Ranel Jansum

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Ranel Jansum is a Medical Officer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Illinois.

Ranel Jansum, PNPC
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May 13, 2349

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223 lbs





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USS Tartarus


Medical Officer



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Physical Description

Ranel is a well built, athletic Betazoid male of average height with tanned skin and black hair and eyes. He occasionally has a goatee around his mouth and chin. He is usually smiling, if only slightly, and his dark eyes are warm and kind. When around him, you just feel at ease.

His father, Lem, and his uncle, Iem, are identical twins and he and his cousins look like younger versions of their fathers and so appear to be triplets.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ranel is a content individual who will do anything for any of his friends, and makes them easily. He listens to sit and listen to the patients on his time off and listens to anyone anytime.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ranel is a calm individual and a certain soothing something in his soft voice instantly calms patients. He can make anyone feel at ease, and is very confident.

Just don’t get him mad.


To one day have his own medical ship and then to work as an Admiral at Starfleet Medical

Hobbies & Interests

Rock climbing, diving, swimming, painting, sculpture with clay, and Holodecks


Betazoid, Federation Standard with Accent



  • Lem Jansum


  • Tarena Jansum


  • Cpl Troi Jansum


  • Ens Lanaila Jansum, MIA


  • Ens Sean O'Connell, KIA


Ranel was born to the Fourth House of Betazed as the middle child of three. Ranel was always the artistic one, Trei the athlete, and Naila the scientist. Ranel got his calling when he took care of a stray pet until its leg was better. Then one day when he was around 10, some people moved into the manor next door. Tran Segar had come home with his family from Earth to care for his father. When the Son the of the Third House died, Ranel went to the funeral with his family and met Liang-Po and Shii, Tran's children. The five became inseparable, even going to the Janaran Falls during the summer months.

As they became older, the relationships between the five of them changed. Instead of taking an interest in Shii, he found himself attracted to Liang-Po, but kept his distance since Liang-Po was dating his sister and obviously not interested. Trei had a huge crush on Shii, but Ranel soon found himself in love with a young Trill named Deral Resam who was attending the Art Institute. The two boys spent every hour together they could until Deral graduated and returned to Trill. Ranel was heartbroken but had learned something important about himself: he was gay. He entered the Academy a year after Shii, where they were both studying to become Doctors. He made a lot of friends and got terrific grades, but still wasn't happy because he was thinking about Deral.

When he graduated he was assigned to the USS Achilles, where he met his husband-to-be, Sean O'Connell. The two fell instantly in love, and were married 2 years after Ranel came aboard. Upon hearing this, his mother was livid. Tarena had wanted her sons to marry WOMEN, not men, but Ranel absolutely would not leave Sean. Sean was killed shortly after this during an attack on the ship. Ranel has never forgiven his mother for not accepting his husband into the family.

He asked for a transfer soon after this, unable to get over the memories that surrounded him on the Achilles. He is now serving onboard the USS Trafalgar.