Pierre Anderson

Pierre Anderson
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Physical Description

6' 2"


192 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Flight Control Officer

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Pierre Anderson is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Relentless.


Pierre is a tall young man who has short scruffy blond hair but in a tidy way, with dark blue eyes and a smile which can cheer anyone up in any time of day.


Pierre is a kind and sensible person who watches out for everyone, but he is also proud to be someone who can always have a go. His motto in life is to “start small before going big”. This also counts in Starfleet, where he always tried his best. When someone is in need of help, he is willing to lend a hand. He don’t mind having a joke with people, but when on-duty, he always stays focused.

Pierre is someone who acts like a saint. Does his work, nice to everyone and always very kind. If someone needs help, he will lend a hand. Pierre believes that everyone should be kind to each other and that a society should stick together. His attitude is always calm and kind except when he is misjudged. He enjoyed working with others and loves to try things out.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Pierre is the man in kindness, which is a strength that he has, to give out to people. If everyone did this, it would be a better place. When over-worked or having too many problems, he gets stressed a bit, a weakness which he would like to be terminated. He is not the smartest person in the universe but always looks for a way out when needed.

Hobbies & Interests

Pierre loves to have a go at anything, this includes food but not keen on some foods. Examples of this are seafoods, he likes fish but not squid, etc. He likes to sit down and relax while having a game of checkers and also reading is good aswell.


Father Robert Anderson
Mother Angelene Anderson
Brother(s) Pedro Anderson
Sister(s) Josephine Anderson
Other Family Jonathon Norton


Pierre Anderson was born 16th July 2363 in Dieppe, France, with a nice family who all lived in a beautiful cottage on the border of Dieppe. Dieppe is a port in France and he loved going there to see the ships come in and go. His uncle, Jonathan Norton was Pierre’s favourite person. Jonathan lived in UK with his wife who looked after the home with his 3 kids when he had to go up to the Starbase 37. In 2367, the Anderson family left their French connection and lived in UK from then to present.

5 years later, Pierre was 9 years old. This was the year that inspired him for wanting to be in starfleet. One afternoon, it was nice and sunny and he was running around his home, pretending that he was flying. 6 years later, he was packing his bags to go to his uncle’s for a trip to Starbase 47. His father Robert, huffed and said, “You can do what you want to do son, but don’t blame me”. His mother came in and done the usual motherly thing, “Take care Pierre, keep in contact with us”. And typically of his brother Pedro, he says, “You won’t make it, gravity loves you and will send you back!”. Of course, he was wrong. He was now 15 and he and his uncle went to Starbase 47 and met with many people. Pierre was getting used to Starfleet life now and he enjoyed it. He turned to his uncle and said, “Take me to the Academy so I can stay here”.

At the age of 18, which is the year 2382, Pierre had graduated and was following his uncle going to Starbase 47 and then going back to Earth. He thought he would like a change and said, “Uncle Jonathan, I want to be on a ship!”. Since he had passed his flight courses and exceeded expectations. He was then hunting for a ship.

Now he is 20 and aboard the USS Anubis which has now been put back in action, as Chief Flight Control Officer. But stayed at Starbase Sapphire for a year but got a little bored but got back to the helm on the USS Relentless with a promotion to Lieutenant.

Service Record

2379 – Civilian on Starbase 47
2379-2382 – Starfleet Academy
2382 – Shuttle Pilot on Starbase 47 as Ensign
2384 - Chief Flight Control Officer on USS Anubis as Ensign
2384 - Promoted to Lt JG before transferring to Starbase Sapphire
2385 - Transferred to USS Relentless
2386 - Promoted to Lieutenant <math>Insert formula here</math>