Prax (symbiont)

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The Prax symbiont
Prax is a Trill symbiont; a symbiotic life form that exist with the humanoid Trill as a joined species. Each joining of Prax with a host creates a new, unique individual, but each individual also carries the memories of the previous hosts.


As of 2385, the Prax symbiont has been joined to seven official hosts, starting with Bornash Prax through its most recent host, Nilani Prax.

Prax was born on Trill in 2223. By 2385, it had a total of five children – three as a mother, and two as a father.

Prax has held numerous positions of distinction throughout its many lives including General of the Trill Military, a leading starship design engineer and three careers in Starfleet.

Host History

  • Bornash Prax (2235-2258) - Smuggler and politician
  • Kronat Prax (2258-2318) - Trill general
  • Torin Prax (2318-2333) - Starfleet enlisted man
  • Vanessa Prax (2333-2341) - Human Starfleet nurse and emergency host
  • Omar Prax (2341-2367) - Starfleet security and command officer
  • Melissa Prax (2367-2385) - Starship design specialist
  • Nilani Prax (2385-Present) - Starfleet science officer
The hosts of Prax
Bornash • Kronat • Torin • Vanessa • Omar • Melissa • Nilani