Biographical Information










Physical Description

6' 4"


180 lbs


Orange and Black



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief Operations Officer, Contact Specialist

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Ensign R'cher was a Federation Starfleet officer who served the 11th Fleet. He was most noted for his service as chief operations officer and contact specialist of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel in 2387.

R'cher has a tall and slender build in contrast to the muscle found on his Terran counterpart. Bluish ise mik with the orage of his fur. His fur is that of a terran tiger with white covering his torso, is palms, and the tip of his tail. Most of the time he can be found in starfleet issue sans footear.

In his off time however he can bee seen wearing a black leather jacked or T shirt with blue jeans. Either this or starfleet off duty wear

Personality & Traits

General Overview

R'cher is easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his clients and he is willing to put his reputation in danger to save them. This trait has resulted in some misunderstandings with Instructors over the years. His motto is "get the job done."

Strengths & Weaknesses

+driven individual
+cares deeply for his duty

-too trusting


Eventual command


Federation Standard, Caitian


R'cher was born at a small community hospital located in Caro,Cait. Life was enjoyable in the reigon, with the exception of havong to go to neighboring cities for excitement. Although, R'cher did get some excitement at home.His father was an officer with the local starfleet security detachment, and his mother was a Teacher. Richard listened intently to their exploits at work. This fascinated the youngster enough so that he made up his mind at an early age. That he wanted to eventually join starfleet somwhere. In preparation for this goal, he started to make himself useful at the various departments, as an explorer.

During his ride along as as an explorer, he saw various aspects of policework. Unfortunately non of these approached him as a valid career path. Then one day at school, fate intervened. A representative from the starfleet diplomatic corps came to speak at their annual career day. Young Richard was hooked. He immediately joined up for the junior cadet program for eventually joining up.

He was a delight to teach, his instructors impressed with his initiative. His CPO encouraged him to do his best. As a cadet, he went headlong into his starfleet training.

As a first year cadet R'cher was almost floored with the options available to him. after some rumination he eventually chiose an Operations track.he applied himself fully to his studies in Ops, but he had a secret soft spot for diplomacy. He signed up for every diplomacy elective he could find, making it his minor.

When a duel spot for Chief comms and contact specialist came up he applied for it