Petty Officer Third Class

Petty Officer Third Class
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Petty Officer Third Class (PO3) is the fourth enlisted rate in Starfleet, ranking above Crewman and below Petty Officer Second Class, and is the lowest rank of non-commissioned officer. The rank insignia is a grey plate with one chevron.

Unlike the Crewman and lower ranks, advancement to Petty Officer Third Class is not automatic given time in service, but is also contingent on performance evaluations by their superiors and rate examinations (test of speciality knowledge), except for certain technical ratings which carry automatic advancement to PO3, after successful completion of the rating's "A" school and fulfillment of time in rate requirements. The advancement cycle is typically every 6 months. Only a certain number of billets (job openings for this rank) open up biannually and all Crewmen compete. The top scorers are chosen for advancement, but only in sufficient quantities to fill the billets available.

Petty Officers serve a dual role as both technical experts and as leaders.

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