Regency of Varr

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Regency of Varr
Basic Information

Near Tholian border, Alpha Quadrant


Caama, Varra III

Major Species:


Political Information

Feudal Monarchy




The Varraans were first encountered by the Federation starship USS Eagle in 2387 during a routine patrol of the Tholian Border. Initial assessments of Varra III revealed it to be a lush Class-M planet inhabited by a species which had devoted a great deal of time and resources into the development of medical an scientific advancements, leading to the creation of what appeared to be an ecological paradise. It was not until the son of the Eagle's commanding officer was mysteriously kidnapped that Starfleet personnel began to learn more about the feudal code and war-like predisposition of the Varraans.


Disinterest with goings-on outside their borders and internal turmoil resulting from the nearly disastrous nature of first contact went on to colour subsequent interactions between the Federation and the Varraans. As such, there is very little known about Varraan culture aside from what information was discovered by the personnel of the USS Eagle. It is thought that they developed on something of a parallel course to Earth, albeit much later. Detailed orbital scans and archaeological evidence suggest the presence of a number of pre-feudal cultures and civilisations that eventually came to heel under the predominant force of Feudalism. Whereas Humans discarded the system in the "middle ages", something about Varraan society has allowed it to become the accepted norm for all people with most peasants even having little or no issue with the structure of their society.

Perhaps the most notable observation made by Starfleet personnel was the distinct lack of children amongst everyday Varraan society. Varraan nobles are known to send their own children away to be schooled in the feudal traditions while the children of lesser classes are conscripted into military labour service which usually results in death. Relatively few have been known to escape such fate in the past, but the actions of those aboard the USS Eagle have caused a significant increase in those attempting to end such human trafficking.

It has been speculated by the less isolationist "Revisionist Movement" (who live in exile on an island in the Varsik Sea) that the 'better classes' do not want to expose the peasants to the Federation too much, lest they begin to envy their freedoms and equality. The Revisionists are a group of thinkers and scientists who have denounced the word of Yuraa and chosen to pursue science and philosophy with vigour. However, their efforts are often thwarted by the Varraan government who want as little contact with the Federation as possible.


The feudal system that the Varraans operate mean that much of their society is heavily segregated. Many peasants are known to die of curable diseases while the landowners are lavished with the best medical care that they can barter for. The same goes for technology and while many landowners furnish the peasants on their land with state of the art agricultural tech, any other forms of technology are seen as the mainstay of the rich and the privileged.

Varraan ships are capable of no more than Warp 3 at present and warp flight was originally invented to serve as a tourism venture for the Lords and Barons on the planet. They are rarely used for anything other than short jaunts and the Varraans have no formal space agency.


The Varraans worship a god-like entity known by them as Yuraa which can be compared to the omniscient creator of Earth Christianity. In accordance with their feudal code, the Varraans also worship the Varrk as a kind of demi-god with him supposedly being the 'right hand' of their god and his emissary on Varrmek.


The Varraans have no formal spacefaring military, instead focusing their attention on their land and properties and defending them. Their feudal structure is as follows:


  • Varrk - King/Queen - Monarch
  • Loh - Lord
  • Bao - Baron/Knight
  • Nort - Peasant