Petty Officer First Class

Petty Officer First Class
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Petty Officer First Class (PO1) is the sixth enlisted rate in Starfleet, ranking above Petty Officer Second Class and below Chief Petty Officer, and is a non-commissioned officer. The rank insignia is a grey plate with three chevrons.

Similar to Petty Officer Second Class and Third Class, advancement to Petty Officer First Class is contingent upon the following conditions:

  • Completed a period of time-in-rate (three years time-in-rate as a Second Class Petty Officer, or two years if the Second Class Petty Officer received a promotion recommendation of "early promote" (EP) on their latest periodic performance evaluation and the Second Class Petty Officer's Commanding Officer authorises a one year time-in-rate waiver).
  • Have an established Performance Mark Average (PMA).
  • Not be currently selected in the CWO program.
  • No pending request for voluntary transfer to the Fleet Reserve.
  • Recommended for advancement by the Commanding Officer.

Only Second Class Petty Officers that achieve a passing score on the biannual advancement examination are eligible to be advanced to First Class Petty Officer. Once the examination is complete, a quota is established based upon the needs of Starfleet with respect to the specific rating the crewman holds.

First Class Petty Officers normally serve as a Leading Petty Officer (LPO) of a division, and may direct the activities of a division in the absence of the division Chief Petty Officer.

First Class Petty Officers often form associations at their commands. Membership in these associations are voluntary but often seen as a vital step in preparation for advancement to Chief Petty Officer. At smaller commands with few Petty Officers, Second Class Petty Officers are sometimes invited to join, in which case the associations are commonly referred to "Acey-Ducey" associations.

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