus Fleet Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and additional documents
  • Ensuring that the fleet's justice system remains fair and equal to all members
  • Being a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty
  • Filing a regular Monthly Report
  • Additional judicial duties as required by the PFCO or their Executive

Holders of the Officer of the Judge Advocate General

Current Judge Advocate General is Vice Admiral Tzipora Simcha.

Previous holders of the Office